Pirates of the Caribbean

The Philosophy

Jedi Master With A Pen

In my perfect world, there would be water

But no land at all.

People would think of treasure all the time

And have never a worry at all

People would wear commodore hats

And eat apples of soft green lushness

Hanging would be against the rules.

And open shores are available to all.

In my perfect world, there would be a Pearl for everyone

And paradise would not be lost

Yet it would never be found again.

Buccaneers will hide the Rum

And Elizabeth would never have some.

People would read maps

And watch the compass for a way to the hearts desire

While the Kraken and Davey not even exist.

In my perfect world, there would be the Worlds End

The sparrow will be found again

And a wedding will have commenced.

Society would accept those of vagabond lives

But would not restrict them to the beat of one heart.

The governor would be Wetherby Swann

And not Lord Cutler Beckett,

No one would even remember there was a chest

Or medallion at all,

And Johnny will be king of us all.

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