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You Only Live Once

Chapter 1- High School Graduation Party

Yuki's Pov

I was looking through my yearbook. A lot had happened in out senior year. Tohru, lovely Tohru had a wonderful boyfriend from America, Kyle; Kyo and Uotani-san fell in love, Kyo's graduation present to her was a $5,000 engagement ring, they still plan to elope though. Akito has loosened his reign a ton, thanks to Kimi. How Kimi even got close to Akito is the scary part, he came to our school, just to keep an eye on his family; he ended up falling in love with free spirited Kimi, amazing huh?

I looked up at the clock, noticing it was late when I heard a knock at the door.

"Yuki?" It was Kyo. We had become really close friends, too. Now that was a scary thought. "Yuki, come on we'll be late for the party Shigure is throwing us." I was still silent. "You damn rat, get your ass up!"

"I'll be there in a second." I got up and walked over to my closet pulling out my favorite purple shirt; it had buttons all the way up to my neck. I walked over to the door and opened it. Kyo was no longer standing there. I walked down the stairs, as I neared the bottom seven pairs of eyes were on me. I looked around the room to see Kyo, Akito, Kimi, Shigure, Hatori, Ayame, and Kyle.

"Umm, where are Honda-san, Uotani-san, and Hanajima-san?" I asked everyone.

"My lovely flower, Tohru-kun went to go get Arisa and Saki!" Shigure said with his usual obnoxiously stupid grin. I never really understood how Kyle was not bothered by Shigure's pervertedness1; actually, Kyle was a little perverted himself. Yet Tohru loved him anyways, now that shocked me.

"I'm back!" We heard Tohru call form the front door followed by Uotani and Hanajima. Kyo took Uotani's jacket, then her hand. Tohru walked into the kitchen, I saw Kyle slip in after her.

"Shall we go to the party!?!" Shigure gleamed. Everyone walked out the back door with his or her loved ones, well except for me. I was about to shut the door, but someone tapped my back.

"Something will shock us all today." Hanajima was ever calm when she said this. Then she walked out the door, I followed.

Once I was out the door I looked for Kyo and Haru; Haru was talking to Kyle, Kyle had a perverted smirk on his face. Kyo was nowhere in site, maybe making out with Uotani or something, oh well.

"Yuki-kun, can we go get some of the watermelon," Tohru paused, and then whispered "from the secret-base?" I smiled and nodded.

"Umm, Yuki-kun, Uo-chan said that Kyo told her..."

"Told her what?"

"Umm, he told her about the Sohma curse." She said very nervously.

I stopped dead in my tracks, what would ever possess Kyo to do that? Well he did love her, but it was Kyo we were talking about here, the stupid cat.

"Yuki-kun?!?" Tohru turned around, "Uo-can is fine with it, she actually thought that it was kinda cute every time Kyo turned into a cat and yelled at her." She smiled

"What about his true form, what about that thing he becomes without his beads?" I asked bluntly.

"She knows of that, too. Nevertheless, the thing about Uo-chan is she is very understanding, she may not seem like it, but she is! She accepts him, she loves him. "She smiled at me, I smiled back.

Once we arrived at the secret-base I grabbed three watermelons, Tohru grabbed a tiny one.

I walked into the kitchen; Kyle, Kyo, and Haru were in there discussing something.

"So you take Yuki and we'll meet you there." Kyle confirmed. Kyo smirked and grabbed my left arm, Haru my right. They started to drag me off toward Shigure's study, which is where I ended up.

"I was going to help Tohru cut the watermelon!" I protested.

"Kyle's got that covered, but when he's done he is gonna bring the girls and we are gonna play a game." Kyo said very seductively.

"Huh?" I didn't quite understand.

Haru whispered in my ear, "Strip Poker!" He gave me the chills up and down my spine.

———————————————————————————A half hour later————————————————————————————————

I was down to my boxers; I was never good at poker! Haru had only taken off his shirt. Kyo was taking off his jacket, and Kyle (who has now joined) just took off his belt. Finally Uotani-san, who couldn't back away from a challenge (especially from Kyo, since he challenged her), she had on only her undershirt above her underwear.

"Man, there goes my pants, my lovely, sexy, pants!" Kyle complained, but right as he was taking them off Tohru opened the door.

"I got you guys — OMIGOSH!" she was quickly turned away.

"It's okay Tohru you can come in, and see me and my sexiness2you know you want to!! Saki-chan you can come in, too!" Kyle said reassuringly. I didn't realize that Hanajima was behind her.

"Why don't you join the game?" Uotani asked.

"Umm —"

"I don't mind playing." Hanajima interrupted.

"Then I'll play, too." Tohru responded nervously.

"Wait a second!" I heard Kyo snap. "Isn't Hanajima really good?!?"

"Who knows, shut the fuck up and sit down!" Uotani yelled at him.

"I've never played poker before." Hanajima stated. Uotani gave Kyo a death glare.

————————————————————————————A few rounds later——————————————————————————————

Kyle was completely naked now, but by the smirk he had on his face, it seemed like he did it on purpose. Haru had his boxers left. Kyo still had his pants on, damn he's good. As for the girls, Uotani had taken off the undershirt leaving her red-laced bra and matching thong. Tohru had just taken her shirt off; she now sat nervously in her skirt and pink bra. As for Hanajima, she was winning; she was still wearing her cape. Finally, me, still in my boxers, thank god!

"I told you she was good Kyo burst out.

"So are you, now sit down." Uotani said sarcastically. Kyo sat down, luckily.

I saw Uotani look over to Hanajima, and Hanajima nod. I wonder what they were plotting.

In ten minutes, Hanajima was left in her undershirt and slip. I smiled Uotani must have wanted her to, so that Kyo would shut up.

"Ha'ri, Aya you come, too. My newest book is now complete." Rang Shigure's voice from the hallway.

"Shit, everybody, clothes, quick!" Kyo snapped.

Everyone was dressed and were picking up the cards, when Haru slipped out the door.

"Hey umm, I kinda lost Momiji, we were playing hide and go seek, but its been a half hour and I can't find him. Will you people help me look? Haru lied.

"Of course Haa-kun!" Shigure said, a little too cheerfully, I think he is on his way to becoming drunk. We heard footsteps disappear down the hall. We all snuck out of Shigure's study and out to the party.

When we all arrived outside, Kyle stood up on a table.

"Can I have everyone's' attention, I would like to make an announcement!" He hopped off the chair and knelt down on one knee, "Tohru, will you marry me?" He took the ring out of his pocket and showed it to her. He whispered to Tohru, "before you answer, are you willing to go to America with me?" I was about three feet away; I was the only one who heard what he said, besides Tohru that is. My eyes opened wide, I was so happy for her, but I didn't want her to leave.

"Yes, I would love to marry you; I'll go where you go." Tohru said all choked up. They hugged, and then Tohru went into the house with Hanajima and Uotani.

——————————————————————————several hours later———————————————————————————————

I was helping Tohru clean up the kitchen, while Kyo, Haru, Shigure, and Ayame were outside.

"Yuki-kun, my ring reminds me of the Sohma family, wherever I may be." She must know I heard Kyle, when he said that they would be going back to America.

"Huh," I didn't understand. What was she talking about?

"My ring, it has the zodiac on it, its inscribed with it, even the cat!" Tohru was so happy, she was almost crying again. "I'm gonna miss all of you, so much." She was getting choked up.

"I'm gonna miss you, too. I love you, your like a part of my family, actually more like a real family, not like one of the cursed."

"I love you, too. Yuki, you guys have become my family. If you don't mind finishing, I would really like to go to bed." She said softly

"I don't mind, you rest."

Tohru walked up the stairs and went into her room.

When I thought about it, Hanajima was right something shocking did happen today, shocking good, and a little shocking bad; but mostly good.

End Chapter 1

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"I bid you, please take care of my little Yuki"

-Hatsuharu Sohma, the 14th book of Fruits Basket

1 I made up the word pervertedness, if you have any problems with understand the concept, please let me know!!

2 My friend Jimmybo's favorite saying!! I just wanted to give him credit! (He is an actual friend, that isn't really his name, but that's was people call him!)