Title: Love in the Tennis court

Summary: A music video production that brought laughter and romance to the schools who participated. Well Maybe a little disaster here and there, but boys will be boys right?

Disclaimer: I don't own Prince of Tennis! But as a Mangaka, I do want to own it and be famous for it hahaha! But since I have all the time to be bored with the world, I'll write this.

Credits: Thank you very much for the Lyrics!!! Okay, the lyrics found in this fic is found in various shows here and there but most of them came from Tenimyu and the image songs of the characters as well as the songs in the anime.

And to my beta-reader Amethystgarnet! Wahoo! Love ya!

Warning!: Mary-suish OCs and some of the things that the characters would be doing here are truly impossible in both the real world and in the anime. I think they call it OOC-ness here or something…


Seishun gakuen 10 a.m.

"Sumire Ryuzaki! I have a letter for Sumire Ryuzaki!" the mailman called out as he entered the teacher's lounge.

"That would be me" Coach Ryuzaki called the mailman's attention.

The mailman rushed over her desk and let her sign the receive slip. It was an urgent letter from the PTA.. She read the letter and smiled.

"Something new eh?"

Seigaku tennis Court, Afternoon practice...

"That's all for today! Dismiss!". Afternoon practice just finished & Tezuka-Buchou just dismissed the Regulars of Seigaku Boys tennis club. Sakuno arrived in the courts & looked at Tezuka.

"What is it Ryuzaki?" the captain asked nicely.

Still trying to catch her breathe, Sakuno answered

"Ryuzaki-sensei wants to see you immediately in her office"

So Tezuka and Oishi headed for the teachers lounge.

"Ryuzaki-sensei, what is the urgent news?" Tezuka asked as he entered the room

"Did something bad happen?" Oishi added

"Nothing really. Actually, early this morning , a letter arrived from the PTA scouts. They have noticed how well you played during the Kanto tournament. So they are now asking, I have thought long and hard considering this matter. The Decision is all yours Tezuka"

"Yes Ma'am" Tezuka replied firmly.

"Would you like your team to attend a special one month training program of the PTA?" the coach asked.

Even before Tezuka could answer, the doors burst open and ...

"Yes we do!!". All the members apparently were listening to the conversation.

"Well then if you want to, you should start behaving properly from now on!" Coach Ryuzaki ordered.

"Looks like we will get into another adventure ne Tezuka?" Oishi turned to his best friend. Tezuka just sighed and turned.

"Okei, since you are all here.. The letter said that it was only available for the regular members and a month long set of clothes"

"WHAT! For regulars only?" the non-regulars reacted.

"So you won't be coming, ne, Arai? Sorry!" Momoshiro said

"AHH! It's always Echizen!" The ichinen trio said

"Mada mada dane" Ryoma quoted.

"I will prepare a letter for your parents to sign so they will know alright? You may all go" the coach dismissed them.

While walking home...

"Yay! At last! Playing against PRO tennis players! WAHOO!" Eiji exclaimed

"You're so excited ne Eiji" Oishi said.

" Ne Oishi, Do you think they noticed us because we played a good doubles game during the Kanto tournament?" Eiji asked.

"Maybe so" Oishi said encouragingly.

"Maybe it was because of Fuji sempai's amazing counters, Inui Sempai's incredible data analysis, Capt. Tezuka's amazing powers, Taka-sempai's burning power, Echizen's small but terrible moves and my powerful smash" Momo boasted.

"Oh! Did I forget someone?"


"Oh yeah! I haven't noticed viper kid!" Momo grins as he turns to Kaidoh with teasing eyes.

Kaidoh was about to pounce and choke Momo but ...

"Momoshiro! Kaidoh!", Momo and Kaidoh stopped abruptly and turned to their captain.

"Teamwork!" Tezuka shouted

"Teamwork?" they all asked together.

"Yes, teamwork. Got a problem with that?" Tezuka was all staring at them with eyes so threatingly

"No captain of course not.." they all answered together.

"What do you think Echizen?" Tezuka asked

"Who..me?" Echizen looked around.

"Yes you"

"Uhm... I'm just anxious to play against some PRO players"

"I see"

"Really..That's the way how Tezuka hides his excitement" Fuji quoted.

The Day of the start of the training...

"So is everyone here?" coach Ryuzaki asked.

"Echizen is late again!" Momo shouted

Everyone in Seigaku was gathered and Tezuka was with his little sister, Tezuka Tamaki. Tamaki had long brown hair, blue eyes and is wearing a blue shirt and denim pants.

"Tezuka, why did you bring your little sister?" Oishi asked

"I need to look after her or else I can't come today"

Fuji leaned towards her and smiled

"How cute! How old are you Tamaki?" Fuji asked

"13 and I'm not a kid."

Then Echizen arrived with his cousin Nanako

"Hws!" he greeted them quite sleepily

"I am very sorry coach Ryuzaki! It was all my fault Ryoma was late this morning.."

Nanako was apologizing to coach Ryuzaki. Momo went beside Echizen and whispered to his ear.

"Pst! Echizen! Were you helping the pregnant Santa Clause give birth again?"

"No! She broke my racket this morning" Ryoma was referring to his cousin.

"Ah I see.." Momo tried stopping his laugh.

The shuttle bus for Seigaku arrived so they all don't know their exact destination. Not long after, they stopped in front of the Madison Grand Hotel - the most luxurious hotel in Tokyo.

"Uhhmm.. Coach, why are we stopping here?" Oishi asked

"This is the place" the driver said

"A HOTEL????" Eiji exclaimed

" AH! FUDOMINE IS HERE TOO!" Momo shouted pointing outside the window of the shuttle. Guys wearing their black jersey were coming out from the bus.

"OY! Momo-sempai, Yamabuki just arrived", Echizen pointed at another incoming bus. The rest of the team looked at the bus..

"HYOTEI TOO!" Oishi was pointing at another bus where Hyotei was coming out.

Seigaku was acting like they have seen an exhibit of wild animals while in the bus because a lot of schools had arrived to participate in the program.

Coach Ryuzaki cut their little "program watching" because they need to get into the hotel.

Rikkaidai Fuzoku, St. Rudolph, Yamabuki and Rokaku were already waiting inside the hotel lounge.

"What! We're not the only ones?!" Eiji reacted

"This sucks!" Momo exclaimed.

"How many more schools are participating?" Tezuka asked his teacher.

"I heard there are 8 teams all in all"

Everyone's eyes were now focused on Seigaku who just entered the Hotel


Editorial ekek: I am writing about Yamabuki and yet I know nothing about these guys… the only one famous in their group is Sengoku so there are more Sengoku scenes. And since Everybody loves Rikkai, I will be inserting a few of their mischievous misadventures until their grand music video.

The Madison Hotel completely belongs to my brain 'kay? The Madison grand hotel does not exist in Japan. Furthermore, I am only basing some of the spots here on my encyclopedia so please…