Chapter 5

"Where is my sister? She has been back there for a while. Anna, are you ok back there?" Tommy called.

"Yeah, I couldn't find the clusters. I guess I ate them all. I had already started a new batch. I'm just taking them out of the oven" Anna called back.

Tommy shook his head and chuckled.

"What's funny?" Jude asked in confusion.

Tommy stopped chuckling to give an answer.

"It's just she always did this when we were younger"

"Did what?"

"When we were kids and Anna baked something, she would make it for the family. But most of the time nobody got to eat what she made, because she would hide it so she could eat it herself"

"Hey what I made was good, ok? So what if ate everything I made? Nobody ever appreciated that I made anything" Anna chimed in, bringing out from the back a fresh batch of the caramel almond clusters.

"You never gave any of us a chance to try anything you made" Tommy pointed out.

"Fine, point well made. Well here you go. They're still hot so be careful" Anna said.

Anna pulled up a chair at the table they were sitting at.

"Mmm…" Tommy mumbled as he took his first bite of the cluster.

"Jude, you should really try one. They are delicious" Tommy said.

Jude nodded and tried one. She smiled at how good it was.

"You are right Tommy these are delicious. Anna, you should definitely sell these" Jude said.

"Really? You think so? I never thought about it. I just always loved these myself. I didn't think anybody else would like them" Anna responded.

"Yeah Anna, sell them. Trust me, ok? Now can you get away from here for a while, so you can come with us to see Tori? She would love to see you. You are her favorite aunt" Tommy said.

"I don't know Tommy"

"Anna, look around you. Nobody but Jude and I are here with you. You can close up for the day"

"Alright. I'm just going to put these clusters in the back and then we can go" Anna said and took the clusters into the back.

A few moments later, they were out the door and into their respective cars.

An hour later…

They walked into the lobby of G-Major. Tommy and Jude were holding hands of course.

Tori was in the lobby waiting for them.

"Hi dad, hi Jude" Tori greeted giving them a hug.

"Hey Tori. I have a surprise for you" Tommy said and stepped aside so Tori could see Anna.

"Aunt Anna!" Tori squealed in delight and immediately hugged her aunt.

"It's great to see you too Tori" Anna smiled.

Portia's head shot up when she heard Tori squeal 'Aunt Anna'. Portia walked out of the wardrobe room and out to the lobby.

Anna looked up from hugging Tori when she heard footsteps. Anna found that Portia was there.

Anna suddenly got an evil look on her face which Portia mimicked.

Anna released hugging Tori and walked over to Portia.

"Portia Mills" Anna said in a hating tone.

"Annabel Bonfils" Portia said in the same tone.

"It's Quincy, by the way" Portia corrected.

"Not to me it isn't. Never has, never will be" Anna told her.

Anna has never liked Portia ever since Tommy married her. The same goes for Portia. Anna now officially hates Portia's guts because she didn't tell Tommy she was pregnant at first, didn't tell him about their daughter for four years, and stopped going to visit said daughter. Portia hates Anna for not letting the whole thing go and not understanding why she did what she did.

Anna and Portia looked like they were both going to start a catfight.

There was a very uncomfortable silence.

Tommy just looked at his sister and Portia and silently shook his head in amusement.

"Tori, could you go get Darius? You know how those two get" Tommy said calmly. Tori obliged and got Darius.

Jude just looked at Tommy with confusion.

Tommy seemed to notice this and turned fully around to face her.

"My sister and Portia have always hated each other. Anna hates Portia because she didn't tell me she was pregnant at first, then didn't tell me about Tori for four years, and stopped coming to visit Tori. Portia hates Anna for not letting the whole thing go and not understanding why she did what she did. I still don't understand why she did what she did, but I don't go around wanting to kill her like my sister does. She would never do it of course but, it's fun to watch" Tommy told her.

Jude lightly hit his arm.

"What? I end up have to pull Anna away from Portia each time. I don't understand why they can't just let it go and explain things to each other. I just don't want them fighting anymore since I'm going to be here permanently again" Tommy said.

Before Jude could talk again, Darius and Tori came out.

Darius saw the scene before him and walked up to his sister and tried to pull her away from Anna.

Tommy did the same thing to Anna. After a while of prying, Tommy and Darius successfully pulled their sisters away from one another.

That was a good thing too, because Anna was ready to pounce on Portia.

"If I am going to come back here, I don't want to see anymore of this! I'm sick of it! Now I don't expect both of you to be best friends but, I expect you two to be civil towards each other. You both got me?" Tommy said angrily.

Both Anna and Portia rolled their eyes simultaneously and nodded.

Tommy laughed then stopped after a few minutes.

"You both are more alike than you know. But anyways, Tori you have to say goodbye to your mom, uncle, aunt, and Jude because we have to go back home now" Tommy told her.

"Aw man do we really have to go? We just got here. I don't get to see mom and Uncle Darius very much. Can we stay a bit longer please?" Tori begged.

Tommy sighed and thought.

"Well, how about you stay here and I go back home? Then I'll come back in a few days" Tommy suggested.

"Thank you dad!" Tori squealed.

Tommy smiled.

"You're welcome. Now, give me a hug because I have to get going" Tommy said.

"Ok. Bye dad. When will you be back?" Tori asked.

"A week at the most, not too long" Tommy replied.

"Ok. Bye then" Tori said, hugging her dad.

When they broke the embrace, Tommy turned to Jude who was looking down at her shoes.

"Girl, don't look so sad. I'll be back real soon. Come here" Tommy said.

Jude walked over to Tommy and hugged him.

Tommy's arms snaked around her back.

After breaking away from the hug a little bit to kiss goodbye, Tommy said goodbye to everyone else.

Tommy then made his way out of G-Major to the car.

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