Words from the author, which is me:

The story you are about to read now is my anger and lament towards the dark side of humanity and mankind.

I was taught that people are evil by nature, the world out there is a cruel one, and there can never be perfect peace because people never agree with each other.

Sometimes I refuse to accept this terrible truth, but things are getting clearer all the time. The world indeed is a cruel and terrible place to live in. There are crimes everywhere and there are those who enjoy hurting the feelings of others. Love and happiness are almost always overshadowed by the wicked and greedy hearts of mankind.

If you, the reader, happens to be that kind of people, you might find this story offensive, as there will be severe bashing on the kinds of people I dislike the most. I do not wish the hurt the feeling of others, but sometimes it just can't be helped. I am not making fun of people, but rather, the wicked nature itself.

Read on, if you dareā€¦