Augustine's Ring

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'Chambre de la Mort'

Winchester's House

Dresden, Kansas

March 1878

Dean and Jonas slowly started moving at around the same time, the trip through the portal this time was not as easy, someone tried to close it while they were in transit hoping to stop them from crossing the gateway back in time.

Moaning softly Dean rolled over onto his back and kept his eyes squeezed shut the thudding pain at the back of his eyes made it hard to accept any kind of bright light.

'Dean?' He could hear Jonas' voice from a distance but didn't want to register hearing it, gradually he moved his arms and legs testing to see if he was all in one piece and then and only then did he open his eyes slightly, focusing on the blurred face hovering above him.

'Dean?' Jonas asked again his anxiety growing, the boy shouldn't be affected like this, 'Dean lad come on say something.'

'I aint a lad.' Dean mumbled irritably. 'Sammy?'

'Not sure where he is.' Jonas admitted grudgingly, 'but he should be in one of the bedrooms if I know Samuel.'

'You think that he has hurt him don't you.' Dean asked now sitting upright and glaring at the older man.

'Yes I am afraid so.' Jonas said softly, 'he knows that if Sammy dies in this time...'

'Then he will never exist in our time.' Dean finished for him, lifting his glittering green eyes to meet Jonas' stare he pulled his shoulders back and sucked up the pain. 'Aint gonna happen Jonas.'

'Come on then lad.' Jonas quipped helping Dean to his feet they crept quietly out of the bedroom and moved on to the next one on the landing, the third door they tried was locked but Jonas easily bypassed it with a quick wink to Dean he had the door opened in seconds.

'Sammy?' Dean called out softly, the room shrouded in darkness smelt of illness. 'Sammy?'

'Dean?' A very faint but familiar voice came from the bed, while Jonas went to open the curtains Dean made his way to the bedside. His face visibly paling when he saw his brother.

'Sammy? Oh God Sammy what did he do to you?' Dean whispered trying to keep his horror out of his voice. Sam lay flat on the bed, a small thin and hard pillow under his head, his long arms stretched painfully to his sides and tied to the bedposts. A large black bruise covered the left side of his face from temple to his jaw, his naked chest scarred with blisters and burn marks. 'Sammy?'

'Hey.' Sam whispered licking his cracked and dry lips as he focused on Dean, 'I knew you would come.'

'What happened Sam?' Dean asked as he tried to undo the ropes holding Sam's arms captive.

'Samuel ... he ah took exception to my untying Dean's hands ...' Sam grunted out as a coughing fit bubbled up and out, 'Dean? How?'

'Jonas and his portal ... we have to get you back to our own time Sammy.'

'Dean ... I ... I can't.'

'What? What do you mean you can't?' Dean snapped a little harsher than he wanted and winced when he saw Sam flinch and look away. 'Sam what is it?'

'My – my legs.' Sam whispered.

'I don't ... what did he do to you Sam?'

'Broke my back.' Sam managed to get out before he started to cough again, 'so thirsty.'

'Here dear boy.' Jonas held a glass of water to Sam's lips and helped him to sip from it. 'Thank.' Sam mustered up a tired smile.

'Sammy what happened?'

'Not sure ... I woke up here ... Samuel said that he changed time and when I got caught in that fire at your cabin Jonas...' Sam stopped and looked up at the two pairs of eyes watching him carefully. 'He, he said that I was trapped under a burning beam and it broke my back.'

'The burns?'

'All from that supposed fire.' Sam said turning away from Dean as another coughing fit wracked his already overtaxed body.

'Steady Sammy, nice deep breathes.' Dean counselled his brother rubbing small circles on his chest. 'Nice and steady.'

As Sam's coughing eased, he blinked up at Dean tears shining in eyes, lifting his hand slowly he showed his older brother the blood spatters. 'Dean?'

'Shit Sammy we have to get you out of here.' Dean exclaimed, 'Jonas can we use the portal?'

'Not sure Dean, I'm sorry lad but when we came through the ... it might kill Sammy.'

'I'm dead anyway Jonas, Samuel has seen to that.' Sam said lying back against the pillow, until he felt the strain on his chest from lying to flat. 'Dean ... I can't...'

Instinctively Dean slid his arms behind Sam and helped him into a slightly more upright position, letting him rest his head against himself. 'I've got ya.' He whispered. 'Jonas we have to do something.'

'Sam what happened to the other Dean?'

'Samuel let ... him stay until he discovered that I helped ... then he took him ...'

'You two stay here I'm going to look around.' Jonas said, 'and before you protest I Dean I have been the houseman here for long than both of your ages put together I know how to get around unnoticed.'

'Be careful Jonas.' Dean said accepting Jonas' word as his worry for his brother overrode everything else.


'Are you really able to kill your own brother Samuel?' Dean rasped, 'you are planning to murder a relative from another time and now me?'

'This is not murder for either of you Dean.' Samuel declared a strange glint in his eyes showed his descent into madness. 'They are mercy killings, both of you are too weak to continue.'

'This cannot go on dear heart, listen to yourself.' Dean said struggling against the bindings wrapped around him. 'Please Samuel listen to me, there must be some of you left, some of my baby brother.'

'Augustine is my brother.' Samuel finally admitted, the fun slowly leaving his game, 'your pathetic excuse for a sibling does not exist anymore.'

'What have you done with him?' Dean cried out in horror.

'You should be more worried about what I am going to do with you.' Samuel grinned and sashayed closer to his prisoner. 'you are at my complete mercy now Dear Heart.'

'Samuel please listen to me, he is trying to control you, fight him dear one fight him.' Dean begged, large heavy tears started to cascade down his face as he watched the coldness settle across his sibling's face.

'Dean, Dean, Dean what am I to do with you?' Samuel sighed, 'Augustine predicted that this would happen, that you would weaken yourself ... it is rather pathetic really.'

'No what is pathetic is the fact that you need to destroy someone else in order for you to even exist, what is pathetic is the fact that you have to tie me up, that you are so terrified to face me.'

'Shut up.' Samuel snarled striking Dean's face hard with his open hand, 'shut up.'

'You're becoming hysterical Samuel.'

'I said shut up.' Samuel screamed out the words spittle flying from his mouth, 'shut up.' He struck out blindly, his fists connecting with his hapless victim. 'Why can't you just do what I want Dean?' He screamed breathlessly.

Dean's head sagged towards his chest as he finally gave in to the call of the void. Samuel dropped to his knees panting, holding his head he moaned as the pain reverberated around his skull. 'No more!' the quiet voice grew louder as he weakened, blood dripped from his nose as the pressure built as his host forced him out. The temperature in the room dropped to a chill as a grey smoke expelled from the body of Samuel Winchester formed a cloud mass above the heads of the fallen brothers.

The wind picked up and a roaring sound filled the manor as the demon became bodiless once again. Jonas cried out in horror as he burst into the room, his breath coming in puffs of cold air as he braced the chill and hurried over to his former chargers. Samuel lay lifelessly at Dean's feet, his eyes open and fixed, staring up at his older brother in a frozen second at the point of death. Dean's body and face now a bloody pulp sagged against the ropes binding him tightly to the chair. Gently he lifted Dean's face and saw too the open-eyed stare of a dead man. 'Dear Lord no! Not my boys no!' Jonas wept as he sank to his knees in grief, first his daughter and now the two brothers who were more like sons to him than to their own father.


The chilled air permeated throughout the house, Dean covered Sam with another blanket as his younger brother started to shiver violently, they heard the roaring and screaming from below but Dean refused to leave Sam's side to investigate, he was not going to lose him again.

A thick gaseous cloud filtered into the room and gathered above the bed, darkening the room and making the air colder than ever. A hissing of fury and of pain made both Dean and Sam wince and try to cover their ears. As the cloud started to form a corporeal shape Dean felt himself suddenly flying in the air backwards colliding with the tall chest of drawers and then collapsing to the floor stunned, blood running down his back from the sharp corner.

'Dean?' Sam cried out, before he too felt himself lift into the air but this time he floated upwards until he was face-to-face with the demon baring a similar face to his.

'We meet at last little nephew.' The creature's voice echoed in Sam's thoughts, 'I have longed for this day when you would be mine.'

'Never.' Sam ground out trying to push the intruder out of his mind.

'We are one in the same Samuel, dear little nephew, you are me and I am you.'


'Shh my darling one soon we will be together as it was foretold, the other Samuel was too old and twisted but you dearest one, you are perfect.'

'Leave me alone.' Sam screamed out in pain, his back arching and his arms flailed at his sides as he tried to keep hold of his own awareness.

'Hey Casper down here.' Dean yelled aiming an old-fashioned looking shotgun at the apparition. Taking aim Dean calmed himself as he watched Sam drop lifelessly to the bed and then fired off the shot. The silver bullet forged by the older Dean hit it's mark and the futuristic Winchester let out his held breath as he watched the demonic cloud dissipate, spreading the room with ash and the foul stench of sulphur.

'Sammy?' Dean cried out running to the bed he gently rolled Sam onto his back and checked his pulse and breathing. 'Come on Sammy time to wake up.'

'D-Dean?' Sam's eyelids fluttered as he tried to open them but he failed miserably and instead he pressed his face against his brother's hand and sighed. 'D-Dean?'

'I'm right here Sammy and Samuel's gone.' Dean said, 'he's gone.'

'Dean?' Jonas hurried into the room, a craggy weather-beaten face a few shades paler and tearstained.

'Jonas what? Samuel and Dean?' Dean felt his chest tighten as he read all he needed to know in the sorrowful look on the older man's face. 'Oh no, both of them?'

'Samuel died when the demon ... his weakened heart must have just given out, the demon was what was keeping him alive. The demon Samuel beat Dean to death.'

'Fuck.' Dean breathed and turned his attention to his own Sam. 'Jonas can we use the portal?'

'I'm not sure Dean, especially how ill and weak Sam is.'

'Augustine is still in the future Jonas, what's going to happen when he finds out about Samuel?'

'Dean?' Sam called out to his brother suddenly realising that he was no longer next to him, 'Dean?'

'Right here Sammy.' Dean said moving next to his brother's side, 'I'm right here.'

'So cold Dean, I – I don't feel...'

'Sh you just rest Sam while Jonas and me workout how to get you out of here.' Dean said brushing Sam's fringe out of his eyes, 'gonna have to get you a haircut when we get back Sammy.'

'It's Sam and I am so not having a haircut.' Sam muttered smothering a yawn, 'jerk.'

'Yeah, yeah yuck it up bitch coz ya never know when I will strike.' Dean countered.

Sam smiled softly as he fell back asleep confident in his brother's ability to protect him once again.

'Dean ... I am ... I am afraid for Sam.' Jonas admitted staring down at the youngest Winchester.

'You and me both Jonas but we don't have time to wallow we have to get him back to the twenty-first century and to proper medical care. I can't lose him Jonas.'

'You're not going to but Dean...'

'No buts, so how about we give the Winchester brothers a proper send off?' Dean said his voice rigidly calm, almost too calm barely concealing the smouldering rage building inside him.


Sam watched from the upstairs window as Dean and Jonas built the pyres for their fallen ancestors, a cold prickle filled his chest, they should not have died like that, even though he knew that they just disappeared no one not really knowing what happened to them. It was so wrong for them to end up this way.

He stifled a sob as Jonas touched his flaming torch to the pyre and the two shrouded bodies flared into flames as the fire took hold. He knew that they were giving them a warrior's funeral and the salting and burning were protection for the older brother's in the afterlife, and whatever that may entail, but it still tore at Sam's heart and guilt complex. Sighing heavily he pulled his gaze away from the macabre sight and stared down at his numb legs, Dean had placed him in the old-fashioned wheelchair and covered him with blankets before wheeling him to the window. Pulling the blankets away Sam slammed his fist into his left thigh and wanted to scream when he felt nothing, holding his breath he repeated the process on his right thigh a frown forming on his forehead. He was sure that he felt something. Exhaling he settled himself and this time he pushed his fingernail into his skin, a small smile breaking out on his face.

'Do you really think that pitiful little twinge is going to help you?' A cold voice pushed its way into his thoughts, 'I am with you Sam, and we are one now.'

'Get out of my head.' Sam ground out, 'I am no one's meat suit. Not anymore!'

'Who says I want you to be? No I am going to be here with you Sam and only you.'

'Yeah right!' Sam grunted, 'you are gone, done and dusted.'

'Am I?' The laugh sent shivers down Sam's spine and the tingling continued into his legs, forcing himself to calm and relax, Sam closed his eyes and searched inward, seeking the black void nestled into his consciousness.

'What are you doing?' The voice questioned as it sensed Sam's internal presence.

'Evicting you.'

'You do that and you will die.'

'If I die then I die but you will still be gone and unable to hurt anyone else.'

'You have brought about your own death but what of your beloved brother? What of his life?'

'Dean will live, no matter what.'

'Will he want to?'

'I know so, tell me what would you have done if I hadn't been physically hurt and weakened? Would you have had the audacity to do this?'

'I would have found a way!'

'Get over yourself. You are too old and too feeble to do damage. You even have to piggy back other people's lives, you are that weak.'

'I am stronger than you.'

'Are you?'

'I can move your dead body; I can make you walk again.'

'What makes you think that I want to with you controlling me?' Sam's inner presence started to glow brightly, filling his body with a warmth and rush of gold and silver light. 'Time to go back to your own place in time.' He muttered.


Dean and Jonas re-entered the manor and headed upstairs to check on Sam and to get them back through the portal safely. 'Sammy? Hey Sammy?' Dean called out, before uttering a small gasp as he saw his brother lying on the floor, his neck crooked awkwardly to one side and his eyes wide open and unfocused. 'Sammy?'

'Dean is he?'

'No, no he's still alive, I don't know Jonas, I really don't know.' Dean sat back on his haunches and watched his brother carefully, 'it's like he's fighting inside.'

'Do you think that Samuel managed to?'

'Oh fuck.' Dean sighed, 'can you help me get him back onto the bed?'

'Sure, but Dean remember your back...'

'I'm fine Jonas; we just have to workout what's going on with Sammy.' Dean grunted as he picked up his brother's shoulders and waited for Jonas to pick up his feet.

Sam moaned but showed no signs of coming out of his catatonic state as they laid him carefully on the bed, making sure that his legs were straight and unencumbered, 'come on Sammy get out of that freaky head of yours and talk to me.' Dean begged.


'Time to go.' Sam pressed his glowing presence against the black stain, regaining his own mind back. Tired of being a victim and the handy punching bag Sam fought back one way only he knew how. With his mind. The black started to crackle; holes appeared with gold and silver beams shooting through them. 'No hitchhikers anymore.' He screamed forcing his light through the blackness breaking into tiny shards.

His body arched and a low guttural scream erupted from Sam's mouth then he slumped back on the bed. 'Dean I'm sorry.' Sam mumbled tears leaking from his eyes, 'I'm so sorry.'

'Sammy? Dude what you got to be sorry for?' Dean asked his frown deepening.

'I'm sorry Dean I tried to stay alive for you, I really tried.' Sam kept mumbling, his eyes squeezed shut and he writhed in confusion and pain.

'Sammy wake up dude you're not dead.' Dean prompted his brother, 'come on ya little freak wakey, wakey.'

'Dean? No, no please I tried I really tried to ...' Sam wept openly when he finally opened his eyes and tried to focus on the face floating above him.

'Sam look at me.' Dean spoke sharply as he wrapped his hands around each side of his brother's face and forced him to look up at him, 'we are not dead.'

'But, but ...' Sam shook his head and tried to remember exactly what happened, the bright light and the blackness disappearing. 'Dean?'

'Yeah dude it's me in the flesh.' Dean grinned his own tears threatening to fall, 'Sammy?'

'I'm okay I – I think.' Sam hiccuped, 'you?'

'I'm gonna be fine ... we have to get you outta here and back to our time and modern medicine.'

'Dean I have tingling in my right leg, not much but...' Sam revealed, a look of hope mirrored on the brother's faces.

'Jonas?' Dean turned to look at the older man, 'how's it gonna work?'

'Well we have to use the portal in the main bedroom, the bathroom one will be too small.'

'So we need to get Sam in there?' Dean stared thoughtfully at his brother, 'wanna use the wheelchair again?'

'Guess so.' Sam sighed, his head ached and a strange tingling filled his entire body, 'Dean I – I don't feel so good.'

'What's the matta?' Dean immediately appeared at his brother's side again, 'Sammy?'

'Scared Dean.' Sam whispered, 'something's not right.'

'Sam can you tell us what it is?' Jonas asked adding his own worry to the situation.

'Feels so heavy...' Sam had a distant look to his eyes as he focused on something over his brother's shoulder that only he could see. 'Dean ...'

'Sam talk to us.'

'So heavy ... so tired.' Sam blinked and looked at Dean, 'the portals are closing.' He muttered before passing out.

'Sammy?' Dean cried quickly checking Sam's breathes and pulse. 'Jonas what's going on?'

'I – I do not know.'

'Jonas that is not reassuring much.'

'I do not know what else to say.' Jonas floundered unable to hide his shock, 'your brother is a true sensitive?'

'Yeah, yeah he is in a way, he has visions and stuff.' Dean sank down on the edge of the bed, 'ya know not so long ago Jonas all we had to worry about was celebrating my twenty-eighth birthday and Sammy was teasing me about grey hair, now we're in a time and place we don't belong and my brother has a broken back and a weakened heart. Tell me Jonas what do I do now?'

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