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5. Time to get Ready

They've been in Victoria secret for over an hour now and the sound of techno-electric pop music and the smell of thick fruity perfumes was getting on Riku's nerves. Shopping in general bothered him. He hated the endless search for that one article of clothing that every store seemed to lack the day one went into the store to buy it and he hated the grating pop music. He especially hated being followed by the sales girls and fighting off said sales girls when it came for him to go into the fitting rooms.

But shopping with Selphie was a completely different (and horrifying) story. She was what one calls the Predator. She could wipe out a store clean and make store clerks cry (whether it was of joy because of the money they were making or in horror as Selphie managed to rip through all their clothes, leaving scraps of fabric in her wake was still up to debate).

In fact, Selphie had the gift of persuasion (blackmail) as she could practically tell a sales person to give her the clothes for free. She knew the lyrics to every single mind numbing pop song ever and could predict which song would play next by sensing the stars and reading the position of Mars. She also knew how to grope Riku and make him feel violated despite the fact that the fitting room door and the horde of twenty or so sales girls from other stores were the only things standing between them.

It was a wonder he wasn't suffering from brain hemorrhage at the moment as Selphie practically had her way with the sales rack as she sang a Sisqo song.

"That thong, thong, thong, thong, thong," Selphie sang as she tossed another pair of lace panties at Riku. The silver haired teen had a large pile of underwear in his arms.

"I thought we were on a mission," Riku began, while juggling the flimsy pieces of sheer fabric that tangled around his arm. "You know, the one dubbed Riku's extreme make over of sex and glory?"

"We are," Selphie said, ignoring his battle with a feisty red pair of frilly panties. "Just who do you think is going to wear all of those?" She looked up in time to catch his glare and she smiled innocently.

Riku immediately dumped the pile of underwear into a nearby sales bin, all the while struggling to detach those red panties that were trying to become one with his skin, and dragged the laughing girl out of the store.

"Selphie, the mission is to help me look good, not make a mockery out of my existence."

"Fine, fine," she huffed and pouted while crossing her arm over her chest. "I was being serious too. I really liked those red ones."

"You know, this is probably all a game to you. I knew I should've stayed home," he spat and turned to walk. Selphie grabbed onto his arm.

"Wait!" She sighed then let go. "Look, one more hour is all I ask," she bargained. Where the hell was Roxas? How was she supposed to work her magic if her second in command wasn't there?

"If we can't find you something within an hour, you can leave," she said, watching Riku's angry scowl relax into a relieved smirk.


"No." She planned on keeping her end of the bargain anyway, but it was just so much fun making Riku's life miserable.

"I know you don't like shopping Riku," she said, walking towards another store. "But think about it this way."

She took a hold of his wrist.

"Your new clothes will look great on Sora's bedroom floor!"


The girl laughed and pulled the sighing teen inside another store.

Roxas was trying to keep his end up on the plan, but was finding it difficult with Axel hanging around. According to Selphie, he had to bring Sora to the mall. But at the moment, the redhead had his arm around Sora's shoulders, guiding the teen through a tour of his favorite stores. Roxas lagged behind, carefully glaring smoking craters at the back of the redhead's skull. He stopped from entering Ricky's when his cell phone went off. The blinking screen showed Selphie's number and he quickly answered.


Roxas winced at the voice shrieking "Where the hell are you?" on the other end.

"We're here," he answered warily.


"But we have company," he said, peering into the store's windows. At the moment, Axel was reading Sora birthday cards with lewd pictures on them. Roxas made a mental to note to talk to the man about public indecency before the day was through.

"What? I thought it was agreed that Axel wasn't going to come."

"And how the hell should I tell him that? Hey Axel, can you try not being a pedophile for two seconds while I hand over my brother's ass to Riku on a silver plate?"

There was a short silence on the other end.

"I don't see anything wrong with that, why didn't you say that?"

Roxas bit down a growl.

"Because he would know that I'm working against him," he said through grit teeth.

He heard her sigh.

"Look, just bring him over to Express, I'm currently in the men's department."

"What exactly do you have planned?" he asked, suspicious that she, Selphie, was actually keeping a secret.

"See if I told you, then it wouldn't be a secret plan."

"But I'm a part of the plan!"

"Correction, Sora is a part of the plan. Despite your important role in derailing your best friend's efforts at courting your brother, you're just my pawn."

He could picture her cocksure grin growing as he shook with anger.

"Fine." He seethed. "I'll be there in five minutes."

He snapped his phone shut and practically stomped into the store. He stalked up to the couple (Axel was on his fiftieth card and Sora's face was red beyond recognition) and grabbed his brother by the wrist. He dragged the bemused looking twin outside with Axel following quickly in toe.

"Hey, what's your problem?" Axel asked, catching up with long strides.

"Shut it," Roxas snapped.

Axel chuckled. Roxas really hated that. Whenever he was angry or trying to be angry, the redhead would dismiss it as a joke.

"Whoa, what's with the slaughtering of the innocent?"

Roxas stopped and glared at the redhead who held up his hands in defeat. The look on the man's face conveyed his innocence as it said that he really was a good boy because he hadn't touch Sora inappropriately within the span of fifteen minutes.

Sora looked curiously at his brother and opened his mouth to ask if he was fine.

"We're going to Express," Roxas said, cutting him off.

Axel snorted at the idea. Roxas hoped that whatever Selphie was planning was worth the loss of his dignity.

"Why?" Sora asked.

"I have the sudden urge to polish up on my metrosexuality."

Riku looked around the men's store in a mixture of awe and intimidation. It didn't have any of the bad pop music like the other stores nor did it have any annoying sales girls. Instead, it was full of men suits, casual wear, and ivory manikins with blank faces. Riku felt out of place and he didn't like the idea of his life being dictated by what belt he should wear with his shoes.

"Why are we here?" he finally asked as he was being dragged towards the store's dressing room area.

"We're here to polish up on your metrosexuality." Selphie answered, sweetly.

"My what?"

She shoved the pile of clothes she picked out earlier while Riku looked around the store.

"Here, you're going to try these on." She opened the dressing room and pushed him inside. She locked it behind her and grinned evilly at her prey.


"But I'm not sure if I even like these clothes," he said, dropping the pile on the bench by the mirror. "And let's not forget that we're in breathing distance from each other. I don't think I want to be that close to you with my pants down—"

Selphie stopped listening to him after the word "but" and marveled at how pretty Riku was. He probably wanted to preserve his dignity or something because he was all defensive about being naked around her.

She snorted and decided that Riku didn't have any dignity to begin with. Selphie pinned the teen against the wall, interrupting his monologue and practically ripped his shirt open. Her eyes grew dark with lust and her lips curled at the edges in an evil manner. She pressed a finger to his lips when he opened his mouth to protest.

"I promise I'll be gentle."

Meanwhile, Roxas was skimming the store, looking for a certain brunette in a yellow sundress.

"Roxas, are you okay?" Sora was really worried about Roxas' behavior lately.

"Yeah, you look about ready to foam at the mouth," Axel said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Am not," he defended himself while looking around the store still. He let go of Sora and decided to try and find the girl than stand around.


But the blonde didn't listen nor did he stop. He walked towards the accessory area which was near the dressing rooms. Why was he playing along? He could just very well ruin this stupid game for everyone by telling Sora the truth. That'll teach everyone their lesson. It'll teach Riku that playing with someone's feelings is dangerous, it'll teach Axel that people really do have hearts and that hearts are fragile, and it'll teach Selphie that love isn't some stupid game, but what about himself? What was Roxas going to learn once he spilled the beans?

What about his brother? He didn't want to see the hurt look on Sora's eyes when he found out that everyone was playing him for a fool. Roxas didn't want Sora to hate everyone for treating him like a play thing and underestimating his intelligence.

He ran a hand through his soft blonde locks, raking his mind for an answer to his current dilemma.

Maybe staying silent about the ordeal would be best. After all, Roxas loved his brother and the last thing he would ever want is to make him unhappy.


The blonde looked in the direction in which his name was being called and saw Selphie near the dressing rooms. She gestured for him to go over and he quickly went to her side.

"So where is he?" she asked, hugging the pile of what looked to be Riku's clothes to her chest.

"Sora is around," he responded.

"Is Axel with him?"

Roxas looked out into the store, blue eyes skimming for the recognizable mess of blood red spikes. His gaze narrowed on his target and his mouth formed a scowl as Axel openly flirted with the sales guy at the cash register.

"No. He's busy," he answered tartly.

"Great!" Selphie chirped not even noticing Axel at work. "My plan is going into effect. With me playing match maker, Riku and Sora will be together in no time, right Roxas?"

Roxas wasn't even listening to her. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Axel was flirting with the most whorish looking sales person on the planet. On the second thought, he could believe what he was seeing; he was just surprised at how quickly his best friend forgot about his 'feelings' for Sora.

"Hello, earth to Roxas!"

That asshole! The guy wasn't even good looking. Who the fuck thinks pink hair is cool? More over, who the hell thinks flower hair pins are cute on a guy? He did not like the way the guy seductively licked his lips or the way the guy laughed at every single word Axel was saying.


Honestly, the guy screamed "AIDS!" test. He knew Axel wasn't picky, but the redhead had to reserve some taste.


"What!" Roxas snapped, both angry at being interrupted in his mean thought streak and at Axel. Selphie looked surprised at the blonde's sudden outburst.

"What's wrong? Why weren't you listening to—" Selphie's sentence died on her lips as she looked the blonde's gaze towards Axel. Her jaw almost dropped when she realized why Roxas was glaring so hotly at the redhead.

"Oh my god," she started, but Roxas jumped her, covering her mouth with his hand.


She struggled to speak through his hand. She managed to pry some of his fingers off.

"You like—"

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Roxas begged. "Please don't tell anyone about this. I'll give you anything you want, I don't care. I'll be sacrilegious and sacrifice a goat to the god that resides in the fiery pits from where you came from. Just don't tell anyone!"

Selphie nodded and when Roxas felt like the girl wasn't going to drop kick him and run around the store to shout his shameful secret, he let go.

"You know, this changes everything!"

He gestured for her to quiet down.

"Well it does," she said, more quietly. She looked around, making sure that no one was close by, and pulled Roxas towards her. "This means that Riku can defiantly win this bet. You can seduce Axel with that charming scowl of yours while Riku takes his chance to properly court your brother."

"I don't scowl," Roxas said, pouting.

"Cheer up! I'm sure there's more to you than that cute scowl of yours. Like how your ass is probably supple, tight and ready for the taking. I'm sure Axel won't refuse to sink his teeth into your tender flesh. Hell I'll do it for him, first I'll strip you naked and sink my poisonous fangs into that plump ass of yours and forget the lube, I'll—"

Selphie was now heavy breathing, tightly hugging the pile of clothes to her chest, a slight blush hovering on her cheeks. She stopped talking and began to stare off into space with a crude smile on her face.

"Are you okay?" Roxas asked worried.

"The point is! You're exactly what Axel needs. You can see easily through that charm of his and you're the only one he doesn't try to screw."

"Unfortunately," Roxas replied dryly, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Roxas." He looked at Selphie and noticed that she looked serious. "He's your best friend. For as long as I've known him, I haven't seen the man open up to anyone else but you. He cares about you a lot despite the way he acts around you, you just haven't really noticed it."

Roxas looked back at the redhead who was currently writing something down to give to the sales guy. He looked back at Selphie.

"Do you think I'll be able to get him?"

"I know you will."

He smiled. Selphie was right. Roxas was the only person that Axel didn't act like a complete asshole towards and he had to admit that while he tutored the redhead, he learned things about him that was sure Axel hadn't told anyone one else. Like the fact that Axel was fascinated by fire or the fact that the redhead had an unusual fear of deep water. He also knew that Axel snuggles with his baby blanket when the nights are extra cold.

He looked toward Axel again and frowned when he saw the redhead mouth fucking the sales guy. The blonde stalked over, hands forming white fists.

"Excuse us," he said, yanking Axel away from the other man's lips. They left the store and walked down towards a bench.

"What were you doing?" Roxas exploded, near by people were stunned, and walked quickly to avoid the conflict. Axel didn't seem phased by Roxas' outburst.

"Getting a discount," he said, shrugging.

"Discounts come with coupons, not tongue," Roxas spat.

Axel rolled his eyes and sighed as if he'd heard it all before.

"Relax, alright? The guy's name is Marluxia. He seems pretty cool."

"He was practically crawling with herpes!"

Before Axel could speak, Roxas grabbed the elder teen by the wrist and started walking.

"Where are we going?"

"To get some disinfectant and maybe neuter you."


Riku shuffled through the pile of garments looking for his own clothes. He knew he had them awhile ago after Selphie ripped them off his body. She claimed that in order for him to look extremely hot, that he had to let her cover his neck (and maybe chest, ass, and thighs) in hickeys. He gently (shoved) pushed her off and declined her (sick) generous offer.

The sound of the knock on the door brought Riku out of his search.

"Hey Selphie, do you know where my—"

His eyes widened at the sight of Sora standing there with his clothes.

Sora was equally as surprised, probably because Riku was just standing there holding onto the doorknob in just his underwear.

"Um—Selphie said to, um, yeah here," a flushed looking Sora managed to choke out as he handed his best friend the folded clothes.

Riku didn't know whether to kill Selphie or kiss her. So this was a part of her plan? He hadn't had a chance to spend anytime with Sora since the boy got back from his vacation, but he didn't think he'd be in his underwear trying to tell Sora that he loved him.

"I'll come back after you change," Sora said quickly.

Riku wanted to laugh at how cute Sora looked at the moment. His face was very red and his eyes tried their best to look anywhere else but Riku's body. The silver haired teen smirked. He had nothing to be embarrassed about and he was sure that Sora didn't act this way when they were younger, back when they used to bathe together. Maybe there was a slight chance that Sora liked him. Riku wanted to believe that. He wanted to believe that Sora wanted him just as much as he wanted Sora and that Sora thought about him while he was away on vacation.

"We're both guys," he said, breaking the small awkward silence. "Just get in here." He pulled Sora inside and closed the door.

Riku shoved the pile of clothes to the floor and offered his friend to sit.

"So what brings you to the mall?" he asked while he began to dress.

Although he didn't look it, Riku was nervous as hell. His heart was beating a mile minute as he tried not to do something stupid, like getting his hair entangled on the zipper of his vest.

"Roxas said he wanted to go, so I just tagged along. Oh, and Axel came with us."

"Really?" Riku asked acting interested. Damn, that Axel was one clingy bastard.

Sora nodded in response, and then the smile on his face sank into a frown. Riku finished getting dressed and furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"Selphie told me you're going on a date." Sora looked up to him; his blue eyes wide and filled with an emotion that looked like worry. "Is that true?"

Riku was tempted to deny it all, but he wanted to see how far he could push the situation.

"And if it was?"

Sora looked surprised at his response and opened his mouth to speak. He quickly closed his mouth and looked at the floor. Riku didn't know whether or not to say something to save the situation. But before something came along, Sora looked up, morose emotion gone from his clear blue eyes, mouth smiling.

"Then it's great! I'd love to meet her though, have to make sure she's good enough and all," he laughed. Riku refrained from wincing at Sora's forced enthusiasm.

Instead he snorted and took the empty seat next to Sora.

"I'm not sure I'm good enough," Riku mumbled more to himself, but Sora heard.

"Don't say that!" Sora said offended. "You're a great guy."

Riku smirked and raised an eyebrow. Sora's eyes widened and a soft rose blushed kissed his cheeks.

"I-I'm sure she's bonkers over you."

"I won't go if you don't want me to," Riku said, nudging Sora's shoulder with his own.

The brunet looked surprised at Riku's reply and tried to say something. The silence stretched as they looked at each other. How perfect would a kiss be around now? Riku gently inhaled, trying to calm down his racing nerves as he leaned in closer.

"Sora." He was lost in the brunet's ocean colored eyes. "I think I have to tell you something."

Sora closed in the remaining distance between them, faces inches a part, their breaths lingering.

"What?" he asked and licked his lips.

Riku swallowed thickly and could feel the heat that circulated around his ears travel down the back of his neck. He saw Sora close his eyes and Riku took that as a sign to do the same.

But the sound of the door flying open broke the teens apart before they could eventually kiss.

"Is everything okay sir?" a man with pink hair dryly asked as he stood with an armful of clothes. The name tag on his shirt spelt out the name Marluxia.

"F-fine, everything is fine!" Riku squeaked as he felt like his chest was about to explode from the sudden scare.

"Yeah, we're not doing something suspicious or inappropriate or illegal or—"

"Sora," Riku warned.

"—please don't arrest us ma'am." Sora said in one quick breath.

Riku wanted to face palm himself to death.

Marluxia looked at them suspiciously, knowing that at that age, teenage boys had difficulties in controlling their hormones. He could tell there was something going on between those two, just like he could tell how that one blonde kid had a thing for Axel. The brunet one began to look more uncomfortable. Marluxia suppressed a laugh. He decided to play with them a tiny bit more.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked, grinning maliciously.

Both teens nodded vigorously.

"Because I can help you guys with measurements." Marluxia licked his lips. "Amongst other things."

Riku did not like that malicious glint the man's eyes. It reminded him of Axel.

"We're fine," Riku said, throwing a pair of pants at Sora and slamming the door.

After forcibly washing Axel's mouth with soap, Roxas forced the man to sit on a bench near Express.

"Wait here." Roxas commanded.

"What am I a dog?" Axel asked insulted, but quickly thought about what he just asked. "Wait, don't answer."

Roxas rolled his eyes.

"I'm going to get Sora," he said, leaving.

"Do I at least get a treat when you get back?"

He went inside the store and quickly found Selphie in the women's department looking at dresses.

"Where's Sora?" he asked.

She wasn't even started by his presence. "Probably locked in the dressing room with Riku," she said, flippantly.


He stalked over to the other side of the store quickly. He stopped when he reached the dressing room area. Selphie knocked into his back.


"Which door?" he asked frantically. He could practically feel Sora's chastity slipping.

"Number thirteen."

The pair went towards the end of the hall and found the door. The sounds of grunts and shuffling could be heard from the other side. Roxas and Selphie pressed their ears against the door curiously.

"Well, maybe if you spread your legs?" Riku asked. Selphie gasped, and then smiled evilly.

"You think?" Sora responded out of breath.

Roxas could feel gravity pulling at his jaw.

"Yeah, it'll give me more room to work."

"Riku, do you know what you're doing?"

Another grunt, some movement and choked groan then a sigh.

"Sora Relax. Selphie taught me a trick."

"Wow, this plan worked out better than I thought," Selphie whispered from her position.

Roxas wanted to violently face fuck the door until he died.

A grunted hiss from Sora.

A nervous chuckle from Riku.

"S-sorry, I'll try to push it down gently."

Enough was enough. Roxas refused to listen to the last of Sora's chastity being devoured by Riku's beastly lust.

Roxas pushed Selphie out the way and swung over the door.

"Don't you dare sodomize my brother!" he war cried.

The startled teens looked up and Roxas felt his soul release from his chest. Both Sora and Riku were no where near naked let alone near having sex. It looked as though the zipper on the pair of pants Sora was trying on was broken because Riku was trying to help the boy zip it.

There was an awkward silence between the three.

"Damn it Riku! You're doing it wrong. Sex is better with your clothes off."

"Selphie!" all three boys yelled.

Roxas didn't want to know the details behind their little tryst. He stormed inside, managed to rip the boy's pants off all the while helping him change into his previous shorts. Selphie and Riku watched in a state of awe and horror. When Roxas was done, he grabbed Sora by his wrist.

"We're going home." he said, sternly.


"We're going home and that's final young man!"

Roxas dragged his brother out and stormed off towards the exit.

Riku and Selphie watched the twins disappear into the mall.

"So how far did you get?"

Riku sighed.

"Not far enough."

"Damn. I was hoping for some juicy details," she said, sounding disappointed.

Riku's eyes widened when he saw Axel come into the store.

"Shit, Axel's coming."

Selphie shrugged. "And?"

"And he doesn't know that you're helping me," he said, pushing her into the fitting room.

Selphie placed her foot by the frame so that door won't close all the way through. "But he has Roxas helping him."

"Goodbye Selphie," Riku said, gently pushing her foot in and closing the door. "And be quiet," he hissed.

Axel came walked up to him, but Riku doubted the man saw Selphie.

The redhead casually crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the door frame.

"So what brings you here? Besides the fact that you're trying to steal my prize."

"I would say the same about you, since you don't have a date with him," Riku spat.

"What happened that Roxas stormed out with Sora?"

"It's really none of your business." Riku glared.

"That embarrassing huh?" Axel shook his head in sympathy. He straightened up and reached into his pocket. He relieved his pack of cards and began shuffling them. "Well I guess today wasn't a total loss."

He quickly went to business and cut the cards.


Riku chose a card and smirked at the royal face staring at him.

"King of hearts."

Axel drew his own card and frowned at the lesser royal on his.

"Jack of spades."

Riku didn't try to hide his smug look.

"I'll humbly accept my defeat. But be forewarned. You're playing with fire here," he said, pointing to himself. "I won't hesitate to get you burned."

Riku didn't budge when Axel left. He knew Axel was just trying to get under his skin, but after his near kiss with Sora, nothing could derail his confidence.

"Can I come out now?" Selphie asked from behind the door.


"Riku!" she whined.

He opened the door and the perky brunet jumped onto his back.

"It's your turn for a date! Aren't you excited?"

"Ecstatic," he said, laughing.

"So what's your game plan?"


"What? Aren't you going to enhance your mojo?"

"Selphie, I'm just going to be me."

"Alright, but if you need any help in jazzing up your sex appeal, I have some sequenced panties you can borrow."

Riku shuddered at the thought.