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Chapter Five


Materials Needed: Alternate persona Bruce Wayne, the media, one partner, and basic stealth skills.

Step One: Immediately after you have learned that Scarecrow has broken free of Arkham, have it announced through various media sources (i.e. newspapers, television, etc.) that Bruce Wayne will be holding a large benefit to raise money to restore the Walkman Home (or any other rundown establishment or home rumored to be heavily haunted).

Surely boy billionaire Bruce Wayne was the stupidest man in all of Gotham. It was this thought that amused Jonathan Crane, better known as The Scarecrow, as he read the announcement for Wayne's benefit to restore the old Walkman place. Scarecrow was the self-proclaimed Master of Fear, and if Wayne thought that he could outdo him by holding the benefit within the very walls of the Walkman Home, as the newspaper reported, then he would have to be taught a lesson in the ways of fear. And, of course, it wouldn't hurt that he would be able to steal millions of dollars in the process.

Step Two: At the last minute before the benefit, have Wayne send invitations to all his guests announcing the change in party venue, explain that the Walkman Home has been deemed "too dangerous." Be sure to do so in enough time to inform all of the guest, but in not enough time to get the news to the media. Then, on the night of the benefit, have yourself and your partner properly stationed.

Scarecrow would use his own reputation to strike fear into the heart of the partygoers. He planned no sneak attack. Instead, he and his henchmen would simply burst into the Walkman Home, with their gas-masks at the ready, of course, and allow fear to fester and spread. As their vehicle pulled to a stop in from of the large, manor home, Scarecrow's brow immediately furrowed. The place was rather dimly lit for a benefit. In fact, the large, slowly falling apart manor looked as if there was not a single light on in the place.

"What's going on, Boss?" one of his larger henchmen grunted.

Scarecrow waved a dismissive hand. "It's probably for the theme of the party. I've no doubt that Wayne has probably based the whole night off the fact that this place is supposed to be haunted. Let's go, boys."

With that, the group burst through the large, double doors of the gloomy manor. Scarecrow had his eyes closed, ready to relish the screams of fear and doubt. However, when no sound came but the whistling of wind though the broken glass of many of the windows, he opened them, staring about. The manor was completely empty. Scarecrow growled.

"They must be further within the manor. Split up and look!" he ordered.

Step Three: Move stealthily about the manor, slamming doors and shutters on the windows. Have your partner do the same, each of you taking out the henchman when appropriate. However, do NOT shut the main door to the manor yet.

Every slam of a door caused Scarecrow to jump, despite himself. He was at least four rooms inside the manor, and he had heard this noise several times. And, if he wasn't imagining things, he could have sworn he heard groans coming from the other rooms of the manor. He had reached the sixth room inside the manor when he had quite decided that something wasn't right. Whirling on heel, he made his way, at top speeds, back towards the manor's main exit.

Step Four: After your partner and yourself have taken out all the henchmen, and you've heard Scarecrow head back towards the main door, move into position. Place your partner at the main exit, ready to slam the door in the Scarecrow's face.

Scarecrow could hear the rain that had begun to pour outside. As soon as he broke free of the second room within the manor, he could see it through the doors that he and his henchmen had left open. He was within feet of the exit when, suddenly, the doors slammed soundly in front of him. He screamed, a mix of rage and fear.

"What is this? What's going on?" he demanded to the unseen forces.

Step Five: Make sure that your partner and yourself deliberately ignore the Scarecrow's questions (if any). When the villain's back is turned away from the doors, swoop down behind him, cape extended. For the next event, please be prepared not to laugh out loud.

A loud clap of thunder, followed by a bright flash of lightning, and a ghoulish—and giant—shadow was cast upon the doors in front of Scarecrow. He screamed… loud and shrilly. Whirling to run, he had mere seconds to realize that there was someone behind him before his face connected with the person's fist. He fell to the floor, unconscious.

Step Six: After having knocked the Scarecrow unconscious and properly bound him, share in a nice laugh with your partner.

Robin swooped down from his perch above the door, his mouth pressed tightly together. Batman raised a brow.

"What is it, Robin?"

A loud gasp of laughter exploded from the Boy Wonder's mouth as he bent over, slapping his knee.

"Scarecrow screams like a girl!" he managed in between gulps of air.

Even Batman couldn't help but smile at that one.

Step Seven: As usual, cart back to Arkham. But this time, have a nice laugh about it.

Special Note One: This method works anytime of the year in a rumored haunted house, but it is found to work best at Halloween.

Special Note Two: If no thunderstorm is available, it is entirely appropriate to use special effects to create your own. Your call.

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