In this world,
there exist people of many kinds.

Some are good people that spread out love and happiness,
but some people exist for the sole purpose of annoying others.
These people are never satisfied.
They demand more.
They complain about everything.
They hate everything and have no appreciation in their hearts.
They are incapable of intelligence and know only violence.
They have no respect for others and respect only themselves.
They are filled with pride and they look down on others.
They enjoy hurting others and see the tears and sadness of people
for their own pleasure.
These are the worst kinds of people…
They deserve the beating.

"It's just like the Darkling incident all over again!" says Captain Falcon.

The powerful and evil organization Negativities has risen, continuing what the PURIST did not succeed.

Fill the world with evil…

Project Gamfax



"Well, everyone, now you know the threat that the Smashers hold," King N says to his minions. "As long as these people exist, our goal to create a dream utopia will never come through."

"All I care is getting revenge on these damned Smashers!" says Shredder angrily. "I will make them pay limb for limb on how they defeated me back then!"

"I don't see how these non-shaman beings can be a threat to you people," says Hao calmly. "Maybe it's because you are all weak."

"Don't talk like you're the strongest of us all!" Shredder shouts at him.

"Shredder's got a point," says Orochimaru. "I admit that these Smashers sure are something to defeat me once."

"Let's not argue now," says King N. "This will only break our relationships and not get our goal complete. In order to succeed, we must work together!"


"All right, Smashers," says Master as he paces back and forth in front of the Smashers. "After much investigation, I found out that there are currently four different worlds under attack by minions of the Negativities. Your mission is to go and beat up the evil one who is in charge of that world!


"What is the meaning of this?!?!?!!" asks K. Rool.

"Don't play silly with us!" Fox says to him. "We know that you're behind the evil on this island! You are working under the Negativities."

"I don't know what you're talking about! I have no plans for doing anything bad lately and I haven't even heard of this Negativities or whatever this is!"


"So are you guys here to help fight the Negativities?" Fox asks Marco.

"I don't know the Negativities, but we only came to this island because our mission is to hunt down Morden and arrest him," Marco replies. "He has been a huge threat lately."


"Back in my olden days, we didn't need big guns and weapons to fight!" says Cranky. "Stone was the most convenient weapon and available for everyone."

"Things change, pops…" Pikachu says to him.


"I remember you!" says Banjo. "You're DK's friends whom we during the F-30 Grand Prix!"

"Good-a of you to rememba uz, Banjo!" says Mario.


Gruntilda swoops down and grabs Peach and takes her into the sky. "You villain! Give back Peach!" shouts Bowser.

"Her beauty of her beats me," says Gruntilda. "I cannot allow this to be!"

"Give her back!" shouts Luigi.

"If you want her back, then come to my castle. There we will have our hassle!"


"Ha! We win, you witch!" Bowser taunts Gruntilda. "We got Peach and now we're coming for you next!"

"It will not end here, for I will run up that stair," says Gruntila. "We will have our final fight up there!" And she quickly runs up the staircase.

"Let's go get her!" says Kazooie.


"I am the man of speed," says Captain Falcon. "I am the fastest among the Smashers and can easily outrun a car."

"How about a race, you say?" asks Sonic.


"No way am I going to lose this time!" says Eggman. "Behold the Egg Ghidorah!" The mechanical three-headed monster's eyes light up and begin moving.


The door crashes down and breaks into pieces and Marth walks into the final room, and there, he sees Shredder sitting on his throne. "Shredder… We meet again," he says.

"Yes, and revenge is at my hand," says Shredder in a threatening voice.


"What's with all these sands?!" cries Young Link.

A large hand reaches out from the sand and reaches for him, but then Spider-Man comes swinging by gives the hand a kick, disintegrating it into sand. "Watch out! It's Sandman!" he says.


"You have a new ship!" says Pichu.

"Yeah! Franky made it for us," says Luffy. "It's called Thousand Sunny!"

"This is the dream ship that I have always wanted to build," says Franky. "There is nothing that it cannot sail through!"


"Shhh… Don't make a single sound, and try not to breathe either," Link whispers to whispers to Falco. "Or else…"

"I'll just beat him up if he comes by," says Falco.

They carefully watch the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex from the hiding spot, careful not to grab his attention.


"Blood is rushing to my head…" says Nami. "And I can't move my legs either." She looks at feet and sees that they are trapped inside a large piece of wax.

"Why would the enemy let us escape if he has us caught?" Zoro asks her, and apparently, he is in the same fate too.

"Why does this bring back a bad memory of something...?" wonders Zelda, who is the same as them.


"You again!" shouts Wario.

"Am I surprised to see you too!" says Mr. 3.

"Let Zelda go at once!" shouts Link.

"Like we're going to listen to you!" says Buggy.

"We'll give you a chance to rescue them if you can defeat us in time," Kuro tells them. "The rope tying the wax that your friends are trapped in will slowly lower into the pit full of raptors. You know what happens if you're too late."


"Oh don't worry," says Ms. Doublefinger as she makes some tea. "We're no longer working under Crocodile anymore, and we were just following orders. We don't have a grudge against you."

"I'm not sure whether to believe you or not…" mutters Peach.

"Relax, we really don't have any intentions to harm you," Ms. Valentine tells her while handing Yoshi the chocolate cake he ordered.

"Right, Peach!" says Yoshi. "Why would our enemies offer us food?"


"The flower you sent us during Christmas," Luigi says to Aeris. "Peach wanted to say thanks to you."

"That's all right," Aeris replies.

Meta-Knight notices that Yuffie's pant is half unzipped, and says to her, "Your pants are unzipped."

"I did that on purpose," she replies.

"Have you no shame? What kind of a girl are you?"

"Gimme a break! They're too tight and if I keep it zipped and my waist is going to snap is I do so!"

"And what kind of a man are you that you don't enjoy the sight of scantily clad girls?" Snake asks Meta-Knight.

"I'm not dirty minded people like you!" snaps back Meta-Knight.






When evil gathers together…

The good gathers together…

A battle between good and evil…

The battle for the world…

Is at hand…

Coming 2007





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