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Lu was carefully arranging Marc's (her name for the week) things, since she was due in two weeks. She loved the peaceful feeling of the nursery and couldn't wait for her little boy to be in it.

Suddenly she felt a strong cramp in her back. Rolling her eyes, she figured that it was nothing since her back hurt like crazy all of the time. Trying to ignore the pain, she went on making sure that the nursery was possible.

(Three hours later)

Lu started timing the contractions and figured out that they were about ten minutes apart. She waddled down to Isabel's apartment, and let herself in. "Isabel are you here?" Lu called from the doorway.

"In the kitchen, Luisa."

"I need you to take me to county. I think I am in labor." As soon as Lu said it, her water broke. "Scratch that, I am in labor."

Isabel quickly walked into the room. Looked down at the floor next to Lu, and nodded. "Yes, chica you are. We will take a cab down there a.s.a.p."

Lu nodded, and let Isabel walk her out of the apartment.

(About ten hours later at County hospital)

"Come on, Luisa, push." Lu was lying on the bed, after hours of intense labor. Isabel was standing next to her bed holding her hand. "Mi amor, just a little more and then you will have a beautiful baby boy."

Lu shook her head. "I can't do it any more, Isabel, I just can't."

"Come on, Lu, one more big push, and his head will be out; things will be much easier after that! You can do it, I promise." Dr. Stephanie Davis said.

Mustering all of her strength, Lu leaned up and pushed down with all of her might. "Next time you see Bill, Isabel, tell that bastard I said go to hell. I hate him for this."

"Now, Luisa, don't think about Bill, just focus on little Marc."

After a few minutes of the cycle, Dr. Davis could see the head. "Lu, you are doing a great job, I can see his head. One or two more big pushes and you will have a beautiful little boy."

"Mi amor, he is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Two more pushes for him, do it for your new little baby." Isabel said as she brushed the hair out of Lu's face.

"I hate Bill!" Lu yelled during another contraction. Grimacing she pushed with all her might.

Suddenly, the room was filled with the sounds of a baby's cry. "Amazing job, Lu, I knew you could do it." Dr. Davis said as Isabel cut the cord. "I am going to clean him up and give him the APGAR test and then I will let you hold him."

Dr. Davis gently laid the little boy. "Respiration: two, heart rate: two, appearance: two, activity: two, responsiveness: two. Lu, your baby is a perfect ten. Do you have a name for this cute little guy?" She asked.

Lu nodded, "His name is Marc Anthony Delgado." Dr. Davis walked over with the newborn Marc in her arms. She gently laid the baby into Lu's waiting arms. Lu started to cry once Marc fell asleep in her arms.

"Mi amor, why the tears?" Isabel asked.

Lu shook her head, "Nothing; I just can't believe I did this, and my baby boy is so beautiful. You wanna hold him, Isabel?"

"Of course." Gently Isabel took the sleeping baby into her arms. "Luisa, I am so proud of you." She looked over at Lu and sow that she had fallen fast asleep. Isabel watched her sleep as she rocked Marc to sleep.

(Five days later)

"Ok, Lu, you have the diaper bag we give to all the moms," Lu nodded, "I put an address book in there, with my number in it. Don't hesitate to call if you need anything, and I mean anything. I also took a bunch of pictures, you and Marc, and Marc; those are in there too. Here is the wheelchair you have to ride in." Dr. Davis said as she helped Lu into the wheelchair, and handed Marc to her. She put the diaper bag across the handlebars.

They wheeled out of the room and down into the patient pick up area. "Do you have a ride to your building?"

Lu shook her head. "I was planning on riding the bus."

Stephanie furrowed her brow in concentration. " I don't like the idea of you taking Marc on the bus while he was so young. I think he should at least be a month or two old before you take him on the bus. I will pay for the taxi, and try to keep him home as much a possible. If Bill wants visitation, tell him to wait until he as at least six months old until you let him leave with Marc; until then he can visit with you. It is ok to leave Marc with Isabel if you need groceries or something, but not for long periods of time. I can't think of anything else that is important for you to know. You can wait in the waiting room until your cab gets here."

Twenty minutes later Lu an Marc were in a cab, embarking on their life together.

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