Author: Lily Kalanoa

Story: Reputation

Genre: Naruto – angst / romance

Rating: M / R

Warnings: A very dark story. Involves rape / Non consensual sex. Reference to child (young person) abuse and blackmail.Yaoi.

Pairings: Various. Eventual Iruka / Kakashi

Spoilers: Some spoilers for episodes 143-147 (or whatever episodes that arc is). Placed after then, but before the time skip. Exact timeline is woobly.

Author Notes: In the story arc where Mizuki comes back and faces Iruka, I got the feeling that there was a lot more to their relationship than was explored during the episodes. If you didn't feel the same way, reading this story will probably make you watch those episodes in a whole new way. In general, there are very few spoilers throughout, but I'm serious about those warnings. This is a VERY DARK FIC with adult themes and pseudo-graphic sexual scenes. Having said all that, I do hope that you like it. Please review

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Iruka stood completely still, years of habit forcing him to stand straight despite the weariness that made him want to lie down. His head was bowed slightly, staring blindly at the Hokage's large desk, avoiding looking at the woman herself. He'd been standing there for a couple of minutes now, waiting for her to say something.

Finally the woman let out a sigh, setting aside the papers she'd been rifling through. "I've been aware of your condition for some time now. As was my predecessor. Like him, I believed you to be in control of the situation."

Iruka nodded, feeling numb.

"You've lied repeatedly to more shinobi than I can count right now. You've managed to keep the truth from the entire village." Iruka flinched, his gaze falling further. "And you've protected your students as well as many high ranking shinobi in the village. I don't need to tell you what an accomplishment that is in a village of a couple hundred ninja."

Iruka frowned. This was sounding less and less like a lecture and more like a string of compliments.

"That being said, I can't help but wonder what sort of man would forsake the help of his friends and allow himself to suffer so needlessly for so long." Iruka's whole body tensed. Here it came. "I can only think that man must have the strongest will of any man I've known, not to mention the most compassion and devotion to the people he cares about. A man that I never thought I'd have the honor of coming across. Those willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of others are fewer and fewer these days. Even on missions, you are among a dying breed, Sensei."

Iruka thought despairingly about how much longer he'd be able to acknowledge that title. Still, the words were sounding like praise. Like a compliment to his skills . . .

"Furthermore, I've seen some of the original traps and security measures you've thought up. I must say I'm rather impressed. Many of them could be put to great use as security measures. Others would make superb training for the shinobi of this village." Iruka glanced up, just barely catching the woman's eye. She smiled at him. "It's just one of the reasons I've come to the decision to officially promote you."

Iruka's eyes widened and he stuttered a moment. He mentally slapped himself, forcing his tongue to obey him. "What do you mean, Hokage-sama?"

"It's far overdue, I think. I'm officially raising your rank to that of jounin."

Iruka's eyes clenched shut. Tsunade was being kind, raising his reputation in the eyes of the village. But Jounin's could not teach children in the academy. It was why he'd never taken the test before. She was being kind, but she was still taking away what he cherished most. With a single nod, Iruka turned towards the door. "Thank you-"

"I'm not done, Iruka." The brunette stopped, looking back at the blonde woman as she shuffled several papers on her desk. "As a jounin, you will not be asked to man the missions desk as much, unless there are no other shinobi available. As such, your weekends are going to be significantly less busy. I expect you to find a time for an advanced class by next weekend."

"Advanced . . ."

"Yes. You'll be teaching advanced jutsus as well as escape tricks, espionage tactics, and infiltration techniques. You've more than proven your worth in each. You will also be in charge of refresher courses and tests for some of your fellow jounin." Iruka could only gape at the woman as she continued. "You may take the next couple of days off to recuperate as you see fit. However, I expect you to be in class first thing Monday morning or give plenty of notice for a substitute more capable than Aburame Shino to be found."

Iruka stuttered again, unable to process the words. "I-I'm sorry, class?"

"Yes, Sensei. Class. Your students need you." The woman tilted her head, her smile still there, warm and reassuring. "You've been through a lot to keep them. I won't be the one to take them away from you." Iruka nodded, still not quite sure he understood everything that was happening. Tsunade looked back at the papers in her hands. "I've told the missions desk that Kakashi will be unavailable for missions for a few days. You've earned a bit more of his time, I think. Now go on, I have other things to deal with."

Iruka felt a smile finally tug at his lips. With a hurried thank you and a bow, he left the woman's office. Things were beginning to sink in. Everything was going to be all right. Exiting the large building, Iruka came to an abrupt halt, finding his path blocked by Raidou and Genma. Genma didn't meet the teacher's eyes. Iruka just ducked his head, muttering a greeting to the men as he passed.

Genma reached out to him as he passed, stopping him. "I owe you a lot, Iruka-"

The teacher shook his head. "Don't. It's fine." He glanced significantly at Raidou, silently asking if the other man knew anything.

Genma's head dropped slightly. "We're going out now, did you know?" Iruka muttered a congratulations and Genma continued in a whisper. "I don't want to keep any secrets, but . . ."

Raidou cut in. "All he's said is that it's up to you, Iruka. Although after hearing Mizuki, I think I have an idea what's going on."

Iruka nodded on reflex, peering at the other men. He focused on Raidou's concerned face, wondering how the other man would react if he knew what had gone on between him and Genma. Finally he nodded, looking at Genma. "You're a good man, I've never doubted that. If you want to tell him . . ." Iruka trailed to a stop, his eyes falling to the ground.

Raidou stepped closer to the teacher. "If you don't want me to know-"

Iruka shook his head quickly, looking at the other. "It's fine. I'm glad to hear about you two. He's a good catch, Raidou."

The jounin bowed his head, smiling. "Speaking of good catches; Kakashi has been hanging around your apartment building. You might want to go see him before he has a stroke. Maybe you two could join us for dinner in a couple hours?"

Iruka smiled and nodded. "I'd like that."

Genma looked nervously at Raidou before nodding as well. "We'll see you then, Iruka-san." Iruka didn't miss the title. They both knew it wasn't necessary, but it was a simple way to apologize without saying the actual words.

Iruka's smile grew, watching the two men continue on their way. It had been too long since he'd opened up to someone and trusted them as a friend. Kakashi being the definite exception.

The silver haired ninja had his nose buried in his book when Iruka walked up, but closed it as soon as he caught sight of the teacher. "Iruka-"

"Not here. Come up stairs."

Kakashi nodded, looking slightly dejected. He climbed the stairs, following Iruka to his apartment in silence. Kakashi hardly waited for the door to close. His mask was suddenly but a memory and Iruka was all but crushed to his chest in a passionate kiss. Iruka pulled away after a moment and Kakashi let him retreat. Only to catch him in his arms again in less than a second, burying his face in the teacher's neck and just holding on as if for life itself.

Iruka pushed against Kakashi's shoulders gently until the man pulled back again. "I've lost too many important people, Iruka, I was terrified that you were going to join that list."

"I'm fine, Kakashi. Fine, see?"

Kakashi tightened his hold again, once more burying his face. "I'm not just talking about Itsuo, we both know you were in no serious danger from him. But what he did to you . . . Iruka, you scared me when you went silent like that. You were there, solid in my arms, just like you are now. But all you gave me was that blank face. I don't ever want to see that face again."

Iruka pushed the other away again, offering him a small smile. "It's all right. I'm fine, Kakashi." The silver haired jounin took another step back, looking at the younger man in silence. Iruka looked down at the ground. "How did you find me?"

"Pakkun. He didn't want to attack and risk you getting hurt. But he followed you and I followed him."

Iruka didn't life his gaze. "When did you get there?"

Kakashi smiled again, looking cocky and proud of himself. "Right around countering Mizuki, calling Itsuo an eight year old, and tackling him to the ground." His smile faded into seriousness. "If you hadn't been in control when I got there, I would have brought him down myself."

Iruka's smile returned slightly and he looked up at Kakashi for a moment before looking away again. Kakashi turned slightly, looking towards the door. "I'm glad you're all right. I should probably let you get some rest."

Iruka spoke before he thought about it. "Wait."

Kakashi looked back at the teacher. "We aren't a couple, Iruka. I forced this on you . . . I thought you'd want me to leave."

Iruka frowned at the other. "You can't go, I've already made plans. We're supposed to double date with Genma and Raidou."

Kakashi smiled, stepping closer to the teacher again. "Then I can stay?" He wrapped an arm around Iruka's waist, holding the man close.

Iruka blushed, ducking his head. "Please don't leave."

Kakashi smiled with undeniable relief. "Are you still squeamish about kissing me? Because I would really love to kiss you right now, Iru-chan."

Iruka just smiled, pulling the other into a tender kiss before pulling back and giving his reply. "You never have to ask again, Ka-kun."

The copy nin suddenly got a wicked glint in his eye. "Just about kissing? Because there's a lot of other things I'd absolutely love to do to you right now." His hands were wandering, pulling his shirt away and eagerly attacking the skin beneath. He hesitated though, and Iruka's smile grew. Foreplay or no, Kakashi was serious about asking permission.

Iruka's hands drifted over the copy nin's back. "I do seem to recall something about giving you private lessons. Something about wandering hands." Kakashi laughed, continuing his exploration of the teacher's chest. One of Iruka's hands dipped into the older man's weapon's pouch, pulling out a length of rope. "And I recall promising to show you some of my rope skills."

Kakashi dipped in, kissing the teacher deeply. "Yes, but as you recall, I'm slow with that whole hand thing, but I'm a genious with rope."

Iruka's eyes glinted and he pulled away quickly. A second later the rope was looped around Kakashi's wrist, Iruka pulling the other around quickly. "I told you last time I wouldn't underestimate you. You haven't seen what I can do."

Kakashi allowed himself to be pulled forward before he turned the momentum in his favor, bringing them both to the ground. Iruka just gasped, his previous fatigue evaporating. With a final coherent thought, Iruka realized they would likely be late to their date. He really hoped Genma and Raidou wouldn't mind.


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