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My Personal Hell

I come to in a world of dark, sludgy water

It appears as if I am in a jail built in a sewer

Of course, where ells would I end up but in a hell much like my life?

But then I hear the low, demonic laughter

See the glowing, soulless red eyes of my demon master

She is laughing at me, at my pathetic attempts to end my life…

"So Kit, you decide to visit me, after ALL this time, you demean to grace me with your presence…" she purrs to me

"What do you mean, you stupid bitch?" I shout

"Why can't you just let me DIE!?"

"Because, you are my Kit, and I have been trying and TRYING to get you to come and visit me for a long while now…" she states, her lips curling up in a feral smile

"You see, those people didn't love you, in fact, they may have hated you even more than me, what with them choosing YOU to be my host body… I felt that if I could get you to come here to me, I may be able to do something to…rectify… both of our situations…"

"NO… no matter how much the village hates me I will NOT let you out to destroy them…"

"What if I can give you a way out… let you find the peace you so desperately grasp for?"

"…Why? Why would you do something for me when I have kept you captive for so long?"

"Because, I feel the need to protect MY kit… MY family…"

As we are speaking I feel the oppressive presence of Kyubis chakra building around me, as she begins to heal my body

"What are you doing to me? Why are you healing me if you said you would allow me peace?" I nearly sob

"Look kit, look what I am doing for you" she whispers as she grants access to the view my eyes are providing from the 'real' time to our the room in the seal

As I watch, I see my body pick up one of the larger shards of glass on the floor, seeing a reflection of myself I nearly scream in shock

My eyes have turned into a deep, blood red color, gaining a slit that is a dark, putrid yellow that glows demonically. While my new eyes focus on the glass I notice that my face has taken on a more angular, muscular build, and that my teeth have turned into fangs. The whisker marks that were barely noticeable before have grown and thickened into deep, black scars across my face. Looking up, my new "body" notices that my hair has grown out into a mane of shaggy black locks tipped with blood like specks of red. Upon my head, two large fox ears have grown and my body itself has changed. It is much taller now, standing at about six feet, and has grown incredibly muscular, yet kept an almost feline tone. I have also gained nine tails of the same course, dark hair which now grows from my head. Upon examining the hand that is holding the glass, I notice that my nails have grown out and become black and much more claw like.

"Well Kit, do you like it?"

I almost fall over in shock, I had nearly forgotten that Kyubi was here with me

"What have you DONE?!" I scream hysterically, "If the beatings were bad before, they are going to KILL me now!!"

"Relax kit, this new body is much less vulnerable than your previous, and the healing factor has sped up remarkably, also, your chakra reserves are nearly as high as mine now, and your control has greatly increased…"

"It looks like I won't have a choice in the matter, what is it you want me to do for you?"

"Kill them… kill each and every one of the villagers that have caused you so much pain and suffering, and forced me into this small shell of a prison"

"I can't do that!! No matter how bad these people have treated me, they are still mine to protect!" I protest weakly

"Come now kit, you and I both know that this is something you want nearly as much as I do… this can't be that bad of a deal for you can it?"

As she is speaking, her voice begins to fade out, until it is back to being that little voice in the back of my head. I am immediately hit with a full, amplified blast of smells and sounds of the sleeping village. The new body has not only changed in appearance, but also in its strength, agility, endurance, and senses of smell, sight, and hearing.

"Kit… just think about it…" Kyubi whispers to me

I glance once more at my reflection and give it a feral grin before crushing the glass to powder in my hand.