Author: Lily Kalanoa

Story: Reputation

Genre: Naruto – angst / romance

Rating: M / R

Warnings: A very dark story. Involves rape / Non consensual sex. Reference to child (young person) abuse and blackmail.Yaoi.

Pairings: Various. Eventual Iruka / Kakashi

Spoilers: Some spoilers for episodes 143-147 (or whatever episodes that arc is). Placed after then, but before the time skip. Exact timeline is woobly.

Author Notes: In the story arc where Mizuki comes back and faces Iruka, I got the feeling that there was a lot more to their relationship than was explored during the episodes. If you didn't feel the same way, reading this story will probably make you watch those episodes in a whole new way. In general, there are very few spoilers throughout, but I'm serious about those warnings. This is a VERY DARK FIC with adult themes and pseudo-graphic sexual scenes. Having said all that, I do hope that you like it. Please review

Iruka was tired – that deep bone tired that one gets after both the body and mind had been pushed to their limits. It had been an especially trying day with the children of Konoha. One little boy – Moeta – had managed to insight a miniature riot which had resulted in Twenty minutes of wrestling followed by three minutes of Iruka struggling out of some remarkably well tied ropes and another fifteen minutes of chasing the children back into the classroom.

With a heart-felt sigh, Iruka unlocked his apartment door and slipped in silently. Iruka pulled off his vest and set it and his bag of school supplies beside the door. With another sigh, he toed off his shoes and then stalked through the near darkness towards his bedroom, ignoring the twinge of his stomach as he remembered he hadn't eaten dinner.

Iruka reached the doorway and froze, suddenly sensing something not right. A kunai materialized in his hand as he spun to face his small, tidy living area. Someone was sitting on his couch, carefully concealing their presence, apparently waiting for him. Iruka frowned at the window, cursing himself for not noticing sooner that it was open a fraction of an inch. Then man on the couch stood, bowing his head slightly. "Sensei."

Kakashi looked at Itsuo, somehow managing to convey his disbelief despite just one eye being visible to the shorter man. "You can't be serious."

"No, no, it's true I tell ya. Trust me, I heard it from a very reliable source. Honestly . . . I thought you'd already know."

"Why would I know about something like that?"

Itsuo fidgeted slightly. "Well, I mean, you don't exactly make it a secret that you like guys just as much as girls. And, I thought you and Iruka . . ."

Kakashi frowned. "I really only know Iruka through mutual students. He and Naruto have stayed very close since the boy graduated."

Itsuo just fidgeted some more. The man was a reasonably talented Chunin, but he was far too shy and nervous to ever progress further than that. He held considerable promise as a spy, however, since he easily disappeared in crowds with his dark hair and plain features. Actually, it looked like he wanted to disappear right now. "Not many people know about his nighttime rep, but more and more ninja are paying him visits."

Kakashi looked off into the night, watching the man without seeming to. "Where did you hear about this?"

Itsuo raised his hands quickly. "Hey, I'm not making this up! I heard it from Genma. I know he's a bit of a gossip sometimes, but he wouldn't make something like this up. I've actually been working up the courage to visit him myself." Kakashi's visible eyebrow shot up and he turned to look at Itsuo properly. "I know, I know. But he's hot! Honestly, who could resist?"

Kakashi turned back to the night, his eyes wandering the direction of the young teacher's apartment. "What have you heard, exactly?"

Iruka gasped, tugging uselessly at the rope around his wrists. His assailant – a jounin he wasn't familiar with – was busy nibbling at his neck. One hand snaked up under the teacher's shirt, toying with his nipples, while the other was already slick, preparing him.

Iruka's head snapped forward as the other found his sweet spot, and he buried his forehead in the crook of the man's neck. In a second, he was whipped around, repositioned on knees and elbows, his bound wrists providing a cushion for his head. He gasped again, groaning as the man pushed into him and then reached around, stroking him in time with his own thrusts. He bit his own thumb as he came, struggling to keep from screaming out.

The jounin didn't stop moving for another minute before his climax came. He wrapped his arms around the man beneath him, pulling so they both fell to the side. A moment later, he was moving again, raining love bites and licks along a tanned chest. He repositioned over Iruka again, chest to chest this time and continued his ministrations, stroking them both to fullness in preparation for a second round. With a savage bite to his neck, the larger man pushed into him again, eagerly continuing the game.

"People say he likes being tied up. If you come to him, you get to be in charge. Almost anything you want, but he'll resist. You have to push him into it. You know, that whole 'innocent schoolteacher held hostage' thing." Itsuo blushed as he said this and Kakashi suddenly got a clear mental image of the man's specific fantasies.

"Does he have a known safe word?"

The chunin paused, thinking about that. "Not that I know of. It's probably something he works out with each person individually." Kakashi frowned again behind his mask. Considering the game consisted of ninja forcing their way into the teacher's home and practically attacking him, it seemed dangerous not to have a universal stop. Itsuo didn't seem to give the subject much thought and continued parroting what he'd heard from Genma.

"Obviously, nothing can be actually dangerous, and you're not allowed to break anything in his place. That means you can only join the fun if you're good enough to get into his apartment by stealth and you have to be able to disable all his traps."

Kakashi paused again at that thought. Surely these were just superficial precautions, not actual traps. "Does he give any rules for 'the game' itself?"

"Just two; no kissing, and nothing that could endanger his daytime rep. That means his students can't find out about any of it. Neither can parents he has to deal with on a regular basis. And you can't leave any visible marks. Other than that-"

Kakashi nodded absently, still looking out over the darkened village. He wasn't sure what to think; he'd always thought of Iruka-sensei as rather mild mannered, dull even. To think he had this "nighttime rep" as Itsuo had put it . . . it just didn't seem to fit.

"So, you think you'll check it out sometime?"

Kakashi lowered his head a fraction and watched the chunin fidget out of the corner of his eye. "Maybe. It's certainly something to look in to." He turned fully to the other man, eye turning up in a smile. "Thank you for telling me about this, Itsuo-kun." The man nodded and bowed. He looked almost ready to faint as he bounded off the rooftop, continuing his patrol of the darkened city.

Iruka pushed himself up on shaking arms, pulling his hitai-ate away from his eyes. No longer being assaulted by skilled hands, he made quick work of the rope binding his hands and set about locating his pants. Near the window, the jounin was pulling on his own pants, preparing to leave. Iruka watched him carefully, judging the man he knew little about.

Suddenly he was inches from the man, displaying a speed not expected of a chunin, let alone a teacher. "You should know I'm very close to my students, past and present. If any of them find out about this, it wouldn't take much effort to find out where the rumor came from."

The taller man held up his hands. "They won't hear a whisper from me, I swear it." Iruka stayed where he was for a moment before stepping back, giving the man room to breathe. Silently, the jounin slid the window open, leaving the way he'd come. Kneeling on the sill, he looked back at the serious teacher. "They were right about you, Iruka, you're one of the best lays in all Konoha. If I were you I'd certainly be proud of such a reputation. You live up to it so well."

Then he was gone. Iruka stepped back to the window, looking into the blackness after the man. He slammed the window shut, quickly reactivating the various traps. Silently, he strode across the room. He slammed the bathroom door shut behind him, filling the small tub with steaming water and slowly climbing in.

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