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Sasuke smiled down at the small raven haired girl coyly, a strange glint entering his coal colored eyes. Oh how he was going to enjoy getting back at the little emerald eyed vixen before him…and then hopefully saving what little bit of dignity he had left as well as his passport. Which, by the way, he still had absolutely no idea how she had managed to get out of his back pocket without himself, or anyone else for that matter, noticing.

So before Hotaru could react, Sasuke had wrapped one strong arm around her petite waist, pulling her small body against his firm, hard frame, letting his forehead fall to rest against Hotaru's, his eyes boring holes into her very soul. "You are such a sneaky little pest, did you know that?" Sasuke asked her softly, his warm breath fanning across her cheeks, a faint rosy hue painting over them as he spoke. "Yes, I did…I wouldn't be myself if I wasn't a pest. That is common knowledge," Hotaru mumbled with a slight attitude, trying very hard to keep the trembling in her voice hidden as she spoke.

"Good then, because if you weren't a pest then I wouldn't have been able to do this…" Just as Hotaru was going to ask him what he meant, she felt a pair of soft, warm lips pressing against her own, trying to coax them into a playful dance that at the moment the furious girl wanted no part in. Sliding her small hands between their conjoined bodies, Hotaru attempted to push Sasuke off of her, only succeeding in tangling her hands into his button up shirt.

YOU'STUPID SHIRT! I'LL KILL YOU WHENEVER I GET THE FREAKING CHANCE!' Hotaru screamed mentally, completely and thoroughly pissed off at the entire situation…not to mention embarrassed. 'I need to calm down and think of a way to get out of this.' Her mind went silent for a few, brief seconds before suddenly firing into full motion, a brilliant and fool-proof plan already in mind. 'Ha! Why didn't I think of this before? Oh, I'm such a dork sometimes…I swear I don't know how I've managed to get along in this world with as naïve as I can be…'

Smirking against Sasuke's lips, Hotaru opened her mouth a tiny bit and waited for Sasuke to slip his tongue inside. At that moment the still furious emerald eyed girl bit down, hard but not hard enough to draw blood. As soon as Sasuke felt the teeth clamp down on his sensitive tongue he jumped backwards. His arms flew from her body faster than they had placed themselves there in the first place. Hotaru found this to be great fun, of course not so much when his stumbling pulled her along for the ride seeing as her hands were still twisted in Sasuke's shirt.

The added confusion didn't help Sasuke regain his balance, thus ending with him on the floor, a very flustered and angry Hotaru straddling his hips. Her cheeks burning a bright red at the compromising position they were now in. "Oh lovely. Just freaking lovely, as if being kissed by you weren't bad enough, now I'm freaking sitting over your, your…thing." Her eye twitched at the realization of just how wrong this whole thing actually looked while Sasuke just lay there on the floor, a smirk resting on his lips while he watched Hotaru squirm under the many gazes of their rather large audience.

"So how do you plan on getting out of this one Missy?" Sasuke asked with that mocking tone of his, coal black eyes glittering in unhidden amusement. "Shut-up Chicken Hair, don't talk to me right now," Hotaru glowered at him and tugged at her hands, finally yanking them free after a few moments of struggle. Pushing up, Hotaru stood over him, stepping away from Sasuke as he slowly stood up casually, the same cocky smirk on his face…like this was nothing to him.

Growling under her breath Hotaru turned her back and crossed her arms over her chest angrily, her eyebrows furrowing in frustration at the murmurs that suddenly swept through the crowd like a hurricane. It truly was quiet annoying and bothersome to the girl and how she hoped it was for Sasuke too…but sadly that wasn't the case. The raven haired young man seemed perfectly at ease, his face the picture of perfect carelessness…like this was normal for him.

With Sakura and Gaara

The pink haired teen stood in slight shock at what had just happened to her best-friend, almost sister. She had never seen the girl turn such a bright shade of red…not ever in her entire life. But what surprised Sakura even more was the fact that Hotaru had yet to completely blow up at Sasuke and rip him to shreds…verbally and physically. "What the devil? Good God she's the most confusing person I know sometimes and then again it's like she's the most simple minded person on the face of the Earth! ARGHH! Why am I surrounded by people that I don't get?" Sakura ranted to nobody in particular, the only person really close enough to pay any mind was the seemingly emotionless Lobster Boy standing next to the baffled pink haired teen.

"Feel free to shut up at any time, your voice is starting to give me a headache…as is your friends." Gaara's deep voice filled Sakura's ears in a sudden rush, causing her to jump in slight surprise. "You can talk?" Sakura asked, an air of wonder surrounding her as she got in his face, staring at him curiously and suddenly poking his forehead before stepping back and nodding her head slightly. "Alright, I guess I can put my faith into you…for the time being that is," She gave him a suspicious look and then turned to look at her huffing friend, "So how about we go get those two butt monkeys and set things straight…then Taru-chan and I seriously need to find our freaking plane before it leaves without us… I really don't want a repeat of that whole Boston fiasco…" A shiver rippled up Sakura's spine at the memory of the chaotic trip, something the emerald eyed girl had been trying to forget for a long time because that was when she developed her fear of marshmallows.

Yeah, it's a long story…we'll save that one for another time.

Gaara looked at Sakura with an expression that literally read, "Are you freaking kidding me? You're on your own with this." As if to show there was no way to change his mind Gaara crossed his arm over his chest and spread his legs apart a bit, like he was bracing himself for some sort of surprise attack the little pink haired girl might try to spring on him. Although it was highly unlikely that she would even be able to cause any damage to the muscular red head, it was just in Gaara's nature to be defensive and protective of himself.

"Oh, now come on. You're not being fair or co-operative with me! You could at least get your Chicken haired friend, he's really starting to make Taru-chan upset…" Sakura started to whine, walking over to him and clutching onto his arm tightly, pressing her cheek against his arm while she continued to rant on about how he was being a mean Lobster and how that was supposed to be his cousin the crab's job, not his. So finally after a few more unbearable minutes of listening to the pink haired girl whine and complain, Gaara shrugged her off and glared in an irritated fashion.

"Fine, I'll help if you just shut the hell up woman!" Gaara's pale jade eyes pierced Sakura's dark emerald orbs as he brushed past her and headed towards Sasuke, who still stood completely relaxed in the middle of the ring of slowly dispersing people. And then there was Hotaru, standing off to the side with her back facing everyone, like she was trying to block out the world surrounding her. The small black haired girls' earlier attitude seemed to have left her, like someone had just thrown water on a fire and put it out.

Sakura gave the two boys one last glance, catching both of their eyes before heading towards her best friend quietly. It was then that Sakura noticed something, Hotaru was wearing long sleeves, something she rarely ever did…even in the winter the girl would wear short sleeves and tank-tops, avoiding long sleeves like the plague because she said they were uncomfortable and she just didn't like them. But yet there she was, in a semi-fitted baby-blue shirt, the sleeves a tad too long, hanging to the middle of Hotaru's palms. 'Strange…I didn't know Hotaru suddenly liked wearing long sleeved shirts…'

The pink haired girl pushed the thought out of her mind for the moment and came to stand behind Hotaru, a hand reaching out grab her shoulder gently, startling the girl out of her reverie and back to reality. "What? Sakura…when did you get over here?" Hotaru's eyes had a slightly glossy look to them, the kind of glossy look a drunk person often wore after more than a few drinks. "Hey, are you alright Taru-chan?" Sakura inquired softly, her hand remaining on Hotaru's shoulder incase the girl needed some unexpected support.

"I'm perfectly fine Saku-chan, why wouldn't I be?" Out of nowhere Hotaru seemed to have returned to her normal, almost childish state. A worried expression covering her face, Hotaru reached up and set her cool palm against Sakura's slightly large forehead, obviously feeling for a fever since she then brought her hand and placed it against her own forehead, letting out a sigh of relief a few second later. "Good, I thought you were sick for a second. I mean, with your crazy question that is, where did it come from Saku-chan?" Hotaru's tone was that of genuine confusion, she honestly didn't know what it was that provoked such a strange question from her pink haired friend.

"Oh, it was nothing Hotaru. Don't worry about…but moving on. Don't you think we should hurry up and find our plane? It's supposed to leave in a few minutes, right?" Sakura linked arms with Hotaru, pulling her towards their fallen suitcases where they each bent down and grabbed their respective luggage. "You're right!" Hotaru screeched loudly. Holding Sakura's hand tightly as they started to weave their way between the crowd in an attempt to arriving at their gate on time.

"HEY! Chicken Hair got his passport back I think…It's not in my pocket anymore and that's where I put it last." Hotaru exclaimed as the two disappeared into the large mass of people, all hurrying towards their planes in one mad rush.

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