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As the days pass, Gibbs becomes more and more restless. He starts snapping at the nurses and growling at the Doctor's, insisting that they discharge him. His side is healing well, as are the numerous punctures along his left arm and back. The back brace has been removed and replaced with a cast, which he will have to keep on for 3 weeks, until the fracture in his scapular bone has set. Although still lightheaded and nauseous occasionally, Gibbs' head injury has also healed without leaving any permanent damage.

DiNozzo and he are now sharing a room and at first Tony is thrilled because he is able to keep an eye on Gibbs. He understands exactly where Gibbs is coming from with regards to wanting to get out of the hospital. But now 3 days later, he thinks that the confinement and the lack of his usual brew of caffeine, is adding to Gibbs' discomfort.

So when Ziva and Jenny arrive at around 10am that morning, Tony insists, "Director, Gibbs needs some vitamin D. Please take him out of this room and get him a strong cup of coffee. Because the lives of these poor nurses, is at stake, if you don't!"

"Are we being grouchy again, Jethro?" Jenny asks as Gibbs glares at Tony.

"I'll ask the nurse for a wheelchair." Ziva says as she makes for the door.

"I'll walk!" Gibbs insists.

"You'll sit in a wheelchair, or we won't be going anywhere." Jenny firmly states. She knows that the Doctor has allowed Gibbs to get out of bed and walk around the room a few times a day. But there is no way she is going to risk him falling and injuring himself, especially when she knows that he is not yet as strong or stable as he would like them to believe.

Gibbs looks at Jenny deciding whether to challenge her on this or not. But the need to get out of the room overrides his need to argue.

"Officer David, you waiting for an invitation or something. You heard the Director. Get the damn chair!" Gibbs gruffly says.

Ziva smiles and says, "It's really great to have you back, Gibbs." Then she leaves the room to go and find a wheelchair.


Once Jenny gets Gibbs out of the room and into the hospital garden coffee shop she orders two coffees. They spend a few moments in silence just enjoying the sun.

Gibbs has remembered more of his ordeal with Dangari and it has taken a major stain on him emotionally and physically. For the first time in his life, he feels like he needs a break. Knowing how out of character this is for him, makes him become angry and confused. To compound matters, he remembers making love to Jenny and he doesn't know how Jenny feels about what happened. She has been in, to see him everyday and she spends most nights in an uncomfortable chair next to his bed.

Why? Why are you doing this and where will this lead? Gibbs ponders as he drains his cup of coffee.

Jenny sees the emotions flirting across Jethro's face. She knows that he is going through a rough patch and that his team as a whole will need time to heal and recuperate from this. She desperately wants to help them but most of all she wants to help Jethro.

"You okay?" She asks a few minutes later as she pushes the wheelchair down a paved garden path, on the hospital grounds.

"Yeah, I just want to get out of here!" Gibbs replies.

Jenny smiles as she stops the wheelchair in front of a bench. She moves to sit in front of Gibbs and she takes his good hand into hers, surprising him.

"Jethro when you are discharged, you will be moving in with me. No, just hear me out!" Jenny insists as Gibbs starts to protest.

"We have a lot to … discuss …" Jenny says as she looks at her hand in his. Then she looks up into his eyes and whispers, "and …to … explore!"

Gibbs stares back at her needing clarification about what she is means.

Are you really saying what I think you're saying? Do you mean exploring … this thing between…us?

"Jen, explore what exactly?" Gibbs softly asks.

"This!" Jenny sighs as she sits forward on the bench and leans in towards Gibbs. She stops a millimeter away from his lips and repeats, "This!"

Then she closes her eyes and presses her lips to his. Gibbs allows her to lead the kiss, enjoying the soft insistence with which she traces his lips. He sighs as he parts his lips and allows her to caress his tongue. Then he places his good hand in her hair, holding her head still as he takes the lead, delving in and out of her mouth with mounting passion. Jenny moans and returns his kiss, infusing it with everything that she feels for him.

They break apart suddenly, to the whooping and hollering of a rather special Goth girl.

"McGee, I told you! You owe me 50 bucks!" Abby shouts as she grins at Gibbs and Jenny. McGee looks flustered and wishes that he could just shrink away and pretend that this never happened.

Gibbs glares at Abby, annoyed that she interrupted them. But when he sees the joy and love in her eyes, he can't help but grin. Jenny blushes a bright pink but when she looks up into Gibbs eyes, she decides that she doesn't care if the team knows.

I'm not going to let you slip through my fingers again. No! Not this time!

She leans into Gibbs' embrace again and pecks him on the lips, totally ignoring Abby and McGee. Gibbs is stunned for a second before his lips curl under her ministrations and he gives himself over to the kiss.

"Abby! Let's go!" McGee whispers, wanting to give them some privacy.

"Wait Tim, I just need you to take a photo of them for my scrapbook!" Abby whispers loudly back.

Gibbs and Jenny spring apart quickly and find Abby grinning from ear to ear.

"I just wanted to make sure that even though you were otherwise engaged, you would still be aware enough should anything hinky be happening around you." Abby says.

Jenny and Gibbs look at each other and back at Abby and then all of them look over at McGee and burst out laughing. McGee has tuned as white as a sheet, as he waits for either Gibbs or the Director to fire him. But all they do is … laugh!

"You're safe for now Elf Lord. That is, if you destroy any pictures that you may have already taken." Gibbs says as he tries to control his laughter. Once they have calmed down, Jenny suggests that they better get Gibbs back to his room before the nurse sends out a search party for him. Abby and McGee accompany them back to the room.


In the room, the curtains have been drawn around Tony's bed and Dr Ziva David is busy making her patient, Agent DiNozzo more comfortable. As Jenny wheels Gibbs into the room and Abby and McGee follow, they hear, Tony moan out. But it is not a moan of pain. Gibbs indicates that the rest of them should remain quiet and all of them listen to the exchange between Tony and Ziva.

"Mm, Ziva, your hands are amazing!" Tony moans.

"How does that feel, Mon Cheri? Are you ready for me to make it harder?" Ziva murmurs.

McGee almost groans as Abby grins and Jenny smirks. Gibbs stares in shocked silence at the curtain around Tony's bed.

Ziva and Tony! Well there goes rule number 12, out the window!

"Oh yes, you've got the exact spot! Oh yeah, deeper, longer strokes. Mmm mmm YES!" Tony moans and gasps.

"Oh Tony, I have dreamed of touching you like this and when you're out of here, I'm taking you home with me." Ziva says.

"Aaahhh, is that a promise, Officer David?" Tony asks as he sighs in pleasure.

"You should be afraid Tony because once I have you all to myself I will not be so gentle with you. And I'm a very demanding woman and you will have to …." Ziva would have gone on expect for the sharp in take of breath that she heard from the other side of the curtain.

"Oh no! Ziva don't stop!" Tony moans as Ziva pulls away.

Ziva gets off the bed and opens the curtain. Then she gasps in horror as she sees Gibbs glaring at her and the rest of the team trying to hide their smirks or horror, in the case of McGee.

Gibbs looks around Ziva at Tony. He is sitting up on the bed with his hospital issue gown open are the back. His back is covered with a white residue, which is also coating Ziva's hands and there is an open tub of cream next to him.

"Oh thank God you were just massaging him!" McGee exclaims as he heavily flops into the chair next to the door. "I thought we had walked in on you making lo…" McGee stops short as Abby slaps his arm.

"What! Oh… Oh crap I think I need a drink!" McGee growls as he stands up and leaves the room, to the laughter of the rest of the team.

"I'll take care of him!" Abby promises as she turns to leave the room. Then she turns back and looks at the 4 people grinning at each other.

"Director, Gibbs you should continue what started out in the garden and I'm really happy for you. Tony, Ziva I hope that you make a go of it because I think you are really good for each other. This is so great everyone I love is falling in love with each other. Oh I'd better go and find Tim, before he faints of something." That said Abby leaves the room closing the door behind her.

"Mmm Ziva, could I use some of that cream. I think Jethro would enjoy a back rub just as much as DiNozzo did a minute ago." Jenny smirks as Gibbs looks at her with a mixture of disbelief and anticipation. Tony and Ziva look at each other, happy about the blossoming relationship between Gibbs and Jenny. As Jenny helps Gibbs into bed, Ziva suggests taking Tony out to the garden.

"It seems like the sunlight and open air works wonders." Ziva grins as she wheels Tony out of the room. Even before the door closes, Gibbs pulls Jenny close and murmurs, "You have no idea, Ziva!" Then he proceeds to kiss Jenny and she returns his embrace with wholehearted delight.

-------------------------- The End --------------------------