((A/N- Hello fellow Avartists! Do you think you have Obsessive Avatar Syndrome? Read these symptoms to confirm it!

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Twenty-Five Symptoms of Obsessive Avatar Syndrome (OAS)

1. You can barely contain your tears or temper tantrums when you hear how long you'll have to wait for the next episode.

2. You can't contain your tears or temper tantrums.

3. You spend hours listing the characters in the order of how much you like them.

4. You fill a notebook with reasons why you put so-and-so character after what's-his-name in your list.

5. You have a shrine in your room dedicated to your favorite character.

6. Even though you're not allowed to watch Avatar, you've seen every episode at least four times.

7. You know random, useless facts about the show. Like how many times the cloth around Sokka's wrist is wrapped. (It's four, by the way)

8. You are proud that you know these random, useless facts.

9. You're only slightly embarrassed to admit that you like some cartoon.

10. When you read 'some cartoon', you thought (or yelled at the computer screen), "Avatar is not just some cartoon!" or something similar. Swear words might have been involved.

11. You started watching other Nick shows just because Avatar: The Last Airbender is so good.

12. You spend hours thinking about every second of the latest episode.

13. You bought an iPod just so you could watch Avatar episodes whenever you wanted.

14. Your homework is almost unreadable because of all the arrows, nation insignias, or character caricatures.

15. You challenge random people to an Agni-Kai.

16. You quote the show often.

17. Your friends don't even watch the show (losers) and they can quote your favorite lines because you say them so much.

18. Mushrooms make you laugh.

19. Cabbages make you laugh.

20. You make up weird ships, like Aang and Zuko, just to think about Avatar.

21. You know the exact shade of blue of Aang's tattoos.

22. You think you know at least twenty ideas that would make the show better for your favorite ship.

23. You know that nothing could make this show better, no matter what ship you support.

24. Your first or second religion is Avatarism.

25. You're nodding and smiling because you've actually done these things!!!

((A/N-Boy, I had fun with this. I can honestly say that I have done most of those things. Review please! Oh, and write in the review if you have an idea for a symptom. I'm trying to think of ones that nobody has used. (Yes, I know some of those have been. Guilty as charged) Next 25 symptoms coming soon!))