Hi I hope you like this story I got the idea from Anjana (Piper and King Leonardo aka Leo) but this story is different. Hopefully better!

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"Piper honey can you please come downstairs," Patty, Piper's mum said. Piper had 3 sisters Prue who was 24 and was married to Andy who was the Duke of Edinburgh they had fallen in love when they were 20 and got married when they were 22. Prue has a child called Eloise, who had a first birthday a few months ago. Piper had two younger sisters, Phoebe and Paige. Phoebe was 21 and Paige was 19. Piper was 23 and everyday she dreamed about finding true love. Piper felt it was impossible it would ever happen because Piper was a princess and so were her sisters. All of Piper's boyfriends had only wanted her for her money. Piper's mum was the Queen of Genovia. Genovia was a small country that hardly anybody knew of. (I stole the place from The Princess Diaries) It wasn't like being the Queen of England, some days Piper did wish she was Queen of England but she knew was a dream nothing more. Anyway she despised the King of England his name was Leo Wyatt. She had a boyfriend at the moment anyway, his name was Dan Gordon and Piper felt that maybe this relationship was different to the others.

Piper got changed and walked downstairs wondering why her mum would call her. When she entered the living room she saw about 20 people in smart suits.

"Honey King Leo has asked for your hand in marriage." Piper stood there in shock she couldn't marry Leo she had a boyfriend she loved very much.

"Mum can I speak to you privately please," Piper said.

"Mum I have a boyfriend! I am not going to go marry some other man when I am in love with Dan!"

"Please honey just accept and then you can be Queen of England like you have always wished for and how do you know that you and this Dan bloke will ever get married. Plus King Leo is really handsome. Please Piper you would have so much power you would be Princess of Genovia and Queen of England."

Piper stood there uncertain of what to do she couldn't just go marry King Leo when she was in love with Dan, at least she thought it was love. Her mum was right how did she even know if it would work out between them.

"Fine I'll do it I'll marry him,"

"Yay!" Patty squealed.

Piper and her mum walked back to the living room. Piper noticed that Phoebe and Paige had come down to see what happened. Prue lived with Andy she would have to call and tell her what happened.

"I have decided to take King Leo's offer, I will marry him," Piper said. Piper noticed everybody there started to smile. Piper couldn't help but wonder why the King hadn't come. Piper looked over at Phoebe and Paige they were smiling, how was she going to break up with Dan? She couldn't believe her dream was going to come true but for some reason she wasn't too happy about the idea of marrying Leo he seemed like the one who would cheat on his wife. form all the things she had heard about him.

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