Just a drabble on my Bleach OTP... really, this pairing doesn't get enough love!

Ratings: PG-13

Bleach characters not mine

Sleep Troubles

Ichigo can't lie peacefully in sleep for his life's sake. He always turns and thrashes around, usually finding himself completely tied in the blanket by the morning. It's not like he has nightmares, or, at least, if he has he can't remember them. It's just… his sleep is restless, but sound.

Sado found about this side of his friend in the rough way, the first time they happened to share a bed by his place. Not till morning, just one or two hours of sleep before Ichigo went back to his own home. Sado wasn't feeling particulary like sleeping, too many thoughts for that, but Ichigo had just thrown unceremoniously away the shirt he used to clean them both and snuggled under the blanket, pressing himself against the other man's broad chest, and the other hadn't really found anything to complain. They layed on their sides, Sado's arms coming up to hold the smaller form, silently breathing in the soft, bright orange hair.

Then Ichigo had abruptly turned with his back facing the other man, escaping his embrace. After less than a minute, he turned again to lay on his back, moving his right arm in a wide sweep and smacking Sado right on the face. After that, it became a whole survival match, with punches, kicks and hard nudges, all accompanied by the smaller man's soft, peaceful snoring. Sado was grateful to his own quite solid costitution. Had he not been so massively built, resisting on the bed would have been a though matter, since he wasn't going to give up to the right to sleep in his own bed, which was too narrow to put a safety distance between him and his companion, and the thought of waking up Ichigo never crossed his mind.

Many nights, and many mornings later, Sado has definitely learnt there's no chance for them to cuddle each other while sleeping. They fall asleep at the opposite corners of the (now much larger) bed, and the fight for the blanket dominance goes on all night long. But Sado has also learnt that, right before waking, Ichigo's turmoil subdues for some few minutes. His inner clock, that now tickes with Ichigo's heart-beating, is settled to wake up on that moment. He so gains the chance to hold him, to breathe with him. So that he can hear his lover's voice, still heavy with sleep, murmuring his name, and he can see those eyes slowly opening, and that so precious, clear smile that's only for him, that is only for those quiet mornings, before the troubles of the day and the pain from the past come to take it away.

For those moments.

"…oi, Chad…"

Sado kisses that smooth forehead, and feels Ichigo's smile on the skin of his neck, and he knows, not for the first time, that sleep-troubles are really a minor draw-back to endure, for all this.