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Three Years Later…

"I like that name!" Morgan argued

Hunter shared with his wife one of his amused grins, "Josh?"

"Yes! What's wrong with that?" Morgan asked

"Oh nothing, 'Hi I'm Josh Niall'" Hunter mocked

"Okay I see your point no to Josh then,"

Hunter and Morgan were lying in bed one evening talking, each of them lying on their side facing each other.

Hunter caressed Morgan's once again swollen stomach

"I just want him out now, I can't lie comfortably anymore," Morgan said sticking out her bottom lip

"Look at that pout" Hunter said kissing the bottom lip gently, "He'll be out soon enough there's only another couple of days to go now"

"What about Roger?" Hunter suggested

Morgan laughed aloud, "You've got to be kidding,"

"No," Hunter said, "I had an uncle Roger… come to think about it he was an adulterous drunk so no to Roger,"

"I have an idea," Morgan smiled, "What about Daniel? After your father"

Hunter smiled, "Really?" he said, honestly touched, Morgan nodded "Daniel Niall" Hunter said aloud

"Has a ring to it doesn't it?" she winked at him

Hunter smiled and kissed the love of his life and took her in his arms and lay there together, peacefully.

That's when they heard their bedroom door creak open and light poured into the room

Hunter and Morgan grinned each other

Here we go again, Morgan sent the witch message to her husband

I know, but don't we just love it? Hunter replied

They grinned at each other and laughed when the expected happened, two little girls pounced on the bed making growling noises

"Argh! Very scary!" Morgan said sitting up and clutching at her daughters and pretended to nibble at their ears

"What are you too playing at?" Hunter asked through the cute giggles

"We're lions! ROOAR!" Moira cried and stood up and grabbed her father playfully around the neck

The twins stood up on the bed then with huge grins on their faces, the pair of them almost identical, both had their mothers shaped eyes, their fathers nose and cheekbones and both had the exact same facial features except Moira Maeve Niall had her father light blonde hair which hung to her shoulders in cute ringlets and had the same colour eyes as her mothers and had a mole on her left cheek whereas her sister Fiona Sky Niall had her fathers eye colour and her mothers dark hair which too hung in ringlets.

"Why are you not asleep my little lions?" Morgan asked them

"We want to look after mommy," Fiona said

"Mummy has daddy looking after her" Hunter told them

"Can we help?" Fiona asked

Moira crawled over to her mom and stroked her stomach, "Can we look after the baby?" she asked

Morgan nodded, "Of course you can,"

"Only if daddy can look after his lions?" he said and pulled them in to him cuddling them both, "Can I do that?" he asked, the girls nodded, "Daddy needs his lions to get some sleep so they can wake up in the morning big and strong so they can look after mummy"

The girls nodded and snuggled down in between their parents

Moira pointed at the bedroom door and it closed itself

Morgan and Hunter looked at each other

"Goddess!" Hunter gasped,

"Hunter she's only three and she's showing telekinetic abilities, I could levitate things at 17 but it took me a while to master telekinesis, it's not my strongest area, nor yours. How is this possible?"

Hunter shrugged and Moira giggled

Just then Fiona turned to her mother, "Baby don't want to wait anymore" she said and as she said it Morgan's waters broke

"Oh my Goddess!" Morgan said, "Hunter?"

"I'm on it," he said and he got out of bed and threw some jeans on with his grey t-shirt and picked up Morgan's hospital bag in the corner of the room

"Fiona how did you know that?" Morgan asked

The twins were just giggling and were back to being lions again

"They are going to be a handful" Hunter mused, "Like mother, like daughters," Hunter said smiling, he helped his wife up, "I've just messaged Sky to look after the girls she'll be here in a moment"

Hunter helped Morgan into her night gown and then kissed her cheek

"Girls, aunty Sky is coming to look after you while I take mummy to hospital, I'll miss you both" he said and gave them a hug and kiss

"Can we come?" Moira asked

"I'm afraid not sweetheart, we could be a long time and you need to get to sleep, but aunty Sky will bring you to see us tomorrow, it's that okay?"

The girls nodded, "Good girls,"

They all heard the front door open and close, "I'm here!" Sky said running up the stairs and into the bedroom.

"Hey Morgan," she walked over and kissed her cheek

"Hey Sky," she smiled

"Sky, thanks for coming so late would you make sure the girls get some sleep and you can bring them to the hospital tomorrow afternoon," Hunter told her

"No problem," she replied

"Hey girls" Sky said to the Twins, instead of a reply they got little growls, Sky looked to her cousin for an explanation

"They're lions" He said smiling

"Well every lion needs to sleep" she said to the girls

"Arh! Hunter we've got to go I've just had my first contraction, girls, I love you both I'll see you tomorrow be good for aunty Sky,"

The twins stood on the bed to give their mother a hug and kiss and then she and Hunter left for the hospital.

The next day Morgan and Hunter were reunited with their daughters, Hunter held them both up in his arms as Morgan lifted their new brother from his cradle and introduced them to him.

"Moira, Fiona, this is your new brother Daniel"

"He's pretty," Fiona said

"Can he be a lion too?"

Morgan smiled, "He's a baby lion," she said

This is such a Kodak moment, Sky smiled and pulled out her camera phone.

"Smile" she grinned

The family of five looked into the camera lens and smiled.