Jenny went down to the common room to get some more junk food for Callie,

Brett and Kara and herself. They were going to hang out and have a "guys are assholes" night.

'I can't believe I thought Easy could love a huge-boobed sophmore like me,' Jenny thought as she descended the stairs.

What she didn't expect to see was a common room full of passed out, sleeping teens, and a distraught Easy on the middle of the floor.

What is he still doing here!?!?, Jenny screamed in her head.

She reached the kitchen and noticing from the corner of her eye that Easy noticed her too.

She got what she needed from the kitchen and began to go upstairs when Easy grabbed hold of her wrist.

"Jenny wait…we need to talk."

Jenny turned around and looked into Easy's dark blue eyes with her tear-filled ones. "About what, Easy? You want to talk about how you brought Callie to dinner with your father instead of me? Or the fact that you didn't tell me about any of it!?!?" Jenny exclaimed, cheeks tinited red from anger.

Easy looked…what was that? Guilt?

"Jenny…" That's all Easy said, nothing else.

He looked at Jenny with those eyes that used to make her knees go weak and saw that he was truly sorry.

Her face softened and she was about to forgive him but one question kept on popping up in her head.

'What else has Easy done that I don't know about?'

Easy stroked her cheek with his caloused hands and kissed her but Jenny didn't kiss back.

He pulled away and looked at her with a confused look.

"Hey, is something wrong?" Easy asked her quietly. Jenny looked up at him,

"Easy is there something else your not telling me?" she softly asked.

Easy moved back away from Jenny nervously and told her that there was nothing she needed to worry about.

But at the sight of her face, he knew she wouldn't be convinced that easily.

She looked at him with pleading eyes.

"Easy, please don't lie to me anymore. Tell me the truth…is there something else you want to tell me?" She asked tenderly.

Easy observed her soft, delicate features and realized that he had to tell her. He couldn't lie to Jenny anymore. She was so sweet and caring and all he had been was a total asshole to her.

He sighed. "I…Jenny there is something I didn't tell you. Uh…" Easy stared at Jenny, knowing he was going to lose her after he finished his confession. "…when you were getting us drinks and I was waiting in your room…Callie came in, somehow we ended up sitting on the floor in the closet and…we kinda kissed." Easy braced himself for the worst.

"What do you mean 'kinda'. Either you kissed her or you didn't! Which is it Easy?" Jenny spat out. She felt like she couldn't breathe. She looked at him again, awaiting his answer. She felt like she was in one of those sappy romance movies, at the part where the female lead gets her heart broken.

Easy took a deep breath. "…we kissed, the whole time you were gone." Easy hung his head.

Jenny was crushed and shattered and any other word that meant her heart was in a million pieces.

But she didn't show it. She stood up straight and said softly but coldly, " Easy I want you to leave…we're done." And she walked away, only letting one tear slide down her cheek.