Augustine's Ring

Disclaimer: So okay I didn't do it so you can't blame me ... oh wait sorry umm yeah I don't own any of the Supernatural characters or the show and it's not my fault that the boys are temporarily MIA ... umm I didn't do it I swear!!

author's note: Okay so the ring came to me in a dream last night and no matter what I did, I couldn't get it out of my mind all day so tonight I ended up with this. Don't ask me where it came from or where it is going, it is going to be as much of an adventure for me as it will be for you. Hope you enjoy it.


Sam sipped his coffee and grinned at his brother over the rim of his cup, 'so you gonna sulk the rest of the day?'

'I am not sulking I am contemplating,' Dean shot back his mouth filled with half-chewed food.

'Eww gross Dean, eat before you speak, you jerk.'

'Bitch.' Dean spat out as he swallowed deeply, 'anyway I am not sulking.'

'You so are,' Sam grinned pushing his plate away and swallowed the last of his coffee, 'so we right to go or what?'

'Hold your panties Samantha what's the rush?'

'What's the hold up, oh wait are you getting a bit slower in your old age? I mean geeze Dean aren't you turning twenty-eight in two days?' Sam laughed, 'that's so close to oh what is it thirty?'

'Yuck it up geek boy, you're no spring chicken yourself.' Dean grumbled as he tossed the money for the food onto their bill and didn't wait for Sam to catch up with him, he didn't even smile at the waitress on the way out. Sam gave her an apologetic shrug when he saw the confused look on her face, only a short while ago Dean flirted outrageously with her, until she made a simple comment about his age.

Sam hurried to the door and caught up with his brother on the veranda, 'hey Dean,' he said trying to keep his face straight, 'dude is that a grey hair?'

'Where?' Dean turned around his hand reaching to his head and aiming a glare at his younger brother, 'you bitch!'

'Oh ha I am sorry Dean but you're such an easy target.'

'Oh I am gonna remember that when it comes to your birthday.' Dean grumbled as he unlocked his side of the car, got in and took off leaving Sam standing in a cloud of dust.

'Oh and that's real mature Dean!' Sam yelled after him, glancing around he noticed just how deserted the diner was, pushing his hands into his jacket pockets, he started walking in the same direction Dean drove off in. Figuring when his brother cooled down he'll turn around and come back for him. Well that was the idea anyway.

As Sam wandered along the road, he started to go over the list of possible presents he could get for Dean's birthday. The last year had been hell on the boys and they both needed to kick back and have some fun, Dean's birthday seemed like a perfect idea.

A bright flash sent a small wave of panic through Sam, he kept walking trying to push it to the back of his mind, the flash blinded him, and he stumbled to his knees, his hand automatically reaching out to break his fall. Shaking his head, Sam swallowed down on the rising nausea and tried to calm himself down; he had to learn to control the visions somehow.

An old house flashed into his line of sight, and then it changed into a window, then an old tree at the front of the house with a tyre-swing hanging from it. Dust covered everything as he flashed on the interior of the house, it felt deserted, but a presence remained. The vision changed again and he could see a man standing with a straight back and neck his head held high. He rested on an ornate walking stick, with a dragon's head handle. The vision flashed brightly again and he saw the same scene from a different angle, the straight backed man knelt down next to a body and removed a ring from the ring finger on the right hand. The ring's jewel hit the light and blinded Sam completely.

Sam's arm shook with the effort of keeping him upright, he could feel the dampness on his face and realised that his nose had started to bleed again. The headache seared through his brain and hit just the right spots to induce his stomach into releasing his lunch onto the side of the road.

After emptying his stomach Sam tried to stand but his legs buckled under him and he passed out on the side of the road.


Dean thumped the steering wheel for a third time and ran his hand through his hair, for the third time. 'Sam can be so freaking annoying!'

Sighing heavily he stared at the countryside and shook his head again, so much for quiet time, he started the car, planted his foot and squealed the tyres, leaving behind black tattoos on the asphalt and a cloud of black smoke. Pushing the play button he turned up the volume and drummed the steering wheel in tune to Metallica 'Of Wolf and Man' humming along to the lyrics.

A slumped figure on the side of the road made Dean slow down, frowning he pulled to a stop and ran leaving the car door swinging. 'Sammy?' he whispered recognising the brown jacket. 'Sammy!' He cried out as he reached his younger brother and skidded to a stop, 'hey Sammy come on talk to me dude what happened?' Dean gave Sam a cursory visual to check for major injuries, 'dude what were doing out here? Did a car hit you? Sam come on talk to me.'

'Dean?' Sam blinked owlishly up at his brother, aside from looking dazed and extremely pale he didn't seem to have any serious injuries. 'Dean?'

'Yeah it's me, Sammy what the fuck do you think you were doing? Why didn't you just wait for me to come back?'

'Thought I would save you the trip,' Sam said grimacing as he lifted his head, 'we got anything in the car for a headache?'

'Headache? Damn it Sammy did you have a vision?'

'Ah yeah.'

'And I fuck up again.' Dean slammed his fist into the dirt, 'I'm sorry Sam I shouldn't have taken off on you like that.'

'Dean don't...please do you want to know about the vision or what?' Sam asked as he accepted Dean's help to stand up.

'Okay where are we going?'

'I don't think that we have to go that far Dean, but it was really weird.' Sam sighed wincing as the headache attacked the backs of his eyes. 'I ah saw a house, an old run down house it…it had an old tree out the front with a tyre-swing hanging from it. Um then it changed and I saw this strange man, he stood really straight backed with a cane…it had a dragon's head handle. Then it changed and he knelt next to body and took a ring off the ring finger on the right hand, then the jewel hit light and it was blinding.' Sam finished and rubbed his eyes, 'shit I'm tired Dean.'

'Okay so first thing to do is to find somewhere to stay and then we'll start researching this stiff dude and that ring.'

'Dean I'm sorry.'

'What for?'

'I – I thought that we might have had some time to have some fun and do something special for your birthday, guess I have wrecked things again.'

'Nope you haven't, never know we might breeze through this hunt and be on our way before that…that day.'

'Yeah right Dean I can really see that happening,' Sam managed a grin as he settled back into the car seat and pinched the bridge of his nose, he could feel another nose bleed coming on and didn't want to upset Dean.

'Hey Sammy I am really sorry for taking off on you like that, I dunno what got into me.' Dean said so quietly that Sam barely heard him.

Dean pulled into a small cabin motel, happy in the fact that they would have a separate cabin and not a room connected to everyone else. He let Sam rest in the car while he booked them in and then he drove them to the room, insisting on Sam resting while he unpacked the car.

Sam sat on the bed relieved to have a rest but suspicious about Dean's behaviour he is never this helpful or selfless without wanting payment of some kind. 'Dean you sure that you're okay dude?'

'Yeah why?'

'Nothing, want a coffee?'

'Sure dude there's supposed to be a fully stocked kitchen, with coffee and stuff in the cupboard.'

Sam sat the steaming drink in front of Dean and then went back to his bed, propping himself up on the bedhead, unable to stop yawning, 'so where do you want to start looking?'

'Well you're gonna sleep off that headache and I'm gonna surf the net.' Dean announced with a look that defied Sam to argue with him.

A soft sigh escaped from Sam's lips as sleep claimed him; grinning Dean pulled a spare blanket out of the closet and carefully laid it over his baby brother.

'Sleep well Sammy,' he whispered staring down at Sam. Sighing he went back to the laptop and started scrolling through copious amounts of rings, ornate green jewelled antique rings that might have a suspect history.

Yawning and stretching Dean realised that he had been on the computer for over two hours, he glanced over at Sam who slept soundly, almost too soundly for Sammy, but after the latest vision and residual headache, Dean didn't take too much notice of it.

Just as he was about to close the computer down for the evening the ring on the last page caught his eye.

'Sammy, hey sleeping beauty wake up.' Dean yelled into his brother's ear, shaking his brother's shoulder, time to rise and shine Samuel.' When Sam didn't stir Dean felt a familiar panic rise in him, rolling Sam onto his back he checked his airways and made sure that he was breathing, nothing seemed to be astray until he noticed the thin line of blood trickling from Sam's nose down the side of his face and staining the white pillow case. 'Sammy hey wake up now,' Dean shook Sam with a little more urgency, only breathing when he saw Sam's eyes flicker and slit open, wincing when the light hit his sensitive eyes.

'Dean? Turn the light off ... ah it hurts.' Sam complained shielding his eyes with a hand, 'what's wrong?'

'What's wrong? What's wrong with you Sam?' Dean demanded turning the overhead light off.

'Why did you wake me?' Sam asked rubbing his face he tried to sit up but instead settled on resting back on his pillows.

'I think I found your ring,' Dean announced bringing the laptop over to Sam, 'it's called the Augustine Ring and it fits your description, and look at the dude wearing it.'

Sam squinted at the screen; a picture of a well-dressed straight-backed man posed standing just behind a seated younger man, the standing man rested his free hand on a dragon-headed cane, his other one on the young man's shoulder. On that, hand was the ring Sam saw in his vision.