AN: Follow up to Weakness…

Warnings: Implied cutting, character death


They glare at me

Call me "beast" and "demon"

Nobody sees me for who I really am


Except you

You who have taught me to feel

You who have taught me what it means to have precious people

You whom I love…

And you whom I CANNOT love in return

It pains you

I see this

We can all see this

It pains me…

More than you will ever know

To see them

They who look down on you

Who call you weak

Who do not see you for who you really are

I said that I liked you once

That is the best I could do

The only person to see me off

I gave you a gift that I said gave me luck

All it did was help me deal with my pain

Funny how I thought something like that could help you

Funny how I thought that the blade that I cursed could bring you luck

Funny how, all I can do since I left is…




That you are alright and that I can come back one day

That night, the night I had left so long ago

The Night I returned

I found you

Found you hurt



From a wound that I had helped inflict

Never thought that I could cause such pain

Never thought you had lived like me


It hurts more now…

No one to love me

No one whom I can love

I'm screaming now

Walls closing in, I see you

See your face

Your tears

Your soul…

Funny how I thought I could never love you, to protect you

I feel now…

I feel pain, much worse than I had ever felt before

I catch you as you fall, I'm screaming,



For you to be fine

You slip away, watching me

As you have always watched

Knowing now that you are my heart

My soul

My weakness…

AN: Well, this is the follow up to weakness, don't know how well this one is going to go over with you all… I STILL don't feel as if I gave this a proper ending, so I may just write one final part… I'm so damn indecisive… R and R please