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Chapter 1/Prologue

Tom 'Tommy' Quincy sat by the lake near his childhood home in Joliet, Montana. (a real city in Montana)

The town only has about 601 people.

Tommy was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but lived in Joliet, Montana ever since he turned five.

He moved back to Toronto when he was in Boyz Attack.

Tommy has been in Joliet for six years. Which means he been there since he was twenty-four. This also means that, he's been there since he left Jude in the street after her album release party.

He never went back.

He left in the first place because of his daughter.

His parents had passed away and they took care of his daughter.

Yes Lil' Tommy Q had a daughter, with Portia.

Portia kept their daughter a secret from him.

When they got divorced, Portia had been pregnant at the time.

She and Tommy hadn't seen each other for a little over nine months.

Just enough time to have a baby and have nobody find out.

Portia couldn't take care of her daughter and was sure Tommy couldn't. So Portia gave their daughter to her only relatives left; Tommy's parents.

Portia left Toronto on weekends to see her and Tommy never knew.

But when his parents passed away, she told him.

Their daughter's name is Victoria Taylor Quincy, nicknamed Tori.

Tommy was there for about a year and Portia stopped coming to see Tori.

So he fought for full custody and won.

He was going to leave Montana and go back to Toronto, but Tori didn't want to leave her grandparents' house that she had lived in for all her life. Tommy agreed to that and he chose to stay because he hadn't talked to Jude since he left so he didn't want the confrontation.

So now Tommy is thirty and Tori is going to be eleven.

Tori has loved Jude's music forever.

Her birthday is in a day and guess whose next concert is the same day?

Yep, it's Jude's.

So Tori wanted to go so badly and had convinced Tommy to let her go.

Tommy really didn't want to go to Jude's concert because he didn't want to face what he had left.

But he had to go back sometime and this would be the chance he'd have to take.

Tommy had to get back home so he could finish packing.

He needed a vacation.

He had bought a rundown studio building and called it TQ Studios. Not very original but it worked.

He was the owner, a manger, and producer.

You'd be surprised at how many people came into the

You'd think he could use a vacation.

Tommy didn't tell Tori that he produced Jude, only that he worked as a producer at G-Major.


The next day Tommy and Tori sat in their seats on the plane, ready for takeoff.

Tori turned Tommy and asked a question.

"Dad, who are we going to see before the concert?"

"Tori, we've gone over this a million times. You are going to see your mom and Uncle Darius. We might see my best friend Kwest. Hopefully we won't see Jude except on stage" Tommy told her and mumbled the last part, hoping Tori couldn't hear him.

"Wait what? Jude as is Jude Harrison? Do you know her?" Tori asked excitedly.

Well he wasn't prepared for her to ask that. He sighed and answered.

"Yes I know her. I actually used to be her producer and very good friend"

"This is so cool! Will we get to see her?" Tori was really excited. She would have jumped in her seat if not for the plane taking off.

"I don't know Tori. I haven't seen or talked to her in six years. She won't want to have anything to do with me" Tommy said.

"Why?" Tori was now curious.

"I don't want to talk about it" Tommy answered, frustrated.

They were both silent for the rest of the flight.

When they go to Toronto it was only 4:00 PM. Four hours before the concert.

Tori wanted to go to G-Major right away to see her mom, uncle, and hopefully Jude Harrison.

They entered G-Major and into the lobby.

Darius happened to be in the lobby talking with Sadie, still the receptionist.

"Uncle D!" Tori screamed, running to hug her uncle.

"Tori! Look at you. Eleven years old" Darius hugged her back then let go.

"Hey T. I see you kept my niece in one piece" Darius joked.

"Ha-ha D. How're you doing man?" Tommy and Darius shared a handshake.

"Good, good. You?"

"I'm doing well. How's um, how's uh, Jude?" Tommy asked nervously.

"T, if you're asking what I think you're asking, the answer is nobody since you left. If it is the other way, then she is doing well. I'm sure you've checked the charts. Just by a guess, you won't be going to her concert tonight will you?"

"Yes we will"

"Well good. Now I have to get back to work. Kwest is in studio b as probably Jude. Just don't upset her too much"

Tommy nodded and watched him go to his office.

Tommy sighed and looked at Tori.

"Ready to meet Jude?"

"Yes!" Tori said excitedly.

"Then follow me" Tommy said, leading Tori to studio b.

Tommy got to the door and knocked.

The doorknob turned and behind the door was Kwest.

"Tom. What a surprise. Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" Kwest said.

They shared a handshake.

"We wanted it to be a surprise. I'm sure you remember that today is Tori's birthday" Tommy said, moving to the side so Kwest could see Tori.

"Well yes it is. Hello Tori"

"Hi!" Tori said loudly.

"Kwest, who is it?"

Oh man, that's her. It's Jude. I know that sweet voice anywhere. Tommy thought.

Jude came to the door and her eyes became wide.

"T-Tommy…" Jude said, shocked.

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