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"Blah"-person speaking...'Blah'-person thinking..."Blah"-Demon/God speaking...'Blah'-Demon/God thinking..."Blah"-Memory speaking(they don't think)...'Blah'-Pyron speaking through mental pathways.
Leaves of Steel, Chapter 24
Stormbringer's Mindscape
It was alone, deathly alone. The skeletons it had led; the demons it had raised from mere shades; the souls it had taken; the power of millennia gone, gone forever.

Stormbringer felt weak. He took to wake, but took to waking slow.

Naruto's Mindscape
"It's good to be back, Kit."


"...Ano...I thank you...Naruto Uzumaki"


"Now we may have our vengeance!"

"I suggest a sweeping attack, from left to right."

"Ahh...It is good to see all of us back again..."

"My Necromancy has shown itself in another person! Thank you!"


Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, and One. They were all there. The tailed beasts were ready for war.

Five Swords lay humming in the outside world; Two were mighty Zanbato. One was a bloody long-sword, all fresh blood clearly visible. One was a short sword, wisps that resembled miniscule swords spinning around it. The last was firmly grasped in the boy's hands, a gleaming white blade, the long-sword, its cross-guard bearing the same pattern as was found on the fated child's stomach: That of the curved triangle.

The boy woke.

Nearing the Mountain-Konoha Rescue Group
Currently comprised of the strongest remaining Ninja, most being Genin, as well as the most powerful mage the world will ever see, this group was led with a single intent: To bring the God of the Void back to earth, crashing at his knees.

The weapons carried were of none less than epic quality. Tenten, Her buns clinging to her head with anticipation, wielded two swords that could be used to channel thunder and lighting. Another girl, Secretly plotting, carried a singular dagger, glowing red, with a faint carrot appearing on the blade.

The large-chested woman bore her hammer, a symbol of her power of Hokage. On their path, they were joined by the last remaining Sannin, Jiraya, who carried a large sword, bearing on it the head of a toad as its hilt. They were also joined by Anko Mitarashi, a special Jonin, who, as rumor would have it, just increased in strength, as a certain snake passed away.

Finally, an Albino, confident on his steed, galloped along side them, a package, wrapped with pitch-black silk, lay across his back. He was meditating over the deaths. One of which was that of his new-found love. He would take his vengeance, as he had wished to do the previous times it had happened. This time, was different, he had the means, motive, and was getting ever closer to the opportunity.

The mountain-lair
Naruto Uzumaki, finally freed from the God of the Void, saw the fresh light, felt the sweet wind, and then gazed upon the very thing that wanted to take it all away from him. He gazed upon the smoldering eyes of the Deity that wanted him dead.

All nine voices in his head all resonated with the same creed:

"Kill it."

All the blades seem to resonate with the frequency that the demons were letting off with their though patterns, and agreed.

Then, a faint voice was heard, 'Naruto-sama, I am coming to aid you!'

As the moon glittered its beacon of hope, Naruto, and his skeletons, comprised of the most powerful Shinobi in the world, rushed the God, with blades, teeth, claws, or whatever else they could get a hold on.

It was afraid, it had lost its steel, and it had lost its original body, where it couldn't be harmed.

As it raked its arm though Ex-zetsu's skull, it felt a blade enter its back, followed by 4 others. The First two were the Zanbatos, sticking through its shoulders. Then came the short-sword though the spinal cord's lower section, and the blood-stained long-sword through the upper portion. Finally, the gleaming Long-sword, as pure a white as the first snow-flake of winter, stabbed where the heart should be.

The beast chuckled, and ripped the heads off of the remaining skeletons. Naruto was alone.

"Commendable effort, Mortal, but I am a GOD, I do not fall to mortal weapons!"

Before the blond could answer, the God fell over, three new blades sticking out of its head, two jittery short-swords, and one gleaming red dagger, which landed STRAIGHT through its brain-analouge.

"STAY AWAY FROM MY NARUTO-KUN!" yelled two girls at once, before glaring at each other for a split second.

"AAAAAAGH, IT BURNS!" Stormbringer screamed, the blades expelling dormant chakra as if it were the end of the world.

Since the Seven Swords of the Seven Swordsmen did not have minds, they were not to know how right they were.

The fangs of the Snakes were stabbing the "joints" of the God. Manda, Chief summon of his kind, had his deeply invested in the right side of the Deity's neck. Anko stood to the north of the God, smirking.

The blades of the Frogs were piercing the "muscles" of the God. Gamabunta, Chief summon of his kind, had his knife though the left side of the Deity's neck. Jiraya stood to the south-east of the God, posing.

The acid of the Slugs were burning the "skin" of the God. Katsuyu, Chief summon of her kind, was blowing a stream of the most deadly acid known to the world straight through the Deity's voice-box. Tsunade stood to the south-west of the God, gripping her hammer with anticipation.

Naruto, now to the direct south of the God, behind it, had his hands in the symbol of the curved triangle; fingertips pressed together, with the thumbs underneath, pressed hard enough to collapse it. As he did this, glowing lines appeared between each of the summoners.

'What is Naruto doi- Oooo...Yondaime, you brilliant man, you." Jiraya snickered to himself.

Naruto's stomach glowed, and the blade of his long-sword took on the same characteristic.

His hair blond once more, freed from the grey of the God, began to wave in the air. "Phase." he called, bringing the seal to its final limit.

His hand burned with the intensity of the stars, the moon, and the sun, as he brought it down to his chest, before presenting his palm to the back of his burden, the God of the Void, Stormbringer, he who has devoured black holes.


The world seemed to flux around his hand, as he brought it to the back of the God's head. It was then transfixed by Hinata's blade, and the very wind seemed to stop.

The dagger let out a weak glow, before it took on all the light of Naruto's hand.

-At the base of the mountain-

'Forgive me, Naruto-sama, but this will be my final gift to you.'

The dagger shattered into a million shards of iridescent light, as a lone figure appeared from the residue. It raised its hand, and, as if it was all coordinated, grabbed a falling dragon from the sky. The dragon was no longer a dragon, but a staff of such beauty, never before seen by the likes of man. At the head of the staff was the head of a dragon.

"Yo." Elric stated, his right hand clutching the staff, as his left held onto the black silk package, "Stormbringer, I hereby seal you back into your sword."

As he said these words, and pointed the staff towards the god, a glowing fire erupted from the dragon's head.

All Naruto could do was watch, as the fire consumed all. He could do nothing as Tenten was obliterated, her ashes following suit. He could do nothing as Anko, Jiraya, and Tsunade vanished from life. He could do nothing as Hinata ran to him, away from the blast, and attempted to kiss him, before turning to dust. He could do nothing as the God of the Void exploded. He could do nothing as his entire world was swallowed into shadow.

The Void
He was floating there, seemingly in shock, as the world he saw around him was empty, save for two people, and two swords. Only did he see Elric.

"W-w-what happened here, E-elric?" The boy asked, stuttering.

"Well, it would appear as if we destroyed existence." The albino responded, his pale hand stroking his chin.

All of a sudden, two swords floated down to the pair. Both blades were of blackest black, and both were immortal.

"It would appear that we must fight, Naruto, and decide the fate of the world. A little large of a responsibility, but a responsibility none the less. Lets start." Elric said, a little omniscient.

"But what blade should I ta-" Naruto was about to ask.

"You should take Mournblade, as we need existence back. Only one of us will survive, and I've lived well past my years. This is saddening to think, but, perhaps, this will be Elric's final fight." his mentor spoke in a somber tone.

"H-hai." the boy stated uncertainly, grabbing the blade which didn't feel like it was going to murder him.

As soon as both blades were in their hands, it started. Elric and Naruto were forced to do battle until one was vanquished.

The battle seemed to stretch to infinity, as neither could stop, or remember how long they had been fighting. As the years passed, the pair battled, never stopping, and never hesitating. There was no sleep, and there was no food. There was no blood, and there was no sweat. There was no loser, and there was no winner. There was no tide, but there WAS Time.

Time still existed, and was watching the match fiercely. After another 80 years of watching, Time was still watching, before accidently moving a finger. That finger moved the "air" in the void ever so slightly, pushing Stormbringer to the right, ever so slightly. This allowed Mournblade to brush just a thread of the cloth that was the hilt of Stormbringer. That in turn pushed Elric back, and just the slightest off balance, where, when he swung again, Stormbringer was intercepted, and stabbed through the cross-guard. This crack extended to the tip of the sword.

Only Elric noticed it, 'Goodbye, Naruto, and may Lady Luck smile brightly forever upon your star-kissed head.'

He swung Stormbringer, with as much force as he could muster, directly at Mournblade, sending a ripple through the world.

Stormbringer shattered, and Time grinned, it was over.

Elric, after battling for centuries against his rival, fell to the void, a shard through his skull. As a single drop of blood leaked from the wound, life was born again.

"Naruto, we have succeeded. The only thing I can offer you is a second chance at life, one not interfered with by either me or Stormbringer. Will you accept?" Mournblade asked the weary Ninja.

"I have done things in my life that I cannot tolerate. If I am to have a second chance, I wish to remember nothing, and have only what I am made of, not this power, and not this knowledge. That is all I ask for." Naruto answered, with all the poise and dignity of one who has killed the universe.

"Accepted. There is one I must ask, before any of this may happen. Time?" the God stated.

"You called?dellac uoY" Time replied.deilper emiT

"Can you do this one over? His genome should be a proper blueprint." Mournblade requested.

"Sure thing, just give me a while...Done!enoD...elihw a em evig tsuj ,gniht eruS" Time answered.derewsna emiT

As simple as that, Naruto felt himself being pulled from existence. His life was to begin anew.

October 10th, day of the Kyubi's attack
The baby known as Uzumaki Naruto screamed, as the Kyubi was sealed inside him. As he did, however, a small flame found its way into the seal, setting his chakra aflame.

The eyelids were forced open in pain, and, springing from his DNA, the first Tomoe of the Sharingan came spinning out into a red iris, before spinning back into a iris of blue.

He was later found unconscious by the Sandaime, by the corpse of the Kyubi, unharmed, in a pile of smoldering leaves.

End of Leaves of Steel.
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