TITLE: Your Ex-Lover Is Dead




SUMMARY: AU. Lily lives. Veronica Mars moves to Neptune Junior year, leaving behind the tragedy that shaped her past in Waterford.

SPOILERS: Pilot for now, but lets just say all of season 1.

AN: FIRST FIC EVER!!! So I am extremely sorry for the suckyness I am just getting used to this whole thing.

Also the first chap follows the pilot but I promise this story will get its own plot and original story line.

The New Kids

She pushes the gooey yellow eggs around her plate for the fifth time that morning. Her father sighs at her across the table giving her a concerned look which she returns with a forced smile.

"Are you gonna eat that? Cause if not…" He gestures to his direction and Veronica slides her untouched plate of eggs to her father.

"Don't worry sweetie, you'll be fine. The first day is always tough, but trust me by next week you will be having slumber parties with all your new friends."

She looks over at him incredulously; the idea of her having a slumber party with anyone is ridiculous. She remembers that not that long ago she was having slumber parties with her best friend, but those days are long gone now.

She pushes herself away form there small kitchen table in their tiny shabby apartment and grabs her green messenger bag from the table.

"I'll go by the new building after school and help you set up Mars Investigations." She tells Keith before rushing out of the front door.

She hears a muffled 'good luck' through the door and her stomach feels queasy. She never was lucky.

She jumps out of her Le Baron, lasts year quasi Christmas/pity/guilt present from her father. She had gotten it after her whole life was turned inside out and upside down. Veronica quirks her eye looking around the parking lot as she immediately notices the vast amount of shiny, expensive looking cars. In contrast further down the parking lot there are a lot of 'restored' cars that look suspiciously a lot like her Le Baron. Yep, Veronica thinks, looks like things are going to be just like home.

Veronica is halfway towards the school when she sees a large crowd gathering around a flag pole. Curiosity had always been one of her more annoying traits and she quickly makes her way over to check out what all the commotion is. She lets out an inaudible gasp at the sight of a young African-American boy who has been taped naked to a flag pole. The word 'snich' blazed across his chest. Jeez, and this is supposed to be a good school. They haven't even mastered elementary school spelling.

She shakes her head disgustedly at the people around her who are whipping out their camera phones. Wow, she thinks dejectedly, these guys would give the mean kids back in Waterford a run for their money.

Seeing that nobody was going to help this kid Veronica reaches into her messenger bag and pulls out her pocket knife. The voice inside her head screams at her to let it go, tells her she needs to start at Neptune on the right foot but she pushes all of that aside as she makes her way closer to the flagpole.

The crowd looks on in shock as this tiny blonde girl rips down the boy from the flagpole.

'Who the hell is that?'

'Yeah, who died and made her Queen?'

'What a freak'

Veronica just turns around and in her faux pep squad voice yells, "Go Pirates!", adding a little fist punch in the air for good measure.

"Great first impression, Veronica" She mutters to herself as the crowd around her disperses to go to class.

As a general rule first days of school suck. There was the whole where-to-sit-at-lunch, where-the-hell-are-my-classes, who-do-I-want-to-avoid-at-all-costs and the check-out-the-new-girl stares. Veronica was currently stuck between a mixture of number one and four as she stood in the busy quad of Neptune High.

She had gone to all her classes and been ignored by the majority of people attending. Nobody had gone out of their way to introduce themselves or befriend Veronica and now she was stuck with the dilemma of working out where to sit. She spots a vacant table over the other side of the quad and she adjusts her lunch tray in one hand before quickly heading off in that direction. Before she can reach her destination though, she is approached by the 'flagpole guy'.

He smiles at her warmly before sticking out his hand to her,

"Hey, I'm Wallace. I'm new here"

"Veronica. And surprise, surprise I'm also new here."

"I just wanted to say thanks, for this morning. It was a really cool thing to do."

"Well it didn't seem like any of these asshats were going to help." She says gesturing towards the students milling around the quad.

"Yeah, I think we have landed ourselves in the meanest high school this side of California."

"The decisions still up in the air about that one"

They reach the vacant bright red lunch table and Veronica is inwardly relieved when Wallace takes the seat in front of her. Ever since everything went down in Waterford Veronica has been wary of new people, but Wallace looks so friendly and it had been so long since she had someone apart from her father.

"So who'd you piss off?"

"Um… the local bike gang"

Veronica looks over at him in shock.

"Wow, I'm impressed."

Wallace goes on filling her in on his encounter with the PCH bike club at the 'Sac n' Pac'. Just as his tale comes to a conclusion a large bald Mexican flops down next to him.

"My bitch, weren't you supposed to wait for me at the flagpole. Not sure I could have made that any clearer."

The Mexican guy is doing a pretty good job at intimidating the young boy and Wallace visible becomes nervous.

"Ok, very funny. We're even now" Wallace stutters a little over the words, looking like he is about to soil himself at any moment.

It is then that Veronica decides to do second stupidest thing for that day, but the look on Wallace's face makes her decision for her.

"Leave him alone."

Weevil looks over at Veronica, noticing her for the first time. He gives her an appreciative look as he lifts himself of the seat and saunters over to where Veronica is sitting.

"Sista, the only time I care what a woman has got to is when she is riding my big ole hog. Only then its not so much words just a bunch of ooohs and ahhs, you know."

You can't back down now, Veronica.

"So it's big, huh" Veronica says feigning interest and pushing the little bit of fear deep inside of her, pretending that engaging in banter with the leader of a bike gang is a normal occurrence for her.


"Well let's see it, I mean if it's as big as you say I'll be your girlfriend. We could go to Prom together."

Weevil laughs, amused at this tiny blonde thing with so much spunk.

"What seems to be the problem? I'm on a schedule here, Vato."

Veronica suddenly notices that this cocky gang leader has brought his gang along for this little get together. She panics a little when one of the guys standing behind Weevil steps.

"Weevil, don't let Blondie here talk to you like that."

"Sounds like your buddy over here wants to see it too."

Man, I just don't know when to stop.

"Hell, I'll show you mine"

The biker motions to his zipper as if he is about show flash himself for the whole school to see, as this little interaction has begun to raise quite an interest in the tables closest. Especially the table next to the right, were a bunch of stuck up rich kids sit, ordered in pizzas and Gucci handbags littering the table.

Before the biker can finish what he has started, he is stopped.

"What on gods green earth is going on here. Felix Tombs why does trouble seem to follow you around?"

The Vice Principle breaks up the crowd and ushers the bikers to move along before looking back at Veronica.

"I'm sorry, you are?" He asks her curiously, a look of disapproval in his eye.

"Veronica Mars, Sir", She says with a slight mocking tone on the word Sir.

"Well Veronica, I will probably be seeing more of you around. I would be careful of the company you keep."

With that he walks off leaving Veronica and Wallace once again alone at the table, with just the curious stares of the student body to keep them company.

Veronica sits up suddenly, a smile adorning her face.

"Only midday and I have already made enemies. Pa would be so proud." She says cheekily.

Wallace just grins at her in return.

"Man, you should hear what people are saying about us. You more specifically"

Veronica looks up from her open biology book on the table, she was unsure what her relationship with Wallace was at the moment and brightened a little as he sat down at her lunch table, before returning to his previous statement.

"What are they saying? From what I've seen of this school it is going to be charming."

"Just that you're this badass chick who apparently is doing the deed with the leader of our favourite bike gang…. and some stuff about your Mom."

Veronica stiffens at the mention of her mother. Great, it seems like her past was following her around.

I wonder who tipped them off about what happened to my mother. Who am I kidding, it was one of the most publicized murder cases in the history of California; someone could have turned on the seven o'clock news.

Wallace notices the sudden change in her at the mention of her mother and doesn't press her about it, and for that she is thankful.

"If they're saying such terrible things then don't hang out with me."

Even as she says the words she feels a pang in her chest; she had really hoped that Wallace was going to be different.

"The way I see it, I could either hang out with the people who put me up on the flagpole, took pictures of me or I could hang out with the chick that cut me down."

"Anyway, you don't seem like the type to really care what others think."

"I don't", Veronica answers quickly.

After a few minutes she adds, "Was that an insult?"

Wallace just laughs at her and they continue eating there lunch, smiling. She thinks maybe Neptune might become bearable.

"Stay away from Weevil."

Veronica shuts her locker door quickly and spins around to face every hot-blooded- American-males dream. Lily Kane, stands before Veronica, a pink frilly mini skirt hanging low on her hips leaving a wide of expanse of exposed creamy white skin on either side. A matching pink tube top stretches over her chest dangerously. Her face usually plastered with a smile is now directed towards to Veronica in a menacing stare.

"Who the hell are you?" Veronica bites back, even though she is fully aware of whom the walking sex advertisement standing in front of her is. You can't attend Neptune High for a week and not come in contact with the Great Lily Kane, through word of mouth or actually sighting. The rumors of her sexcapades are told all around the halls of Neptune High and she is often seen fluttering about with her little Barbie doll minions.

"Lily Kane. And I'm warning you to keep your grubby hands off Weevil, if you know what's good for you."

"I'm sorry, but what does anything I do have to do with you, what do you care about Weevil, huh?"

"Just stay the hell away from him or you will wish you never came to Neptune. Everybody already thinks you're a skank, like mother like daughter, but I can make things ten times worse for you."

With that Lily Kane storms off sending Veronica one more sneer over her shoulder. Veronica just smiles and yells at her retreating form,

"So, I'll bring the movies you bring the nail polish. It's gonna be super fun! I just know we're going to be BFF"

Lily glares at her once more and Veronica just rolls her eyes before turning back to her locker pointedly ignoring the curious looks getting thrown to her by passer-bys.

Veronica first noticed Lily on her second day at Neptune High when her shrill voice echoed through the whole of the quad at lunch time. She was having a very public brake up with her boyfriend Logan Echolls. Apparently she wasn't to happy with his decision to brake up with her, which had caused angry screams and dirty laundry being aired left, right and centre.

Veronica had steered clear of the people who sat at that table, she later found out were referred to as 09ers as per their zip code. There was once a time when she considered people like them her friends, but that was a long time ago, back when she had been naïve and innocent. Now she saw them for what they really were; spoiled, selfish brats without a shred of human decency.

"Man, you really aren't doing anything to stop those rumors" Wallace say approaching Veronica at her locker.

Veronica suddenly gets an idea,

"Wallace, my dear. I want you to bask in my greatness for two minutes and think of all the magnificent presents you can by me."

"Umm…" Wallace looks perplexed at her statement.

"I worked out how to get the PCHers of your ass". She says with a wicked grin.

Wallace looks slightly terrified at the manically grinning girl in front of him.

"Dad, I think you should run for Sheriff".

Veronica and Keith sit at the desk in the newly established Mars Investigations eating warmed up pasta from plastic containers. Keith gives Veronica a stern look.


"From what I heard I the current Sheriff is a real dumbass"

Keith looks at her disapprovingly at her choice of words.

"We have already talked about this Veronica, I don't want to go back to that. Not after everything that has happened."

"It'll be different Dad, this isn't Waterford." She protests even while knowing it is useless.

"The answer is no Veronica."

They turn back to their forgotten food, Keith not so subtly changing the subject.

"So how was school?"

Veronica wants to say more but she leaves it, for now.

"Fine…I kind made a friend, which in my books counteracts the copious amount of enemies I made."

"That's my girl".

"What's going on superfly?"

Veronica and Wallace stood by a row of lockers waiting for something, that Wallace had no idea was going to happen.

"Just wait" She said giddily bouncing on the balls of her feet.

The stoner guy Corny from her art class walks by and winks at Veronica. Before Wallace can question the strange exchange Vice Principle Clemmons is making his way over to Lily Kane's locker with a local deputy.

Veronica and Wallace watch as Lily Kane is asked to open her locker, she is fuming and Veronica wonders for a moment what she is hiding in there. Her loud protests and threats to ring her father are quickly gaining the attention of the student body as the local Deputy reaches into her locker and pulls out a cock bong.

"What is this Miss. Kane."

"That's not mine." Her eyes are narrowed into little slits and her usually perfect face scrunched in a not so attractive way.

"It seems to be a device used for smoking Marijuana"

Lily looks around wildly as the deputy begins to cuff her hands; she spots Veronica standing at the nearby lockers and shrieks.

"You, I know it was you. You're gonna pay for this Mars."

Veronica stifles her giggles and gives a fake yawn.

"You think you're so cute. Just you wait, nobody messes with Lily Kane".

Veronica just rolls her eyes, before turning to Wallace.

"Phase one is complete"

She gives him a little high five unaware of the two boys who stand just metres away staring at her in confusion.

Phase two was completed after school that day in the parking lot of the Sheriffs department and Veronica had just received the incriminating evidence that would get Weevil and his gang to back off from Wallace. She and Wallace had planned to meet at the beach, he had promised to teach her how to fly his model airplane in exchange for getting him off the hook. She had grinned stupidly when he suggested it as payment saying it was 'the special friends' rate'.

"So how do you loop this thing?" She asks remote control in hand.

Wallace looks up zoning in on something over at the parking lot.

"Veronica, your car"

A young boy who Veronica recognizes as Lily Kane's on again off again boyfriends is lying on the hood of her Le Baron a crowbar in his hand.

She is little perplexed at the situation, in the whole two weeks she had never had a conversation with Logan Echolls, never bumped into him in the hallways, never associated with him in anyway; which begged the question, why the hell was he lying on the hood of her car with a crow bar? Veronica didn't have to think long to get her answer: Lily Kane.

"Wow, the rumors are true. Lily Kane really does have brainless lapdogs."

"Well, Ronnie, if we believed all the rumors about you, you would have to be a two-bit whore…wait that does sound about right."

He smirks, now standing way to close for her liking and swinging a crow bar.

"Why are you here? I don't see how this has anything to do with you."

"Well, that's were your wrong. In case you haven't noticed Lily Kane is a bitch. But apparently she is even more of a bitch when you are around…yeah I didn't think it was possible. So guess what Logan won't be getting?"

"A cock bong?"

In one swift motion the headlitght of Veronica's Le Baron has shattered all over the parking lot. Logan stands there grinning manically.

"Wrong, and here I thought you were supposed to be smart. Guess again."

"Obviously your sense of humor"

"Wrong again."

He lifts up the crowbar once again slamming it into the other headlight.

"The correct answer is laid. That's right little Logan isn't getting any action," He wiggles his eyebrows in a perverse manner while Wallace and Veronica look on in disgust, "because of your little joke Lily is acting like she has got something permanently shoved up her ass, normally I would be all for that but this time its more of a literal thing."

"Oh! So it's your turn this week. I knew she had some kind of schedule going on. Right, this all makes so much sense now."

The loud rumble of about ten motorcycle bikes cut off Logan's retort, his cheeks now flushing red and fire in his eyes, as Weevil and his gang pull up in the parking lot.

"Well, well what do we have here, vandalism. Nah, that can't be right, the only vandalism that goes on in this town goes through me."

Logan turns towards Weevil and he seems to get even more visibly angry. And for the second time that day Veronica wonders what kind of relationships Lily Kane has with these two boys.

"Stay out of this paco, it has nothing to do with you." Logan sneers at Weevil, he looks ready to start a fight and keeps on clenching and unclenching his fists, an action that does not go unnoticed by Veronica.

"That's where you're wrong"

Weevil picks up the crow bar and walks over to the silver SUV that Logan and his toadies pulled up in, promptly smashing in the front of it causing a large dent.

"Whatever dude, it's not even mine. It's Enboms mom's" Logan says pointing to the guy standing a few feet away with a distraught look on his face.

"That's it, head for the hills." Weevil says gesturing to the other panicky 09ers milling around the car.

"Except for you. You say you're sorry." He says pointing at Logan

"Rub a lamp"

Weevil goes to punch Logan and lands a hit square across his face. Logan reacts immediately ramming his head into Weevils stomach causing them to both come crashing onto the hard asphalt road. They wrestle around; both trying to gain the upper hand as limbs fly and guttural grunts are made. Weevil finally manages to pull himself on top of Logan and begins punching him in the face.

"I said say you're sorry."

"Kiss my ass"

Veronica and Wallace watch, panicked at how quickly the situation spiraled out of control.

"Weevil stop. Let him go." She lets out a sharp protest.

Weevil looks up from his position on top of Logan his blood smeared face giving Veronica a grin.

"Are you sure? I could do this all day."

Veronica has gone from concerned to utterly pissed off in approximately 2.5 seconds.

"Look I don't have time to sit around here and watch you two kill each other. Weevil, I got the tape your boys are off the hook and you will leave Wallace alone. Logan, I will be sending you the bill for my car."

Veronica can hear his protest as she slides into her Le Baron, something like "…not paying for that piece of crap", but she chooses to ignore it, instead peeling out of the car park as fast as she can. There was something going on back there that she had no desire to be apart of or get between. She knew those boys could be dangerous separately but when in the same vicinity they were explosive.

When did my life become such a soap opera?

But this was Neptune and she was unaware that things were going to get much worse.


So thats part one, please don't be turned off by the lack of an orginal plot at the moment, I am working on it. Any comments or ideas would be great.