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A girl wishes two non Naruto fans to said world. One has no knowledge of our favorite anime. The other watched the show for three months, and was convinced it was a waste of time (or was it?). The wish comes true. What will they do? How will the get back home? And how will Konoha survive... SasxOC NejxOC NaruxHina SakuxLee InoxShink (I'M SO EVIL!). If you want you can guess who gets who. I don't want to tell you cause I love surprises. Winners get cookies!!! And I love to bake.

A/N: And here's some info on my OC's:

Name: Reiko Snyder


Hair: Black with blue streaks. Five inches past her shoulders, always up in a pony tail with a blue ribbon.

Eyes: Dark blue

Likes: Swimming, drawing, fighting, anything black, burning anything pink, archery, making up random songs with Jenny for random activities through out her day, playing with her dad's dart gun, acting, and strawberry ice cream (even if it is pink).

Dislikes: PINK! And being labeled (like, emo or Goth. she is emo though. just don't tell her that).

E/N: And here's info on mine!

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Name: Jenny Sekis (sea-kiss)


Hair: Dark purple. Black undertone. Back and top is short and spiked. The strands in front of her ears go to her shoulders and are sometimes braided.

Eyes: Crystal clear baby blue

Likes: To be in the loop, random facts, acting ditsy to make people happy, making up random songs with Reiko for random activities through out her day, mashed potaters (at least that's what she calls them), making people feel better, and Doctor Pepper...and of course her bestest best friend in the whole world REIKO!!!!

Jenny: 'BIG HUG'

Reiko: 'struggling' Get off of me...

Dislikes: When people are un-happy, when people be mean to her friends (Mean boy: Hahaha! Reiko looks weird!

Jenny: HI YA! 'round house kick' Ha! That's what you get!

Reiko: What just happened...?

Jenny: Uh... I tripped?

Boy: My head...

Reiko: Whatever...), and preppy/pink people (although she tries to be friends with them).

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Reiko's fab outfit: (A/N:'FAB'? E/N: Tehehehehe. A/N: 'sweat drop')

Torso: Black T that says 'don't label me' in blue letters

Arms: Black and blue gloves. There long enough to go all the way up into her sleeve

Legs: Black cheerleaders skirt. Blue and black striped tights.

Shoes: Black, clunky boots with three inch heels.

A/N: And BTW, Reiko is 5'0 (without boots) and Jenny is 5'6. Alright, Sugar, It's your turn now.


Confusion, thy name is Reiko and Jen

Chapter One

The Wish

Disclaimer: We do not own Naruto. I, Ghostes, own Reiko and Sugar owns Jenny because I gave her to her, but I sort of made her. I also don't own Doctor Pepper or DDR or anything else I might have used in this story. Thank you.

Little Life Lesson #1: If you ever encounter a seven year old girl who gets into trouble just because she can't find her My Little Pony and 'has nothing better to do'...


Reiko Snyder crossed her arms, clucked her tongue three times, and leaned up against the wall of the Heart Co-op, waiting for her very tardy friend. Then again, when was Jenny ever on time? A sudden wind came up and blew her bangs out of her eyes. That was the only time the world was allowed to see them (or at least her right one). Other than that they were hid beneath her bangs that were to short to put into a pony tail, but to long to do anything else then straiten the heck out of them. She sighed and closed her eyes. She reviewed some of her acting training: Project from the diaphragm, speak clearly and slowly (but not to slow), and always slightly face the audience. That's what her drama teacher had told her class last week. She opened one eye and glanced at her watch. Well, if she gets here in the next five minutes she'll be early. Early for her, that- "REIKO!" Some one shouted in her ear.

She was unfazed. "Jenny, I have better hearing than most people, right...?" She opened an eye to see Jenny nod. "And you try to sneak up on me every chance you get, riiiight...?" Nod. Nod. Nod. "Then continuing to do so will only increase my hearing abilities. Making it even harder for you to try and scare me. Which as we have established numerous times before is basically impossible."

Little Life Lesson #2 : Never use big words in the presence of an air headed idiotic poser. You WILL get a headache.

Her air headed friend looked at her blankly. She was actually one of the smartest people Reiko knew. She was three grades higher than she was supposed to be. It just took her a little time to catch on to things. Reiko sighed and rolled her eyes. "You waste your time trying to scare me." She seemed catch on. "Don't." She grinned and shook her head. Reiko laughed slightly and punched her friend-for-life in the arm, then headed inside the co-op.

"But you know," Jenny started. "I will not stop until I have scared you. Because, as you know..."She made a futile attempt to look and sound creepy. One of Reiko's specialties. "I always get what I want." Reiko patted her friend on the shoulder. "Stick with your slight preppy ness, sweetie. The creepy thing doesn't work on you."

Jenny shrugged. "You have to give me points for trying." Reiko replied with a 'hn'. Which was just as good as a 'yes', in her book.

"OH MY GOD!!!! YOU WATCH NARUTO!?!?!!?" It was Carey Simmons. Reiko hated Carey Simmons. Her eye twitched. "Uh...I used to." She came to her senses. "Why do you want to know?"

Carey giggled. Reiko hated giggling. "Only because it's the best most awesome show in the whole world!!!!!!" Reiko gave a shrug. "It's okay, I guess."

"YOU GUESS!!!!!" This caused a few heads to turn. "Yes, Carey. I'm not an obsessed freak like you. I watched about three months worth of episodes-"

Carey cut her off. "WEARNT THEY AWESOME!!!!!!" Reiko backed up a bit. "Uh...not really. As I was saying I watched about three months worth and now I am thoroughly convinced it's just another stupid anime show that you and all the other kids watch because they have nothing better to do with there pathetic lives." She was going to say 'dull lives', but thought pathetic would be much more harsh. What fun. What fun indeed.

Carey huffed and shot a finger at them. "Oh really?" Reiko rolled her eyes, "Yes, Carey. Really."

"What about you, huh?" Carey turned to Jenny. "I have no idea what you guys are talking about, but I'm taking Reiko's side, even if I have no idea what the show is."


"Oh no. Not that! Anything but that!" Reiko used her acting skills to make it seem like she was scared. She got up from her groveling position and smirked. "Hate to break it to you Carey, but the Akatsuki would stand a chance against me. And incase you haven't noticed, Naruto is only a cartoon. It's not real."

Carey got red in the face. "IT IS TOO! How else would I have amaaaazing chakra control?"

Reiko almost laughed. Almost. This girl actually thought Naruto was real. I wonder where she spends her weekends? Reiko thought, images of Carey in the Happy Shack flowing through her head. "Carey, if you have 'amazing' chakra control then I want you to make me a Kage Bunshin. Right here. Right now." Reiko enforced her point by pointing to the ground those last two sentences. Carey fumed with her hands, in attempt to make hand seals. "Uh...KAGE BUNSHIN!!" She looked around franticly. Reiko smirked widened. "See. I told you. Naruto isn't real. Besides, you didn't even do the right hand seals. I'm not sure what those were. And you said it wrong."

"W-well, if your so smart then you do it!" Carey smirked and folded her arms across her chest. Reiko shrugged. She tried to tell her.

Reiko stated the hand seals and jutsu calmly, "Ram. Serpent. Tiger. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." Carey was floored. Reiko did every hand seal perfectly. But still nothing happened.

"Now do you see?" Reiko raised her hands in surrender, not wanting to embarrass the girl any more than necessary. "If Naruto was real then I would have had shadow clones on your butt right now. But it's not. I have to get to class. Come on Jen." Jenny followed Reiko through the halls like an obedient puppy. Which at times was exactly what she was. She was probably a Lab.

Little Life Lesson #3: Stay away from girls that wear all things pink and have the name Carey Simmons. This will give you an even bigger headache.

...Later That Day...

"It runs in the family." Reiko stood in her same position as that morning. Now Jenny's mother was late.

Jenny nodded, just to humor Reiko. Because she had no idea what she was talking about. "So, shall we review our activities, Boss?"

Reiko nodded, still looking off into nothing. "Alrighty then." Jenny sat down the sidewalk and pulled a pale purple note pad out of her backpack.

"First, it's DDR time." Reiko smirked. She hadn't told Jenny that she got Dance Dance Revolution three months ago. It was part of one of her many plots. Air headed as she could be, Jenny still kicked Reiko's butt at DDR. Reiko practiced every day for at least an hour in the morning and at night for her workout. Not only did it keep her waist in check but in increased her agility.

Still smirking, Reiko nodded. "Then it's chick flick time!" Reiko groaned. "Does it have to be chick flicks? Why not a good horror movie? Even an action film would be better." Jenny grinned. This was one of the rare times Reiko was actually scared of her friend. She knew right off the bat that Jenny was thinking of something to bug her. "It's my house. We watch what I want. And I want a chick flick so there!" She stuck her tongue out at her.

"Better stick that thing back in your mouth before I 'accidentally' trip and pull out my pocket knife while doing so. And you know how much I hate blood on my clothes." Jenny whimpered and started to read again, only to be cut off by a horn. "Come on girls! It's sleep over time!"

Jenny jumped up, "YES! SLEEP OVER TIME!!!!! WOOOOOOO-ohf!" Jenny ran to the van. All the while yelling 'WOOOOOO!'. To bad she didn't see that the door was closed and ran right into it.

Reiko walked slowly over and opened the door, "Get in Ya ditz. I swear if you ruin another one of our sleep overs because you have to go to the doctors I'm going to kill you."

"DOCTER PEPPER!!!!" Jenny yelled, jumping next to Reiko. She reached out for the can of Doctor Pepper but lost her footing and fell flat on her face. Reiko sighed and handed the can to her. "YAY! Thank you mommy!" She said, opening the can. She took about a five second (which in Jenny time is three friggin minutes) slurp and grinned at Reiko. "Thank you Reiky."

A small smile nudged the corners of Reiko's lips. "Yeah, whatever. Just get in your seat so we can get going. And PUT. ON. YOUR. SEAT. BELT. THIS. TIME." She said in a demanding tone as Jenny sat down. Jenny cowered under her-as she put it once- oh so powerful friend full of evil and fluffy pin- I MEAN dark black horrible thoughts!

As soon as they got out of the drive way Reiko gave Jenny a smile, but she knew it was fake, just like them all. They started gabbing about the play Reiko had to do at the end of the semester. Kind of funny people affect your attitude. Or maybe not...

...At Jenny's House...

This is the tragic and periless seen that lay before us in Jennifer's humble abode: A triumphant Reiko stood with a smirk on her face, arms crossed, looking down at her dear friend, Jenny Sekis. Our once undefeated DDR champion was now...needless to say, defeated. Two dance pads lay before them, the screen of Jenny's plasma showing that she had lost...horribly.

Wow. If she was an anime character she would have a salty pool of tears subsiding around her knees...which seriously need some lotion. Ugh. Even in her thoughts Reiko was amused by a form of poetic speech. "Don't worry sweetie, I'm sure with practice -lots and lots of practice- you shall be The Undefeated once more." She gained the classic know it all look. "But let it be known throughout the ages that I have also done what none have done before. I KICKED YOUR A-"

"BADWORDYBADWORDYBADWORDYNESSNESSNESS. For shame Reiko...wait... 'also'? What did I do?" Reiko sighed and fell onto the couch in a heap.

"You made me work for something. But it was worth it." She let out a giant yawn and allowed her arm to flop off the side off of the couch. "Let's draw a bit and then get some sleep, K? Movie's in the morning."

Jenny gave her several brain rattling nods. Reiko smirked. "So that's why you have trouble catching on to things sometimes." She said in a bored tone. "HEY!" Jenny grabbed a pillow and threw it at Reiko's head.

Her reflexes took over. Instantly, Reiko hopped up despite her sleeplyness, grabbed a small baseball bat off the floor (she had no urge whatsoever to ask why it was there) and held it out in front of her chest in a fluid movement. The pillow hit it with a 'wham' and dropped to the floor. "Whoa... Nice reflexes." Reiko twirled the bat. "Thanks. Let's get drawin'." Jenny grinned. "I know what you can draw..." Reiko had a dark feeling in the pit of her stomach that something as small as a drawing could lead to something much, much more...

...In Jenny's Room...

Drawing was an interest Jenny and Reiko shared. Much like other things, but this seemed more special. Every night weather it was over the phone or spending the night (they do that very often) they would give each other a description of an anime character they formed in their heads and they would both try and draw it. Most of the time they would come out perfectly the same. Or other times they could be completely different. Anyways, enough history and back to our terrible twosome.

"You've got to be kidding me." Reiko looked at her friend.

Jenny shook her head madly. "I'm not. Start describing!" She placed her sketch pad in her lap.

"I am not about to tell you what the main characters of Naruto look like so you can draw them! If you screwed up then I would be scarred for life! I already have about fifty scars from you already. And some of them are physical!"

"Oh, stop your whining. And what do you care? You said you don't watch it anymore and it was a waste of time." Jenny raised a brow at her friend.

Reiko started to rub the back of her neck. "Well, maybe it was a bit harsh..." She said just soft enough for Jenny to hear but no one else. As if some one could hear her and tell the whole world. Oh wait, she just told the only person with enough brain power to do that. Crap.

Jenny jumped up, "HA! I knew it! You still watch it!('gasp') LIAR!!!!!!" She shot a finger at her.

Reiko threw her arms into the air. "OH FINE! Yes, I still watch Naruto. But I can't let Carey know that. Then we'll have something..." She shuddered, "In common."

Jenny joined her shuddering, "Oh...your right. Alright, here's what we'll do. You tell me what they look like, I draw, then I'll go online and find a picture of them. If it's totally off then I'll burn it. Deal?"

Reiko sighed. "Fine. Deal. Alright...lets start with Sakura."

...An Hour Later...

"I'll say it again: You've got to be kidding me." Reiko held a piece of sketch paper in her hands. On it was three head shots. One of Uchiha Sasuke, one of Haruno Sakura, and one of Uzumaki Naruto. Jenny did them perfect. Perfect! Something wasn't right...

Reiko looked down at Jenny who was sitting on her floor examining her Converse. "Jenny, what are your classes again? In the order you go to them, if you don't mind."

"Uh...World History, Art Two, Spanish One-"

"A HA!"

"WHAT? What did I say?"

"You have a two hour wait in-between classes. And my Drama Class and Sign Language classes are in those two hours. YOU USED YOUR LAPTOP TO CHECK OUT NARUTO SITES!!! Sneaky...very sneaky... Props for that one."

"Dang it. You only figured that one out because your a Sherlock wannabe. Oh! I get props? YAY!"

Reiko nodded, "Yup. That was your evil deed for the day. Along with making Carey blow her top. We'll have to do that more often. And it's Nancy Drew, Sammy Keyes, and Jennie whatsherface wannabe, also. Oh, here." Reiko handed Jenny her drawing and something else.

Jenny stared at Reiko's work. "Is that...us?" On the paper were anime versions of Reiko and Jenny. Jenny was giving a peace sign and had her head titled. Reiko had her arms crossed and looked like she's rather be anywhere in the world but there. But the real Reiko and a very special talent that she didn't use very often. She could make drawings smile with there eyes. Jenny had tried to make her work look so alive but after a few failed attempts she decided it best to leave it alone. Reiko used her talent to it's fullest on this piece. Behind the pair was Team 7 along with their teacher, Kakashi. Sakura was giving a wink, Naruto was giving a double peace sign and Sasuke didn't look to different from Reiko. Jenny chuckled at the sight of Kakashi. In his right hand he held his book and with his left hand he was giving a wave. Jenny looked up to see a smiling Reiko. "What do Ya think?" She asked.

Jenny took another look at it, "It's awesome. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Your artistic skills rock."

Reiko sat down beside her, "Thanks. I worked really hard on it. I'll bring my other ones to Co-op next week, K?"

Jenny nodded, "Sounds good to me." She yawned. "And so does your idea of this 'sleeping' ritual you earthlings talk of. Bed time?

Reiko was already digging threw her bag for her PJ's. She walked off to the bathroom and soon came back saying, "So, did you find any good bio's on your cyber search?"

Jenny grinned. "And I...downloaded the first fifteen episodes!"

"WOO HOO!" Reiko ran over and jumped onto Jenny's bed were her laptop sat. "Stop jumping! You might hurt Lappy." Jenny said, hugging her beloved computer.

"To bad we can't watch all of them tonight." Reiko said with a sigh.

"We can if we stay up all night." Jenny said, bringing the screen to life.

"Well, yeah, but we have to go swimming tomorrow, remember? We mustn't disrupt the proper balance of things, you know."

Jenny waved a hand and brought up her video player on the screen, "Yeah, Yeah. Whatever. How about just the first five? I've been wanting to check out Kakashi's wicked hair in action."

Reiko grimaced, "Wait till you see his book."

So our friends spent the next hour and a half watching our favorite anime (Reiko promptly reminded Jenny that if she watched all five, she would never get to sleep. So they just watched a few). After a punch in the gut and a threat from the Great and Powerful Reiko, Jenny turned off the computer and went to sleep.

"Sexy jutsu." She muttered with a chuckle as she drifted off to sleep.

But, what's this (?!?), it seems our favorite sadistic friend Reiko cannot get to sleep. Something was on her mind.

Man, I can't wait 'til Jenny finds out who my favorite is. She thought sarcastically. I really don't need her nagging on me just 'cause I'm another Uchiha fan girl. Well, not really. It just seems like he's some one I can relate to. Crap happened to him in the past and he prefers to be left alone. I would have been left alone, she looked at Jenny, snoring slightly into her pillow, but...But then this weirdo came along. But, boy am I glad she did. Or who knows where I'd be...

And with that thought she thought, Reiko fell victim to our friend the Sandman as well.

(A/N: Nope, not Gaara. BUT I WISH! lol. The sleepynessness kind. : P)

Little did either of them know that Carey was about to get her wish...

Jenny's alarm clock flashed 11:59 in red. 26.3 seconds later, the grandfather clock down stairs gonged twelve times. It was midnight. The house shook violently. Dishes rattled, books fell off shelves, and-worse and most strange of all-Reiko's drawing started to give off a blinding light. It illuminated the room and gave off one sharp flash. Our two friends seamed to disappear. Not very light sleepers, to say the least.

"Your right. They are alive." That was a boys voice. For some reason, Reiko recognized it. Even when she was half asleep.

She moaned, Jenny better not have that stupid computer on. "Shut up. This ones waking up." She recognized that one too. It was a boy's.

"I wonder what there doing just laying in the middle of the street?" That one belonged to a girl. Reiko let out a small whimper. ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap! This is not happening, this is not happening...

She opened her eyes and shot up, only to hit something. Something hard. "Ow..." She rubbed her forehead. "Oh crap..." She gasped.

Reiko wished with all that she had that what she saw were just some effects of a bad brownie.

But a brownie had never betrayed her like this...

Little Life Lesson #4: When you have a weird friend, expect weird things to happen accordingly. They will.

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