Well this was written by my friend and I'm using it as a prologue for my story.

-- arii


The scratches on my arm

Were only a mistake

The bruises on my face

Are such a disgrace

When you look at me

It makes me hurt

When you touch me

It makes me ache

When you are with me

It makes me throb

I can't be with you anymore

Because of you

I got those sores

You keep touching me

In ways I can't even explain

You keep hurting me

So please stay away

I don't need you anymore in my life


I really want to stop this fight

You try to fight me

And I fight back

You try to slap me

And I slap back

You yell at me

And I yell back

Face it

You can't hurt me

I have to admit

You cannot stay

Don't you understand?

I want you away!

Out of my life!

Out of my sight!

It gives me the chills

Just to be around you

So bye!

Go away

I HATE you!

So now

Don't you see?

I don't want you anymore


Don't make me plead

Just let me be

Poem By:

Katelyn Anderson



(A/N:) Well that was a poem my friend wrote…and I really liked it and asked her if I could use it as a prologue for one of my stories… SHE SAID YES!!! So tell me if you like the poem…well anywho's this story will contain cutting and other things related to depression, so if you don't particularly like that subject then I suggest you hit the back button out of this story. Well other then that I hope that you enjoy the story…by the way I'm working on the plot right now so I'll try to update as soon as possible!!! Oh and this story will contain some of my OC's, there names will be Ami, Satsuki, and Hotaru. If you all want a description then you should ask and I'll put it in the next chapter. Well thanks for reading!!

-- arii