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15 ways to annoy Nash Rumack!

-Mess up his hair

-break his comb

-Tell him Mia and Tempest are engaged

-Follow him around poking him all day, tell him he deserves it for betraying Alex and the others

- get the song "I'm to sexy for my shirt" stuck in his head

- Tell him Royce stalks him

- Keep saying his name until he says "What?" then you say

- Whack him with an encyclopedia and shout "TAG! You're it!"

- Make him act out "Romeo and Juliet"

-Make him Romeo

- Make LUNA Juliet

- Kick back and watch Alex beat the crap out of him after the kissing scene with Luna

- Tell him a kitten is more threatening than he his

-shout "I'M NOT WEARING PAAAAAAANTS TOOOOOODAAAAAY!" when the two of you pass through a town

-Put on a Barney suit and chase him around saying "All I want is a hug!"


This is my very first fanfic, I hope you like it!