AN: More of my crazy angst fan fiction… try and guess who )

warnings: cutting/suicide, character death


They look down on me

They call me weak

Nobody sees me for who I really am


Except you

You who have taught me to have unending courage

You who have taught me to stand up for myself

You whom I love…

And you who does not love me in return

You called me a weirdo once

If you could see me now, you wouldn't be far off calling me weird

This, the one gift you gave me

The one kunai that you said brought you luck

It also brings me luck

It lets me escape my pain

Funny how this one simple gift has changed from my treasured possession to my curse

Funny how I never thought it would get this bad

Funny how, ever since you have left all I can do is…




That you are alright and that you will come back someday…

That night, the night you left and the night you returned

I never meant to cut that deep

Never thought you would find me like that

Never thought that you would look at me with such fear

It hurts less now…

No one to underestimate me

To look down on me

But you

I'm floating now,

Drifting away and I can see you

See your tears

Your sadness

Your love…

Funny how, when I thought you could never love me I notice it far too late,

I notice that you DO love me, and there is nothing I can do to stop it

Nothing you can do to stop it

You catch me as I fall

Watch as my lifeblood pours out of my veins

I watch

As I have always watched

And I see your tears

Your pain

Your weakness…

AN: Ok, thought up a crazy idea for an angst possible two shot and I had to write it down, but I personally think this one is crap, go ahead flame away, oh and you win a cookie if you can guess who this is )