A/N: First, an apology: I absolutely love Faramir/Eowyn. They are such a sweet couple and the romance Tolkien wrote for them is simply beautiful. However, I couldn't resist writing this AU story about Boromir/Eowyn. Faramir/Eowyn fans, forgive me: )

Second, I am very much open to suggestions. I haven't figured out a lot of ideas for it yet. I'm not quite sure when it should take placeā€”I mean, how far before the War of the Ring? It can't be very far, obviously. I have some ideas, but not a ton. I want this story to be serious (with some humor and fluff, of course!) and I want it to be believable. What I am trying to say, in a very round-about sort of way, is helpful hints and constructive criticisms are welcome!

Third, a special thanks, as ever, to my sister, who is my editor. She enthusiastically helped me come up with ideas, and a little too enthusiastically critiqued my spelling errors and my typos. I love ya, Mari: )

Now: The Feature Presentation.

Chapter 1: Gondor

Wearily, Denethor massaged his aching temples. His ambassador to Rohan had just returned, with bad news. Rohan was more than interested in breaking off relations with Gondor. There had been no strong friendship between the two countries since Theoden's sire had married Morwen, a woman of Gondor. It had been a brief treaty. Since then, the countries had simply stopped communicating with each other.

"What do you propose?" The steward asked.

"An alliance, M'Lord. An alliance between Rohan and Gondor. Of a... more permanent sort."

Denethor knew, in his heart, what was being suggested, yet could not bring himself to say it out loud. "Speak plainly!" he commanded.

"Lord Denethor, if your eldest son and the Lady Eowyn were to be wed, it would mark a permanent alliance between you and Rohan. King Theoden would never dare move against you if he knew his niece's life could be at stake."

Denethor grimaced. Boromir had no intention of marrying. "Perhaps, Faramir?"

Amlach shook his head. "To wed your youngest son while your eldest is not troth plighted? Nay, M'Lord. It would show ill-will on your part. Lord Boromir is your heir. It would solidify the alliance if the heir after him was of Rohiric and Gondorian birth."

Denethor's head ache was coming on full force. "Very well. You will deliver this proposal to Theoden?"

Amlach bowed. "At once."

And, because I'm feeling generous (and because these are short chapters and the story is just starting), I have posted the second chapter, as well.