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For the World

Riza had walked into her apartment, a bag of apples in her hand. She was surprisingly cheerful that day. She had been taking care of Roy since his 'accident' and she had never been so sure of his recovery. He had seemed to be fine, and their relationship had taken a turn, for what she hoped, would be for the better. She stepped into Roy's room, and stopped short. He was closing a suitcase; his uniform lay on the bed with a letter on top. She knew that letter.

"You received your orders?" she asked. He didn't say anything.

"Roy…" she said. He stood up, and placed his suitcase on the floor.

"I'm heading up north; border control," he said flatly. She stepped toward him.

"Border control? But you belong in Central; you have subordinates to…" she tried to say before he cut her off.

"Central is no place for a Corporal, Lieutenant," he said and brushed past her with his suitcase and uniform. She stood stock-still. As soon as the door closed, the apples feel to the floor.

End chapter 1