AN Hello folks, some warnings with this little one shot that I decided to start my fanficing career with… angst, cutting, slight insanity, and seppuku of a form (ie. suicide) You have been warned!!




These follow me wherever I go, that and the eyes,

Those ice cold, soulless eyes

If they speak or not, these voices follow me

Ever since that day, the bridge, when I first felt him


The other

The dark, twisted soul that craved for blood and pain

Chaos and destruction


He wanted to kill that man, the one that "killed" Sasuke

I wanted to kill him, to feel his life blood in my mouth

To tare and devour his heart

During the days following the release of myself, my other I began to fear it

Fear ME!

And what I had become

I know rationally that I am not that other, that THING that told me to kill

That gave me pleasure in the feeling of hatred

But it still frightens me

For it IS me

Nothing but the pure, darkness of myself manifested as the being in my soul

I stare at the gleaming razors edge of the kunai,

My kunai

Pointed at myself

Cutting, tearing, and granting me control and the fear of the other

Of myself

I feel the liquid heat of my blood

Our blood

As it collects along the thin, almost paper like cuts across my arms and up into my shoulders, across my legs and up my stomach.

There, the stomach

I feel the other shift and rage

Scream and beg me to stop this

Stop US from killing me

Killing us

I wanted to defend my loved ones,

My precious people

The darkness inside myself

The other

It could and would and WILL destroy

Destroy and rape all that I hold dear

There was only one way

One way out

One way to stop the other, stop myself

From killing, rapeing the village that I loved

The kunai found its way deeper and deeper into my cage

My other


The long gash that WE put across the gateway

The gateway to HIM to the other

The darker me


I felt it weeping

Weeping out all the darkness just as it wept out myself

I felt… weightless, happy

Happier then I had ever had the right to before

I felt FREE

Free from the other

The other that was myself

As the darkness closed over me

Over US

I let a small smile

A TRUE smile sweep over my face

I had done it

I had killed the other

Killed me

Gave peace to the village that I love and hate

The village that loves and hates me

AN: Right o folks, this is my first stab at some good ol' angsty Naruto stuff, and yes I know that its horrible, it popped into my head fully formed randomly one day.

Please r and r, even if it is to say how badly my work sucks. It will let me know what the hell to do to change it… -DarkKyubi