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Opening Notes: I do not know rather I'm right in putting this crossover in this section (it's my first fanfic here) but if there's any reason, its because of the setting of the story.

"The Final Release"


"Of things to come"

"You can't lay a finger on me- boy." the Dark Lord sneered.

Laying on the floor with his wild orange hair in a mess, he breathed heavily, trying to get a grip on his large hiltless sword.

"I won't give up. He HAS to have a weakness, but he moves even faster than me." he thought to himself.

Finding his sword laying on the ground roughly about a feet away from him, he thrust it into the ground finding support to pull himself up. At least high enough to see the figure of his opponent.

His black robes were stained with blood, from attacks that even he was to slow to avoid, dripping onto the floor.

The blood coming from the gash across his forehead was starting to make his vision blurred as it cascaded across his right eye. But he could still the young wizard with round spectacles in the corner clearly knocked out after his own bout with the evil Lord.

The Dark Lord laughed at the substitute Death God mocking him at his undesirably slow speed.

"You have no chance against me. But I see no reason in this meaningless battle. To kill the boy behind you, you have become nothing but an annoyance. I was hoping you proved to be more of a challenge."

"You cannot protect him- you - are - WORTHLESS." the dark lord provoked him.

Bleeding badly, he continued to grip his sword tightly, he began to doubt himself.

"What if this asshole is right? I am worthless. I cant even protect-"


And anger surged through him at the thought of being unable to protect the one person he loved the most. He had found his resolve. The more he thought about it, the more his reiatsu had begun to grow.

"What- What is this?" the Dark Lord questioned. Shocked at the power the substitute Death God was beginning to harness.

"What is it? It is my resolve." he replied with a smirk."

"Your resolve is it? Then I hope it's your resolve to die." The Dark Lord was clearly starting to lose his cool.

"I have no intention of dying- yet, old man", the substitute Death God replied," I have yet to even begin battle."

With his reiatsu building up to its peak, he was ready.

"Ban- Kai.".