Title: All My Love

Author: Tirya King

Summary: G1 One lonely mech, four lonely letters. Answer to challenge.

Disclaimer: Nope, not mine. It be zee Hasbro's. Except for Tailwind. She's mine.

A/N: Wait, what? I'm updating? Heh, yeah. This is a response to a challenge made by DesertCat. We each gave each other guidelines for a fic and this is mine. My requirements were that I couldn't use one of my regular characters, that it had to have romance, have an original character, and it had to be short. Not my best work by any means but it's something! This will have four parts to it. Enjoy!

All My Love


I know it's been a while since I last wrote to you. I doubt you would understand how busy it's been as of late. Between the Decepticons' Evil Plan of the Week and the various 'adventures' that take place in our own base, it's a wonder I even get a chance to recharge let alone find time to write.

I apologize, those are excuses. Not very good ones at that. The truth is, ever since I left you back on Cybertron, I've been a bit reluctant to get back in touch. I know what you're thinking, probably a nicer version of what everyone else is thinking on the Ark. Poor rich boy. Why would he ever be scared of getting back in touch with his old life of leisure?

To tell you the truth, I'm… afraid of what might happen if I go back. I'm afraid that I'll be found lacking, unable to fit back into the mold. I've changed, Tailwind, all these years of war have changed the mech I was. Even the years spent in stasis have changed me.

I'd like to say it changed me for the worse. That I was better off being the noblemech who raised a rifle only for sport against turbo-foxes. I went to claim that this war has turned me into a brute or a thug or some other creature who is redeemable and who's situation is pitiable.

Yet I can't. To do so would be to lie and I have more honor than that.

The truth is that somehow my time in this army has changed me for the better. I don't know of any other who can claim such a thing. I've discovered something more important than sport and parties and high crystal towers. There are mechs here, from all levels of life, who live, work, fight, and die amongst each other. I admire their camaraderie and though I still love my privacy, I can't help but long to be included. To be trusted like those who I would never trust back in my crystal towers. Here they do not care about status or wealth or material things.

What these mechs care about… is more important. More real. Each day out here could be our last. And if these mechs fall, all they have to leave behind is not wealth and trophies, but their memories. And when I woke up after 4 million years of stasis, I realized that I could have been like that forever, lost to time. And I realized I did not like the memory I would have left behind. The memory I did leave behind.

Which is partly why I write to you now.

When we were younger, we would always visit each other and talk. I can't recall a single topic we ever had, but I remember cherishing those times. In our world, the world of towers and nobles and parties, true friends are hard to find. And you, Tailwind, were among the truest of friends I had. The fact that I tried to forget you after the attack that destroyed our beautiful world is testament to my foolishness.

I'm known among the others as a loner. A stuck up mech who loves only Cybertron and the crystal towers I was ripped from. A neutral at spark who joined the Autobots only because it was convenient at the time. Yes, I was and am many of those things, but I must admit my adopted planet, much as it isn't home and will never be, has earned my respect.

It is summer here on Earth. I know that means little to one how has lived all her life on Cybertron where it is never day let alone capable of a summertime. Yet despite the fact that you've never seen a summer does not stop me from associating it with you somehow. Perhaps it's simply my own wish to see you again that drives this association. Perhaps what the humans say is true and absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Whatever the reason, I see you like I see the summer.

I've often stood alone on a warm summer's evening after completing a mission or assignment or duty, and I've watched the sunset. In the summer the round sun sets in a ball of flames and heat. I've never seen something so beautiful to mark the end of a day. And with its departure comes darkness. Cold. Loneliness. Much as the darkness aids my function as a spy, it is the sunlight I love most of all about this planet. And I can't help but see you in it. Beautiful, strong, a flame that burns brightly day after day.

And after the sun sets at last, I can see creatures the humans call bats and dragonflies come out. They remind me so much of the Skydancers, of you. If I try hard enough, I can almost see you performing right along with them. Your shows were always things I looked forward to each month. When I come to visit you, on my next leave, I will be sure to bring an image of a dragonfly. I think it is a creature you would like.

You are the light and the flames and the beauty of summer. You're the unbearable heat and the strength of life. You're like the summer.

I count the days until I can see you again. But until then, this letter will have to do.

All My Love,