Return To Me.

In Full Circle just before that Beltane Evening I've changed the series of events that follows... Morgan still believes that her dark heritage will still win out in her and leaves Widows Vale.
Nine years later she returns to her family and to Hunter but what awaits her back home?

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Warning: Story does contain some mature content and mild swearing.

The truth was Morgan Rowlands couldn't remember the last time she felt so safe, so close to a place she could call home. But the place she once called home many years ago now back in Widows Vale, New York, she always knew that one day she would have to return, and now she was about to catch a plane from JFK airport she wasn't so sure that, that day should be today.

She looked around the apartment she had been living in for the last 9 years. She was already missing the happy memories that lived here and the new way of life that she had grown accustomed too. Now at 26 Morgan was a fully initiated witch, she had been made leader of an all female mixed coven called Venus Star, and had found a focus and a goal and no longer had to live a life constantly looking over her shoulder from dark forces after her powers.

She shuddered at the thought, it had been so long since she thought about her painful past, Cal, Selene her father… from what she heard from Killian who was the only one she had made brief contact with since she left, their father had died 2 years ago, he hung himself in the home he was placed in after being stripped of his powers, without his magick he went insane.

After gathering the last of her belongings her bags were packed and she was ready to go, her flatmate and best friend, Rachel Martin, stood behind her, it was only two nights ago that Morgan had told her everything about her past, finally after years of searching for herself, who she was, who she was to become and about understanding her path and what her power means, could she admit where she came from. It was Rachel who convinced her she had to go back.


"Morgan, are you okay?" Rachel asked one day after returning home from an audition,

Morgan was sat crossed legged on their living room floor in the middle of a circle with a candle in front of her staring into space,

"Morgan?" When Rachel repeated her name she turned to face her friend, eyes filled with tears,

"Oh, Morgan, sweetie? What's wrong?" she asked concerned, Rachel knelt down before her friend and stroked her shoulder lightly

"I needed to see them but I couldn't, everytime I try it won't let me the goddess is punishing me," Morgan sobbed

"See who Morgan?" Rachel asked

Morgan looked at her friend, she had always told her that she was always in foster care until she was old enough to live on her own, she didn't know about her real past, her family, her real family, or Hunter.

"Morgan what's going on honey?" Rachel asked softly

"I've not been entirely truthful with you," Morgan admitted quietly

"What are you talking about Morgan?"

"My past"

//End Flashback//…

"Are you ready?" Rachel asked, Morgan gave a half nod,

"There are going to be a lot of people upset with me." Rachel nodded sympathetically and stroked her friend's shoulder lovingly the way she always did, she sighed, remembering all the times she and Morgan had made magick together and she wished so much that Morgan could love her in the same way that she loved Morgan, how she had spent a near 9 years hiding her undivided love for her, the way she loved her power, her beauty, her heart.

Morgan had changed a lot in the 9 years they'd known each other and everyday Rachel found it harder and harder to resist the urge to kiss her, take her in her arms and tell her how much she loves her.

Rachel was a Rowanwand and had left her home in Virginia to attend college which was where she met Morgan, Morgan studied Psychology, Mythology & Philosophy and then later changed her major when she attended medical school, Rachel studied Art, Philosophy and Drama.

When she had first known Morgan, she was torn apart, broken and a hole of self pity and Rachel had done everything in her power to make Morgan shine like the bright star she was born to be.

Until two nights ago, Rachel had never learned why Morgan was the way that she was, but that was when she knew Morgan as Morgan Harris.

In their freshmen year they moved in together, not being able to afford a place each of their own, and since graduating last year, Rachel had taken on small acting roles and Morgan had become a nurse in the local hospital, specifically a mid wife, Rachel had arranged a temporary leave of absence for Morgan after she convinced her that she needed to return to the source of her pain, to her past, if not to return for good, then at least to seek forgiveness from the people she had left behind.

Rachel advised her friend that she needed closure and the only way to do that is to go back.

"I'll go with you to the airport if you wish?" Rachel suggested,

Morgan smiled softly, "Thank you" she said quietly, obviously nervous, Rachel picked up Morgan's suitcase and carried it out of the building and into the cab with her.

They endured the same comfortable silence that they have shared many times before throughout the ride to the airport and when they arrived, they bid each other goodbye and promised to stay in touch and that they would see each other again soon.

Rachel sighed as she watched her walk away. Good Luck. She sent the message to Morgan, Morgan looked around and smiled, grateful for the boost of confidence.

Two hours past and Morgan was sat on a plane. She was sat on the outside of a couple that couldn't keep their hands off each other. Morgan remembered a time where she and Hunter were like that.

Hunter. Her heart broke all over again, how could he forgive her? She had just walked out and left him. She remembered the painful night and shuddered at the memory.

It was after She, Hunter, Bree, Robbie, Raven and Sky came back after their trip to New York City that things started to go seriously wrong. She had temporarily left Hunter because of her worries of learning her nature, her true father, Ciaran MacEwan. But when they got together again, they went through more and more pain and suffering. In the end Morgan had bound her father and his powers were stripped before her eyes.

For a long while after that Morgan had become quieter, more closed off and reserved and it didn't get any better when she was being haunted by Selene in her dreams which had turned out to be her spirit trying to come back and kill her.

When all that was over with Morgan reached her downfall...