It amazes me how often I forget to do a disclaimer. I mean, what is wrong with me? Am I really that insane? The answer: Yes, yes I am.

I thought you'd all want to know a crazy little dream of mine. Avatar of course. gets mobbed by readers wanting me to get to the list Hold your horses! This is quick! Sokka was hanging upside by his ankle, the rope tied around it suspended high in the air. Hakoda was beneath him and handed him another rope. This rope had a strange little corkscrew at the end. Sokka took it and stared at it. He said, "My meatball has not yet formed." And then a meatball grew on the corkscrew. Weird, huh? I'm telling you, I'm losing it. I've been walking around the house for two days saying, "My meatball has not yet formed." Let me tell you, I get some pretty strang reactions.

On with the list!

Disclaimer: Me no own Avatar. Do I have to spell it out for you? Alright then. M-e n-o o-w-n A-v-a-t-a-r. Got it now? Good. Moving on.

The Last Twenty-Five Symptoms of Obsessive Avatar Syndrome

226. Everything reminds you of Avatar. For example, you catch yourself saying, "Sokka walks that way." – Justcallmewolfy

227. That Cheeto kind of looks like Appa. Doesn't it? – Justcallmewolfy

228. You have fashioned a glider out of cardboard and duct tape. – Justcallmewolfy

229. And attempted to fly with it. –Justcallmewolfy

230. You took a picture of yourself in a hospital bed after your 'airbending stunt' and posted it on the Internet. – Kumori Doragon

231. Fellow Avatards worshipped you for at least two weeks. – Kumori Doragon

232. You hate the people that think Naruto is better than Avatar: The Last Airbender. Naruto is pretty good, but not as good. – J-Depp.Aang.Zuko and Me-RatitA

233. You can't understand why the toyshops in your country don't sell toy Momos. – J-Depp.Aang.Zuko and Me-RatitA

234. You have taken every existent Avatar-related quiz and you always get the best scores. – J-Depp.Aang.Zuko and Me-RatitA

235. Only because you've taken each one at least a hundred times! – J-Depp.Aang.Zuko and Me-RatitA

236. You convert your I-hate-cartoons friend to your OAS best friend. – J-Depp.Aang.Zuko and Me-RatitA

237. You can sit reading fanfics or fanvids for four hours. – J-Depp.Aang.Zuko and Me-RatitA

238. And can continue for another four hours after taking a bathroom break. – J-Depp.Aang.Zuko and Me-RatitA

239. You have a plot to kidnap the Nickelodeon president Cyma Zarghami and force her to air season three. – J-Depp.Aang.Zuko and Me-RatitA

240. The plot somehow involves Momo disguised as a ghost. – Kumori Doragon

241. You search Youtube every night for a preview of season three. – J-Depp.Aang.Zuko and Me-RatitA

242. And Google. – J-Depp.Aang.Zuko and Me-RatitA

243. And every Avatar forum. – J-Depp.Aang.Zuko and Me-RatitA

244. And you cry yourself to sleep because you found nothing. – J-Depp.Aang.Zuko and Me-RatitA

245. Your friends have constantly tried to trick you by saying, "Hey look! A Flying bison!" – Never was and never will be

246. It works every time. – Never was and never will be

247. You have seriously considered naming your children after your favorite characters. – Never was and never will be

248. You've stared into the sun for long amounts of time in hopes of becoming blind and being able to earthbend. – EvilAnimeGoodness

249. Your vision was perfect and you now wear glasses/contacts. – EvilAnimeGoodness

250. You're deathly afraid of clouds that resemble fluffy bunnies. -Justcallmewolfy


You never imagined you would be addicted to a cartoon.

Because that would be silly. Right?

Thanks to everyone who read or reviewed. Each review is appreciated. Did anyone know what I meant by Momo disguised as a ghost? If not, I'm sure someone did and they'll say it in a review. I love you guys and I hope to post my little promised twoshot soon.

Oh wait! I almost forgot the cookies! -tosses cookies- Cookies for all!