Susan sighed wearily. All day long, nothing but parties, luncheons, and dinners. Nothing. A total emptiness. Her life had become meaningless.

At first, America had been new and exciting. Now, it rang dully upon her senses.

She sunk further into the tub, eyes closed. Unbidden, a memory sprang to her mind...

A lion. A magnificent golden lion. He is not tame, but he is good...

No. She sat up straighter. Figments of her imagination. Of hers and...but, no, she could not remember them. They were dead.

Susan rose from the tub and dressed. She stood, idly running a brush through her hair.

Daughter of Eve... The voice came from everywhere and nowhere. It was powerful. It was gentle. It could not be refused or shut out. She was drawn, beyond her own control, to it.

She covered her ears. Go away! You're not real!

Come to me, Daughter of Eve!

Stop it! Leave me alone!




Oh, Aslan, I can't... Susan slumped against the wall.

Once a Queen in Narnia...Always a Queen in Narnia.

Not me. It's too late for me.

Can I not do the impossible?

Yes, but...

Do you believe?

I cannot... Aslan, I'm not strong enough!

With me, all is possible.

It was as if a warm breath was stealing over Susan's soul. She stopped fighting. Peace. Peace! She could have shouted for sheer joy. Aslan, I remember! I believe. Thank you! Oh, Aslan, take me home!

A light appeared, shining brightly.

Come to me.

Susan walked forward.

The light was blinding, but only for a moment.

She stepped into the most beautiful country she had every seen.

But the beauty of all it paled when she saw HIM. Aslan himself, stood, almost with a smile upon his noble face.

"Aslan!" With the joyous cry of one who knows forgiveness and has seen her Saviour, Susan flung her arms around his neck.

"Oh, dear Aslan!"

She was home.