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Darien now began to shake. What could they do? If one of them went in, Diamond could attack, or hurt Serena. But leaving her with him was worst.

Just as he was thinking about what to do the other scouts showed up.

Darien turned to the girls, his body still shaking. Trying to find his voice, he motioned for them to follow him into a nearby alleyway. They needed privacy to discuss this situation. The girls nodded and followed him into the alley.

" Serena is with Diamond," Darien whispered as his voice shook. The girls' eyebrows rose. Diamond. As in Prince Diamond, they wondered.

Mina was the first to talk and ask the question that she knew all her friends wanted to ask.

" Diamond. Prince Diamond?" Mina asked softly.

Darien nodded. " What can we do?"

The girls looked at each other, trying to come up with something. If they walked in and tried to fight, they'd lose without Sailor Moon right? But they still had to try.

Mina looked at them, and then pulled out her transformation wand.

" Venus Star Power," she said and she started to transform into Sailor Venus. The girls nodded and then transformed.

" Mercury Star Power."

" Mars Star Power."

"Jupiter Star Power."

Darien watched, as the girls transformed, then decided that this would defiantly be a big fight. Taking out his red rose from his pocket, he transformed into Tuxedo Mask.

The scouts turned to Tuxedo Mask. " Lets go," they said all together. Tuxedo Mask nodded and they all ran to the arcade.

Serena and Diamond were still sitting together as the scouts and Tuxedo Mask busted in. Tuxedo Mask walked straight over to Serena and picked her up. Holding a struggling Serena is his arms he glared at Diamond, who glared back.

Walking back to the scouts, he stood behind them, letting them protect their prince and princess.

Serena frowned as Diamond transformed into his prince-like self. Who was he? And why had he lied to her about who he was?

" Who are you?" she asked suddenly very nervous.

Diamond laughed evilly. " I'm Prince Diamond, your future husband."

A nervous Serena stared at the man who held her. She felt some connection to him. She then felt herself being lowered to the ground. She watched as the man who had been holding her walked up to Diamond.

" Don't say that, you know it's not true, you scum! We are destined to be together."

Serena gasped. What was this all about? She'd known neither of them longer enough to think or discuss marriage. This was just too weird.

Diamond glared at Tuxedo Mask then disappeared into thin air. Tuxedo Mask stared around the room, but saw nothing other than the scouts and his Serena. The arcade had emptied rather quickly of all other people.

Just then Tuxedo Mask heard a scream. He turned around to see Diamond holding Serena is his arms. He was still smiling that evil smile. Tuxedo Mask was about to attack when Lita ran over to him and stopped him.

" Don't! You might hit Serena," Lita said and Tuxedo Mask nodded even though he really wanted to try.

The scouts stared at Diamond. " Let her go you slime," Lita said running towards him. Dodging her, he jumped into the air. Lita tried again, but her efforts were futile.

Serena struggled in Diamond's arms. " Let go of me," she yelled but only got a chuckle from him.

" I can't believe that you don't remember me," Diamond said holding her close.

Serena tried to pull away but couldn't. She turned her head towards the scouts and Tuxedo Mask, pleading with her eyes to help her.

Diamond was tried of her struggling. All he had to do was kiss her and she'd turn to his side. Just as he was leaning in to kiss her, and was only millimeters away from her mouth, he was suddenly pulled away and dragged to the floor. Turning around, he expected to see Tuxedo Mask, but was faced by Lita.

" Stay away from her, Diamond. She belongs with her real prince," Mina said piping up.

Diamond turned to Serena, his love, and found her in Tuxedo Mask's arms once again. He watched as Tuxedo Mask carried her away, out of Diamond's grasp.

Tuxedo Mask released her softly onto the ground. He lowered his head and then whispered in her ear, " Remember, Serena. Try and remember."

Serena looked at him, studying his face, his eyes. Trying to remember, but nothing came to her.

" Try to remember. I'll help you. You are Serena, Sailor Moon, champion of justice, Princess Serenity. I'm your boyfriend and future husband Darien, Tuxedo Mask, Prince Darien. Remember? What about your friends, the sailor scouts? What about our future daughter Rini? Serena, try and remember."

And with that he closed the distance between their faces and kissed her. A short, sweet kiss, one like the millions they'd shared before. When he pulled away Serena looked into his eyes. An emotion shown that he couldn't describe or understand.

Serena looked at him and smiled, as everything spun through her mind; as she slowly remembered everything. She leaned in closer.

" I remember now, Darien, my love," Serena, said, her voice low so that only he could hear her. She moved so that she was inside his cape.

" Give me a rose," she said looking up at him, seriously. Tuxedo Mask looked at her strangely, but placed the rose in her pocket, which was covered by his cape, so that no one else could see it.

Then her smile immediately faded and she moved away, out of his arms. She looked at him once more, hoping he'd catch unto her plan to destroy Prince Diamond. She had to play it cool.

Turning to Diamond, she screamed lightly. " Diamond! Help me! He kissed me, and I don't even now him! Help me!"

Now that she had her memory back, she remembered Diamond, for who he truly was, a very evil prince. And that he had a major thing for her. His passion for her would be his end.

Diamond chuckled as he looked at a confused Tuxedo Mask. He'd won. Serena wanted him not Tuxedo Mask. Diamond sneered at Tuxedo Mask and then went to claim his prize.

Diamond picked Serena up and she desperately held unto him. Placing her head on his chest she started a fake whimpering and soon was producing real tears.

Scared of what she was going to do, she froze momentarily. But then realized that Diamond was from the dark side, and wanted to convert her to evil, as well as the rest of the world.

The scouts and Tuxedo Mask watched in shock as their princess and best friend, clutched unto Diamond. Then more in shock as they watched her slowly take out the red rose and point the stem into his heart. Serena then quickly jumped out of his arms as he collapsed unto the floor.

" Now, you guys! Hit him all at once, just to be sure. I'm sure his darkness is strong," Serena yelled and moved back and into Tuxedo Mask's protective arms.

The scouts did as they were told to do by their leader. All attacked at once, their attacks hitting him all perfectly. They watched as his body slowly decomposed into dust and blew away.

Serena turned and looked at her friends. She smiled deeply at them and then turned back to Tuxedo Mask.

" Oh, Darien. Can you ever forgive me for forgetting you?"

Tuxedo Mask nodded and reached down to kiss her. " I'll always be there for you, my Angel."

Serena sighed a deep sigh. She knew that she'd sleep well that night. Knowing that her enemy was dead, and that her memory was back.

" Lets go get some ice-cream," Serena said running out the door. The scouts looked at each other, and then to Tuxedo Mask. They all knew that the old Serena they loved was truly back. Sighing, they de-transformed and followed her to go get some ice-cream.


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