Sephiroth brushed imaginary dust off his coat for the fifteenth time as they stood in the elevator rising toward the very top floor. He looked out the windows and around as if noticing it for the first time.

"Nervous?" Kathryn asked softly.

He stopped still, narrowing his eyes, "No."

Kathryn snickered, "You are! Why're you nervous? Afraid I'm going to embarrass you?" She leaned close to him, smirking up at his face. This, he pointedly ignored, thankful when the doors opened finally and he briskly stepped out. Kathryn hurried to catch up to him. "Sephy!!! Take one of these, I can't carry all three of them!" she exclaimed, trying to catch his attention.

He stopped in his tracks, slowly turning toward his new wife, hands raising to strangle her. Sephiroth blinked when he found himself holding two of the plastic bowls and Kathryn carrying the lightest one. He snarled under his breath and stalked after her, though his eyes caught the sight of her legs and rear end, any protests he had before vanished completely.

They stalked up the stairs, ignoring the secretaries at the front desks, or Sephiroth would have. Kathryn gave a happy exclamation and dashed over to the woman sitting behind the desk on the left. "Cindy!! I haven't seen you in a while!"

Sephiroth growled, "You haven't seen her since yesterday," he informed her, "Hardly long enough to warrant such behavior."

Kathryn smiled, "Well, once you get used to seeing me around, you'll probably miss me if I'm gone for a while."

"THAT has very little chance of happening."

She smiled secretly and turned back to Cindy who gushed immediately, "The wedding was beautiful- at the beginning...." she glanced nervously at Sephiroth. "I was so scared when he threw his sword at you! From the camera angle it looked like it'd hit you!"

Kathryn beamed, "Nope! I'm quite healthy as you can see!" she spun around, "Like my hair? Sephy told me to leave it down, I think he likes it like this."

Cindy giggled, "Sephy?- so what's in these?" She popped the top from the bowl Kathryn was holding. "Oh, I see.. Shinra's in a board meeting with the rest of them right now."

"Oh good! Hojo should be there too. C'mon Sephy, down to the meeting room."


"Yes Sephy," Kathryn smiled sweetly at his murderous look and sashayed past. "See you whenever Cindy!"

"Bye Kathryn!"

"I'm going to kill her and rip her guts out then string them around Shinra's throat for making me marry her..." Sephiroth muttered to himself as he stalked back the way he came. Following Kathryn, he was finding it hard to continue thinking such things as he was reminded of their shower with every swish of her skirt.

It wasn't long before they'd crashed into the meeting room as Palmer was making his speech on whatever it was that he did. No one really knew what Palmer's job was, perhaps he was treasurer?

"S-s-Sephiroth!" the fat bald man shrieked and dived under the table.

Sephiroth took a deep breath, his ego boosted once again by the fear and respect they were showing him. Kathryn stepped forward and poured the contents of her bowl on the table. "Now. I'd like to get something straight. I will NOT be videotaped in my own house. IS that clear? I want someone to come out and remove all the rest of these things- and I mean ALL of them." She stepped back, walking behind Sephiroth. Before he could do anything, she had Masamune and was holding it inexpertly above her head. With a loud bang, the blade hit the middle of the table, cracking it all the way in half. With a creak, the table collapsed in on itself, dumping everything to the floor.

Sephiroth glared at Kathryn and everyone else, snatching his sword back from the small woman who had much more spunk then he would have thought possible. Hojo sat smirking where he was sitting. Sephiroth turned his glare upon the professor then, "I already told you, she's not yours." With that, he tossed the remaining cameras and sensors into the pile, Kathryn taking the bowls and lids and stacking them together, then left with her beside him.

"Well... that was actually kinda fun, hmm Sephy?"

"Don't call me Sephy," he repeated.

"Oh Sephy, you're so silly." Sephiroth twitched as they were headed back to their house. "I can tell that this is going to be the start of a BEAUTIFUL marriage!" Kathryn stated and cackled as she swerved down the road, causing her husband to cling to the seat in terror.


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