All That's Said And Done

When all's said and done, more is usually said than done.

Not today.

They don't talk too much about their plans. If they did, they might rethink what they're going to do - the consequences of their actions.

He doesn't want to think about the consequences of their actions beyond getting through to Atlantis.

John's been restless since they returned to Earth from Atlantis. The news from the city has only made the restlessness worse.

It was his city, too. Maybe it was the Ancients' city once upon a time, but John made it his home. God knows the bare apartment in the Springs isn't home. And the Ancients turfed him out of his home as much as he did them.

As John hands out vests and weapons, he concentrates on what needs to be done.

They need to get to the 'jumper bay on sub-level 25. They need to get there without being seen. They need Rodney's program to override the Stargate dialling program. They need to get rid of the Asurans.

They need a miracle.

He fastens on his vest, absently listening to Rodney grumble about unfamiliar pockets.

A quick glance around shows everyone geared up. Carson gives him a tenuous smile. Elizabeth nods distractedly in his direction. Rodney fusses and never even notices his gaze. Not the team he's used to, but still his people. He'd feel a lot better about breaking out of the SGC if he had Teyla and Ronon here.

They'll pick up Teyla and Ronon soon enough. They'll be a team again.

John holds onto that thought.

"Ready to go?"

Elizabeth glances around. "I think we're ready."

John takes a deep breath and checks that his weapon is easily available. "Got everything?"

"Roger that," Rodney says. "What? I just thought--"

Amusement wells within him, but John just rolls his eyes. "Let's go."

They walk out of the storeroom at a brisk pace, like an SG-team about to head off-world. Which, John reasons, they are. They're just going a little further than the limits of the Milky Way galaxy.

Quiet corridors, a quiet team. Even Rodney isn't speaking - well, not much, compared to what he usually does. John resists the urge to tap his foot, his whole body thrumming with purpose.

He misses Atlantis. He misses the Pegasus galaxy. And he misses Teyla and Ronon.

When all's said and done, Rodney, Elizabeth, and Carson alone aren't enough for John - and neither is the Stargate program.

As they turn the corner, the restlessness that's been biding its time in John sharpens to a focus.

Atlantis gave him a reason to live; Teyla and Ronon are his family - people he can't and won't let go. The Ancients and the SGC took that all away from him.

Tonight, John's going to get it back.

- fin -