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You Only Live Once

chapter 3 – Do I love her?

(Yuki's pov)

I didn't know what to say, I mean I've none her for years but never this side of her. And on top of that isn't this moving kinda fast? I kissed her that was all that I could do. The kiss was gentle but satisfying. The look in her eyes was as if she understood. I laid there for a while as she fell asleep. I stroked her hair peacefully as I finally fell into slumber.

I woke up before her and got out of the bed. Carefully I walked down the stairs toward the kitchen, but as I walked by the living room I noticed a certain orange head on the couch. I walked over there.

"Kyo? What the hell are you doing here?" I asked shaking his shoulder.

"Nyah, ugh ya' damn yankee leave me alone." Kyo said swatting my hand away.

"Kyo I am not your girlfriend get up!!!" I yelled at him forgetting Saki was upstairs.

"Oh!" He rubbed his eyes. "Sorry Yuki, Arisa kicked me out of her dad's house, actually her dad did since he found out. And all the stuff I did to help out him and their home! Ugh he makes me so mad sometimes." Kyo was complaining loudly as he sat up.

"Kyo, shush you're too loud. Saki is upstairs asleep, I would have taken her home, but I don't know where she lives." I scratched the back of my head. There was a quiet sound of a window opening quickly, but I ignored it.

"Did you hear something?" He questioned me.

"Nah it must have been the wind. Hey if you don't mind can you make breakfast?"

"Yea sure whatever." Kyo got up with a growl. I ran upstairs to get Saki. But I didn't find her, on my bed though I found a note.

Dear Yuki-kun,

Thank you for everything, I really

appreciate it! I will see you soon, I guess

but I thought about it and I think that we

should go our separate ways, I'm sorry

but I'll explain at a later date. I do still

love you but maybe I didn't know what

I meant I was caught up in the moment.

Please except my apology.


Saki Hanajima

I stood there in shock, just before there was a pounding at the front door. I ran downstairs to the door and opened it.

"Is Kyo here?" It was Arisa….. She had this really worried face I had never seen here wear before. I didn't realize that she cared for him that much. "Well is he?"

"Uh, oh sorry," she nodded. "Yea he is in the kitchen."

"Thank you," she ran into the kitchen after I let her in I walked over to the door way to see what would happen, hoping that they wouldn't see me I hid behind the wall.

"Kyo?" I could tell now that she had started to cry, that would be the day when I actually get to see the tears fall from her eyes but of course she was facing the other way.

"Huh, Arisa, what's wrong baby? Are you okay?" I have never heard Kyo be so caring. Wow he even used her first name, maybe she hasn't cried in front of him either. I knew he wanted to hold her, he had to of.

"Where did you go, I called your cell phone a couple times before I learned it was in my room, I called everyone, and then my dad wouldn't let me out of the house because I kept throwing up." I could hear her crying really hard.

"I'm so sorry, I went for a walk in the park to blow off some steam and then I went to see haru and I had dinner with him. After that I walked until my feet brought me somewhere and I ended up here, where everything began. I fell asleep on the couch." I heard them kiss and then figured I should give them their privacy.

Anyways that's when the phone rang. "Hello," I called into the phone.

"Yun-Yun, how are you," she didn't even wait for me to reply. "Good, good. Well anyways, I'm throwing Arisa a baby shower, yea Kyo told Akito and now I know but make sure you tell thru before you get there, have fun and I'll see you tomorrow at noon. Oh and Akito says show up please my darling rat. I'm so jealous, heehee. Okay see you later Yun-Yun, my love Kimi!" She hung up the phone.

"Damn," I mumbled under my breath, "that girl can talk."


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