====================sparkster (SNES) level 7 a, b and c==========================================

I just made Axel mad, i don't know why? but i just did, i thought one loss would make him a bit more
cocky than he already is. well a saw rose tied up like some sort of genipig ready to take another
does of alkali not knowing the side affects or how dangerous it is. i guess genipig's
are a bit on the i don't know what all this means side. well axel took rose up into space and i guess to the wolfs
hideout, well it seems like a huge astroid that flots atop Elhorn.

He said nothing until he was above me and said " the girls mine, and so is Elhorn!"
but i might of been mistaken. but that is the kind of thing axel would say if he was in the lead.
but then i looked around and heared a explosion. i went over to see what happened and i saw this crazy guy that was trying
to get into space with a cannon, then i foung that he was wearing one of my old inventions
that i used last year to get Rose back from Axel... then i thought, if i can kill axel, then
the black knights will be no more and Elhorn will own peace again.

i asked the crazy guy if he was ok? then he just said yes but can you go into space for me, i am trying to reach Rose...
oh sparkster, am i honered to see you here at my humble home. i just replyed with a yes i will go into space for you as i need to get
Rose so i can kill axel. "WHAT! your not kidding are you? you will kill axel, but your untrained sparkster! how will
you do it?" he asked me in panic. "well if you know i just weakened axel and now i need to
finish him. hey do you have a telescope?" he showed me his telescope and i looked into it to see if i can find axel,
i saw Rose being caged up. then i moved the scope right to find a huge space cruser, and there in the window. i suddenly had a flashback
to rocket knight school to see that arthyr's father pick axel-gear to train and there was axel's victory dance. that same one.
what a boring twat i thought. then i turned to that crazy guy and said, yeah can i go
into space now, i need to go to coordinates north 9,0.

i jumped into the cannon and he lighted the fuse, about half way he said, oh wait the booster!
he threw the booster in and then...

to be continued...