Track 6: Feel your breeze

The accident about the Jaguar of the producer for the music video was the talk the next day. Up until then, they still haven't figured out who was the idiot who threw the video camera out the window. There wasn't any tape in the camera either. And the police never thought of investigating over the Junior high school guests of the hotel.

"Gakuto, where did you hide the tape?" the tensai whispered on the acrobatic player's ear during lunch the next day.

"I don't know what you are talking about" Gakuto answered trying to sound innocent as he ate his pork steak...

"You can't use that to blackmail Shishido you know"

"Why?" Gakuto answered back without thinking.

"You know we are earning good money for this assignment. It was also written in Atobe's contract..."

But Gakuto interrupted Yuushi. "Every time, every time that guy is involved he spoils the fun on everything".

"I was thinking of setting up our love birds on a date on Christmas Eve", Yuushi told Gakuto as he started with his mashed potatoes; just to change the subject.

"A date on Christmas Eve?" Gakuto thought about Yuushi's idea for a while then he asked him, "Okay, what's the plan?"

Truth be told, Yuushi doesn't have a plan yet so he tried turning Gakuto's attention to other matters.

"Wait, I just saw on the bulletin board something urgent this morning"


"We're not prepared for the games"

Gakuto looked at him for a while and answered back, "I knew it. You don't have a plan. Don't worry..." Gakuto tossed his crimson red hair back. "I have it all covered".

'Having a plan beforehand isn't like Gakuto at all. What did he eat for breakfast this morning?' Yuushi thought as he looked at the pleased acrobat.


The games that afternoon were the most awaited part of the day. Everyone was excited of the match ups for it was the first time some of these people will come face to face. The 'Twin Stars' together with Tamaki was also about to watch the matches that afternoon with the coaches. And surprisingly, Hanamura-san of Jyosei Shonan also came to watch the matches. The captain of Jyosei Shonan, Kajimoto Takahisa, escorted her.

The line up of the matches has bothered the Silver pair more than ever. They were going up against the Fuji-Kawamura pair in the doubles 2 of Court A.

Doubles 1: Inui-Kaidoh pair vs. Mizuki-Yuuta pair

Singles 3: Bunta Marui vs. Akaya Kirihara

Singles 2: Genichiro Sanada vs. Ryo Kisarazu

Singles 1: Kunimitsu Tezuka vs. Renji Yanagi

For the match ups in Court B...

Doubles 2: Oishi-Kikumaru vs. Yuushi-Gakuto pair

Doubles 1: Kojiro-Aoi pair vs. Echizen-Momo pair

Singles 3: Munehiro Kabaji vs. Seichi Yukimura

Singles 2: Kiyosumi Sengoku vs. Jirou Akutagawa

Singles 1: Keigo Atobe vs. Kippei Tachibana

It was once again raining snow outside so the matches were done in the indoor tennis courts of the hotel. There were four available courts in the ground floor of the hotel each one has its own room.

"First match for Court A doubles 2" the announcement said, "Fuji-Kawamura pair vs. the Kikumaru-Oishi pair and Ohtori-Shishido pair vs. Mukahi-Oshitari pair on court B". Shishido and Choutaro looked at each other quite confused as well as Eiji and Oishi. Their opponents suddenly switched but they followed as they were instructed.

"I told you I got it all covered." Gakuto told Yuushi as both of them watch Kikumaru and Oishi leave court B.

"You messed with the match line-ups, Gakuto?"

"No I didn't. I researched on it" Gakuto explained himself.

"Still, you messed with the line-ups."

"Yuushi, you're childishly blaming me for something that I didn't do"

"I know what you are capable of Gakuto..."

"And you are not analyzing the situation properly."

"So what did you do?"

"I did nothing. I just happen to see the line up before hand and this was it. Someone put up the wrong announcement on the Café this morning."

"So you really didn't do anything?"

"No! You think I am only capable of mischief huh?"

"I have nothing further to say."

As Shishido and Choutaro positioned themselves in Court B, Choutaro saw Yukino amongst the crowd waving at him and shouting good luck. This gave him a little more confidence to face his sempais.

"Well, well, well. Hyotei against Hyotei huh?" Gakuto greeted them. "I guess me and Yuushi will just have to prove that we're still Hyotei's best Doubles team".

"Don't get too fresh Gakuto. We may have come from the same team but we, unlike you, are not careless." Shishido fired at Gakuto.

The first service was given to Shishido. The Dirty pair got the first 2 points of the match. Then the Silver pair was able to catch up with 3-5. Then, when the score was a deuce in 6-6, something miraculous happened.

It was Shishido's service. Gakuto received it. Ohtori returned it. Gakuto gave it back with his Moon Sault. Shishido caught up with the ball and returned it Yuushi volleyed it and Shishido smashed it. It was the perfect time for Yuushi to use Higuma Otoshi but Choutaro was able to return it with a smash so quick nobody noticed what happened, thus winning the Silver pair their first match.

In Court A, the Golden pair won their match as well. With the indoor setting, Fuji wasn't able to use all his counters.

The Inui-Kaidoh pair won their match with the score 6-1.

Marui advances in Singles 3 so as Sanada in Singles 2 and Tezuka in Singles 1.

In Court B, the Kojiro-Aoi pair won doubles 1. Yukimura won in Singles 3, Akutagawa in singles 2 and Atobe in Singles 1.

"Congratulations!" Yukino handed the Hyotei boys a can of cold juice.

"Hey Ohtori, when did you learn to smash like that?" Gakuto asked the second year after he finished drinking his juice.

"Ah sorry sempai, I didn't know what happened back there."

"You don't have to be secretive you know..."

"Really sempai, I don't know...that was an accident".

"That was good isn't it? God helped you on your match today." Yukino said while smiling. "Ah, I remembered!" She handed them some envelopes, one for each of them. "You are all invited to attend Yuki's party this Friday. Are you guys free?"

"We'll most definitely be coming" Gakuto flung his arms on the tall second year making him slouch forward to reach his sempai's height.

"Good! Meet me at the lobby 6:30, formal" then she left.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Letting her leave like that again, Ohtori." Gakuto let go of Choutaro.

"I'm sorry Mukahi-sempai."

The matches for choosing the best 8 players continued the next 3 days. The match between Tezuka and Atobe was probably the most interesting one to watch. With Tezuka's arm injury fully healed, there wasn't too much that Atobe can do, giving Tezuka the winning score 7-6 on the singles 1 spot.

The spot for singles 2 was won by Jirou Akutagawa by default. For some strange reason, his opponent, Sanada Genichiro didn't show up for the match.

Yukimura Seiichi won the spot for Singles 3. His match against his own teammate, Marui Bunta, gave him a hard time to win the match. The sugar loving tensai really gave a fight for his continental buffet.

Doubles 1 was completely won by the Inui-Kaidoh pair. It was a close fight against the Golden pair but they won it by the serve.


The shooting for the next video was posted in front of the Doujin café once again.

6th MTV PROJECT: Feel your breeze

Momoshiro Takeshi- Seigaku

Shinji Ibu -Fudomine

Saeki Kojiro - Rokkaku

Hiyoshi Wakashi - Hyotei

Marui Bunta- Rikkaidai

Jackal Kuwahara-Rikkaidai

"Mah! I really don't wanna sing in this music video but that girl can make you want to sing it anyway." Marui said as he took the usual package of the song lyrics from the receptionist with Jackal. "Just thinking that Sanada hates singing karaoke and the way she changed his mind was creepy..."

"Absolutely manipulative. She isn't normal."

"Yeah," Marui nodded in agreement. "But still, I have to thank her for the delicious continental buffet of everyday."

"Not the buffet again".

The two found vacant seats in the Doujin café. The café was seemingly more crowded than before.

Yes it had always been crowded for it satisfied the taste of the junior high school students. It served more than 1,000 different drinks from all over the world as well as local drinks. They have 300 cakes of different shapes and sizes that are also perfect for those who are on diet and for those who just want something sweet to eat. Like any café, they also have coffee, sandwiches and other snacks. But most of all, the great music played in the café was the cherry on the top. And since the twin stars are staying in the hotel, they sometimes give out free performances.

The Doujin café was crowded by the girls of the participating school. It seems that the tennis matches amongst the regular girls are already over.

"Why did they have to stay here? They don't have anymore business in this place", Marui told Jackal quite annoyed by the number of giggling girls.

"We really can't avoid the fact that girls exist in this world."

"Who won in their selection matches anyway?"

"I think Niou said that Hyotei won and Seigaku ranked last."

"Women, they can really destroy the reputation of the school they are representing." Marui went on with his whining. "..But still they couldn't play tennis as good as we can. I mean, hey, they're girls"

"Ah Marui..." Jackal tried to stop his doubles partner.

"I have to admit Seigaku has talent but their girl regulars must at least have reached second or third place"

"Ah Marui..." This time Jackal's voice was quite urgent.

"No, no Jackal. Listen to me, the reputation that we built…"

"Shouldn't be destroyed by girls?" a girly voice continued.

"Precisely!" he clapped his hands together. "Wait a minute Jackal, why did your voice suddenly sound so girly?"

But Jackal was pointing behind him nervously. When Marui turned around, he saw the angry girls of Rikkaidai standing behind him with their captain in the lead.

"We're a disgrace huh?" the captain said angrily.

"Unforgivable!" the girl directly behind her answered darkly.

"We've worked hard for you..."

"And yet you are backstabbing us..."

"Wait a minute girls, I wasn't talking about you. Can we discuss this?" Marui said.

But he was kicked out the café with bruises, slaps and couldn't further stand. Jackal came out of the café after the Rikkai girls threw Marui out and went back inside.

"I think the answer to your question was 'no'" Jackal told him.

"Oh shut up Jackal!" Marui said angrily.

"Girls are really scary"


Seigaku headquarters: Tezuka's suite

"Ne, Momo, what's the song this time?" Eiji asked his kohai quite anxious to know about the contents of the song package.

"It says 'Feel your breeze'", Momo looked at the heading of the lyrics sheet. Eiji grabbed the lyrics sheet and browsed through it.

"Nyah! Momo's so lucky to be picked for this song", Eiji exclaimed.

"You had your turn Eiji", Oishi said.

"Yeah so lucky it only proves that his brain has nothing but air". It was quite unlikely for Kaidoh to start a fight but this time he started it.

"What did you say mamushi?" Momo stood up angered but he thought of a better reply. "Well at least I was already picked out to sing, unlike someone there. Maybe because the committee already knows that vipers can't sing"

"Why You!"

"Honestly speaking, my life was peaceful before this crowd came and turned my suite as their hangout place" Tezuka muttered under his breath as he drank his tea and continued reading a new book; "The Life and Works of Charlie Chaplin."

"On the next round of our matches, there are 98.8 chances that we'll lose". Inui was still not himself although Kaidoh tried to buy his sempai a new notebook.

"Karupin, comeback with my butter roll!" Eiji ran after the cat after it jumped off the arms of its owner and took his butter roll.

"Sempai be careful of Karupin!" the concerned first year ran after his cat as well.

And Oishi was just watching all these ruckuses happen.

Tezuka has taken interest in comedic performances rather than the classics that he used to read.

Inui is losing his mind bit by bit as he grieves for the loss of his precious notebook.

Momo and Kaidoh did nothing but argue.

Eiji is fighting against a cat while Echizen's only concern was his Karupin.

Fuji was out on another date with Tezuka's little sister and Taka was down in the hotel kitchens trying to make them some sushi.

Oishi couldn't do anything more but sigh about the strange transformations a music video camp can do on National level Junior high school tennis players.

The scene gets more chaotic when Taka entered the room with the sushi. The cat immediately welcomed the future sushi master in the room and tried to jump to reach for some tuna sushi. Momo and Kaidoh tried to grab some wasabe sushi to stuff in each other's mouth. Echizen still couldn't get a hold of his cat and you might have an idea on what happened to the poor Taka-san who was crushed by the doorway.


Hyotei regulars mall conference.

"This outfit completely suits Ohtori, naa Kabaji?"


Atobe brought the Hyotei regulars in the mall that afternoon. The boys decided to get new sets of formal wear for Yuki's party. But thinking about it, it was their only excuse to meddle with Ohtori's love life.

"Are you blind Atobe? He looks like a pine tree!" Shishido complained.

Atobe chose a moss green colored tuxedo for Choutaro to wear.

"Isn't that a good thing? It only means that it is in season, naa Kabaji?"


"Why do you always consult the person whom you know would never oppose you and only speaks in a single syllable?!" Shishido turned to Kabaji, "No offense Kabaji."


"Choutaro! Change into this navy blue one" Shishido handed him another tuxedo to try on. The second year obediently took it and went back inside the changing room.

"I do pity Ohtori." Gakuto drank more of his fruit shake.

"Being stuck with two idiots who always come up with mutual plans, should we intervene now or later?" the tensai consulted his partner.

"Maybe later, we still have to fix these three up." Gakuto yanked his head towards Hiyoshi, Kabaji and Jirou's direction.

"How did I get involved in this kind of situation? Our sempais are starting to get annoying ne, Kabaji?"


Can couture get harder to decide on?


Rikkaidai Fuzoku swimming vacation, in the middle of winter, Hotel indoor resort complete with tropical beach decorations from Bali.

"Jackal, Throw the ball here!" After recovering from his unfortunate encounter with the girls of Rikkaidai, Marui was once again jumping up and down in the pool playing ball with his teammates.

"Sempai, pass it here!" Akaya waved his hands to Marui.

"This is such a fun way to enjoy winter right Genichiro? Genichiro?" The Rikkai captain, who is wearing a yellow Hawaiian shirt, turned to his vice-captain who seems to be acting a little more evasive than before. He found Sanada on the other side of the pool talking to him through a speaker phone.

"YUKIMURA, DON'T YOU THINK IT IS A BIT TOO EARLY FOR SUMMER?!" Sanada asked him from across the pool.

"Genichiro, why don't you come here and let's talk properly?" Yukimura tapped the empty pool chair beside him. But Sanada couldn't hear what the soft spoken captain said.

"Sanada has been acting quite weird since we got here, ne Yagyuu?" Marui asked the quiet Yagyuu who sat by the pool edge dipping his toes in the water.

"That may be the effect of losing to a narcoleptic by default." Niou started.

"I do feel sorry for Sanada but don't pick on Jirou," Marui told him off.

Everyone in the pool was so shocked with Marui's words.

"You're referring to him as Jirou now, huh?" Niou provoked him.

"Although he came from Hyotei, he isn't a bad guy. He's really admirable once you get to know him."

"He bit the bait," Jackal said under his breath.

"Okay! Voice recorded!" Niou shouted as he held up his mobile phone that he was hiding behind his back. "Marui Bunta getting all mushy mushy... Excuse me everyone but I need to claim my gold from Ibu Shinji." Niou went out the pool and hurried out.

"To hell with you Niou! I want that phone!!" and then Marui stopped and turned to the others blankly, "What the heck was that guy talking about anyway?"

"We saw you hanging out with Akutagawa the other day," Renji told him.

"And so?" Marui answered sarcastically.

"Sempai was getting all mushy-mushy and intimate with Akutagawa," Akaya said with a smoochy face.

"I wasn't getting all mushy and intimate with him!" Marui told them defensively.

"So Niou and Ibu had a bet on whether you were really going gay on Akutagawa." Yagyuu explained.

"I wasn't going gay on him!" Marui said angrily. "I was teaching him and giving him advice on his play style."

"Well blame it all on Niou's wild imagination…Sanada will you stop that nonsense and talk to Yukimura properly," Jackal told Sanada quite annoyed.

"Yeah Genichiro, let's talk properly."



"I'll go after him," Marui volunteered. "I need to kill Niou after all."

"Marui, do make sure he doesn't start drinking again." Yukimura called after him.

"Drinking? When did Sanada start drinking?" Yagyuu asked.

"For some reason, tropical punches and that Ponta juice make him a little drunk, though I am quite certain that the beverage does not contain any alcohol." Yukimura leaned back to his chair.

"Well everyone knows that when you combine sucrose with a catalyst it will ferment sucrose and turn the substance into alcohol." Renji pointed out.

Yet everyone is wearing a blank expression that clearly meant that they didn't understand a single word Renji uttered.

"Normal human language sempai." Akaya told him. Everyone nodded.

"Were you even paying attention to our chemistry class?" Renji asked them.

Everyone shook their heads.

"That explains a lot. Very well then, if sugar is fermented, it will turn into alcohol."

"Ooh..." everyone answered in chorus.

"But that would be impossible for the fermentation process lasts for a month"


"So why is Sanada-fukubuchou avoiding you Yukimura-buchou?" Akaya asked.

"He must've heard about the results of my check up and thought that I was allergic to him." Yukimura replied.

"This is what happens when you get acquainted with someone," Sanada told himself as he sat on an empty seat in the Doujin Café. He couldn't talk to his best friend the way he used to because Yukimura has developed allergies to him. He could still remember the doctor's words when Yukimura last came in for his check-up.

Sadly, the medicine that you are currently in taking now has caused a weird reaction to your brain that will give it a sudden shut down. Do you feel anything weird when you drink the medicine?

No, not really.

Anyway, just be careful of the people you are acquainted with. This kind of side effect reacts when you see someone... a close person might be possible.

Until he has fully recovered from his medication, Sanada has decided to support and get him cured, whatever it takes.

But what if he does not get well? What will he do if he can't play tennis with him anymore? And their only communication would be the telephone... Just thinking about it, made Sanada feel more miserable.

Then someone tapped him by the shoulders. Sanada turned to see who tried to disturb him in a time when he was all down. Then he saw his best friend, smiling back at him, and he was not fainting at all like before. Sanada was rejoicing in his mind.

"Genichiro, if you thought that you were the one I was allergic to then you thought wrong." He took the empty seat beside Sanada.

Sanada kept quiet, ashamed of his misjudgments but still quite pleased for he does not need to break ties with his best friend after all.

After listening to the soft music that filled the café, Sanada started talking.

"So who was it then, the person you were allergic to?"

"It was someone from St. Rudolph. His name was Mizuki Hajime."

"Oh I see. That should explain the incident in the pool."

"Genichiroh," Yukimura turned to Sanada, "Thank you for taking care of me all the time."

"It's nothing really. What are friends for?"


"Once I get my hands on your phone Niou Masaharu I will turn it into smithereens!" Marui marched the halls of the hotel angrily as he looks for his teammate.

'He's a very admirable guy once you get to know him',the two gamblers heard Marui's recorded voice.

"How about it Ibu, my 500 yen?" Niou lent out his hands asking for money.

Shinji was back to his mumbling as he reached for his wallet. "This was worse than betting against Echizen over a grip tape, this is insane. Though it is half my fault for butting into someone else's life when I shouldn't really be. How should I know about those two's secret relationship? I should try asking Tachibana-san about this. But he might not know about this too because he knew Akutagawa was Atobe's pet…"

"Look Ibu," the violet haired boy looked at him, "I haven't got all day". Shinji handed him 500 yen and continued talking under his breath.

"Look at this guy; he's so cocky when he does not realize that he looks like a chicken. His hair is weird. His face is too long. They call him the trickster when he actually is a sadist…"

"Whatever!" Niou ignored him.


After the music video shooting, the boys went back to the hotel to grab some snacks in the Doujin Café. Hiyoshi tried to escape but Momo grabbed him to stay with them. Then the girl from Hyotei, who was Kikumaru's partner from the ball, approached their table.

"Sachiko-san…" Hiyoshi said as the girl stopped at their table. She was clutching a package wrapped in brown paper.

"Hello Hiyoshi-san," the third year girl greeted him back. "A package just arrived for you guys… so here." she handed them the package and left when the other Hyotei girls caught her attention.

"What is it Hiyoshi?" Saeki asked him.

"It's a package addressed to us...track 6 project cast." Hiyoshi opened the envelope and found a video tape inside.

"It's a video tape," Marui said

"But of what?" Jackal asked.

"Okay, who has a video tape player in his suite?" Momo asked.

"Video tapes are outdated. Nobody has one." Jackal replied.

"I know someone who has one," Hiyoshi told them.

And so, they went up to the 5th floor and knocked on suite 508. Yuushi answered the door and was quite surprised to see so many visitors.

"Oshitari-san, can we use your VHS player?" Hiyoshi asked his sempai.

"We just received an anonymous video tape and we don't have a player in our rooms," Saeki explained.

"Come on in," he moved aside to let them in, "Gakuto clean up a little we have visitors."

But Gakuto wasn't moving from the large tower of okonomiyaki boxes.

"I told you to clean up Gakuto, we have company," Yuushi repeated.

"But I'm still eating!" the acrobatic complained.

"Hiyoshi help me to clean up."

And so the 2nd year ended up cleaning the suite with Yuushi while Gakuto and Marui fought each other just because of Okonomiyaki. After the boxes have been cleared out, the boys each tried to find a spot to sit on.

"Who gave you the tape?" Yuushi asked as he examined the tape.

"Sachiko Rie." Hiyoshi answered.

"Really? That girl..." and then he inserted the tape in the player and he sat beside his partner on the sofa.

The tape was some kind of home video of some sort. The video was in a baby room. There was a shot of baby rattle then the camera was moving so much it was somewhat dizzy to look at. There were two people talking in the background, a man and a woman.

"Will you hold the camera still honey?" the woman said.

"I am trying." the man replied.

"I am telling you honey Wakashi talked. He called me mama."

When they heard the name Wakashi, they all turned to Hiyoshi and then continued watching the video.

Then there in the video was the baby Hiyoshi Wakashi in his baby clothes. He was trying to eat off the ear of the blue teddy bear he was handling.

"Wakashi, say mama." The baby Hiyoshi stopped chewing the bear and looked at the video camera.

"Ma..." Hiyoshi tried to talk.

"Say mama Wakashi darling..."

"Ma...m", the baby Hiyoshi was already frowning for trying to say the words his mother kept on repeating.

"Say mama."

"Don't force the kid."

"I am not forcing him. Wakashi say mama."

"Ma..." Hiyoshi was still trying his hardest to talk.

"Yes honey, go on..."


"You can do it"

"Oh, brother..."

Then the frowning baby face was gone and became a plain expression as he said the words, "Gekkokkujo" and he turned back to chewing off the ear of his bear.

"Your first word was Gekkokkujo?" Gakuto turned to the blushing second year sitting beside him. "No wonder you have nothing in mind but Gekkokkujo."

The next video was a child of the age of five. He has untidy pink hair; standing in front of the class, he was carrying a very heavy fish bowl with a small clown fish.

A woman spoke, "Bunta, what did you bring for class today?"

They all looked at Marui who was also eager to know what will happen next in the video.

"I bought...bought...bwought a clownfish for...for show and tell today," the young Marui told his teacher as he struggles to get a hold of the sliding fish bowl. "The clownfish get its name fwom its cowoful stwipes." Marui said in his most babyish voice and fixed the sliding fish bowl he was carrying. "These fish wive in weefs and in saltwater aquariums," and finally, he got tired of fixing it and dropped the fish bowl that crashed on the floor. Everyone was shocked, especially Marui's teacher, but still he went on talking. "Clown fishes can also jump high in the air, see?" he was happily pointing at the dying clownfish on the floor. He took his bow as his teacher scrambles to save the dying fish beside him. His classmates were clapping their hands.

On the next video was a boy with short purple hair. "For a special performance, from the kindergarten class, let us all give a round of applause for Ibu Shinji." They all watched Ibu silently as he sang onstage.

"You're my honey bunch, sugar plum pumpiambiamkin you're my sweetie pie you're my honey cake gumdrop sniken spikem snore the apple of my eye and I love you so and I want you to know that I'll always be right here and I love to sing this song to you because you are so dear…"

Everyone applauded in the crowd. Ibu took his bow.

"Thank you Ibu." However, Shinji would not let go of the mic stand.

"No! I want to sing more." The school staff was already carrying him out the stage. Still Shinji hugged the mic stand.

The next video was Momoshiro's; celebrating his third birthday party. The other children behind Momo were watching anxiously as he opened the box; and inside he found a baby duckling with a beautiful ribbon tied around its neck. The girls were going kawaii as Momo hugged the baby duckling. Because Momo did not know his strength, he treated the baby duckling the way he would a stuffed animal. So the poor little duckling died 2 minutes in his arms.

"Takeshi you killed it," his mother told him remorsefully. Then Momo looked at the duck, and indeed, it was dead for it was not making any sound anymore so he started crying.

The next was the graduation video of Saeki.

"Son, what do you want to be when you grow up?" his father asked. Saeki was wearing formal clothes and was swaying his body while looking at the ceiling.

"Hmm..I want to beat the wall in tennis."


"The wall always beats me," he said quite annoyed.

"Um, okay. What else do you want to be besides beating the wall?"

"Daddy, I still haven't memorized my graduation speech."

The next video was very surprising. A boy with crimson red hair was playing the piano in a large theater hall together with a purple haired boy, about the same age as he, who was playing the violin. This boy looks somewhat familiar because of the mole under his left eye.

"Gakuto, is that you and Atobe?" Yuushi asked the acrobatic who was angrily eating his okonomiyaki.

"Mukahi-san, you never told us you have met Atobe-buchou before you entered Hyotei." but still, he ignored their questions.

Back in the video, it seems that the violinist got more applause than the pianist; though he only accompanied the pianist. They were both about to take their bow when Gakuto fell flat on his face onstage. They all laughed at the video; though Yuushi tried to stop himself.

"Who knew you all looked so…. what's the word?.. Asinine when you were all young." Yuushi said.

"Yuushi the walking dictionary, I can't understand a word you are saying." Gakuto told him annoyed.

"Mukahi-san it means stupid." Hiyoshi whispered in his ear.

Then Gakuto wore a bricked expression on his face.

"Now the only question left is, who made the tape?" Saeki asked. Everyone thought for a moment and they all turned to Yuushi.

"If you're all thinking that I made this, you are all most definitely mistaken."

"How can we be wrong? You are the only guy in this building that has a video tape player in his room," Marui told him.

"Though it was interesting, I didn't do it. I have better uses for my time."