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Chapter 1

Rhianna and Cerion sat outside the school lazily staring up at the sky; it was a beautiful blue, the clouds just weak whisps, looking as if they'd been painted there, an occasional bird flitting across it's vast space, gossiping about the day. To Cerion, it was nice: to Rhianna, it was depressingly happy.

They'd known each other since they were kids, and knew they're magic ever since they met. Rhianna had a connection to air and shadow: she controlled the darkness of the night, the refreshing, gentle breezes of the summer and the harsh, biting winds of winter. She was wild like the wind, with no repsect for authority: her additude was rather cold to most people, Cerion being an exception. Cerion was linked to the light and nature: she communicated with the animals, and the weather, the trees and the flowers. Her only friend was Rhianna, to whom she was devoted, taking orders when she saw the reason behind them. She listened to no one but Rhianna, and was bright and calm.

No one messed with the two, knowing that strange, rather painful, things happened to those that did.

They were witches. Obviously.

But now there were three new witches in their turf. Rochelle, Bonnie, and Nancy. They were dark witches, or at least they tried to be. Rochelle and Bonnie lacked any creativity, following their "trusted leader", Nancy, who took witchcraft to a dark level.

"Wanna-be pagans", as Rhianna so thoughtfully named them.

They, meaning Rhianna and Cerion, kept low, silent, watching these newbies in everything they did from afar. They, now meaning the newbies, treated everyone inferior, like they weren't as good as the ground they walked on. As much as it angered the veterans, they said nothing, waiting for the right moment, when the newbies got their "fourth".

And that moment finally came.

Sarah arrived. They could tell at once she had power. She was a wiccan, or soon to be one. Rhianna found she had no reason to bother with this one, and Cerion, undoubtedly fascinated, watched her eagerly, although she never knew it.

They knew it would happen eventually: she tied in with the Wanna-be pagans. They dressed in black, "don't-mess-with-me" clothes, much like Rhianna, pulling the look off shakily, making Rhianna hate them even more. Not only were they wanna-bes, but they had also stolen her look. What's worse, she and Cerion had been forgotten, treated as normal humans ever since their arrival.

"They try to stand out," Cerion said, stretching out the kinks in her back as they stood to go in. "They don't do subtle."

"Yeah," Rhianna growled, melancholy as always, "but they will if I tell them to." She raised her fist, looking at it appreciatively. "This is actually very persuasive."

Cerion smiled at her, leading the way indoors for another battle against school life.


It was time to interfere: they had spelled a boy, and cursed a girl. This was going too far. Cerion glanced side-long at the furious Rhianna, who was clenching her fists hard enough to make her nails dig into her palms and bleed: Cerion flinched and took the bandana out of her hair to mop up the blood as they walked. People looked at them, remembering them finally to be witches, and stepped away in fear and respect.

This cheered up Rhianna a bit.

Now they approached the four "pagans", faces blank of any emotion, eyes flashing. They stopped a respectable distance away, as was a custom challenge.

Nancy looked up, obviously surprised to find someone opposing them, before sneering. "What do you want, girlies?" she cooed, voice dripping with sarcasm as she stepped to the front of her so-called friends.

"We want you to fix what you've done," Rhianna snarled venomously. Cerion layed a restraining hand on her shoulder: Now's not the time.

"Oh, do you?" Sarah asked, almost soothingly, in her quiet voice. "Sorry, but no can do. We're afraid we rather enjoy--"

"Okay, okay, enough," Cerion interrupted, flapping a hand. "We don't care. You think you're strong? Meet us tonight at the beach. You know, the alcove. See you then."

With that she spun around and dragged the resisting Rhianna away from the flabbergasted witches.


Cerion waited patiently for the pagans to arrive. Rhianna paced up and down the beach muttering darkly, grumbling under her breath. The full moon shone overhead, casting an eerie silver blanket over the waters of the ocean, making them sparkle and dance. Both girls were drawn to the moon: it represented nature and darkness, each an element that they possessed.

Finally they heard the shuffling of the sand, announcing the pagans arrival. Cerion waved a hand to Rhianna, who dissapeared in a haze of shadow, reappearing next to her.

Nancy, of course, came first, wearing her usual black wear, then came Rochelle, then Bonnie, and finally Sarah. They faced the two abnormal witches defiantly, still unaware that they were in fact witches. "Well, you got us here," Rochelle said, shifting from one foot to the other impatiently. "Now what do you want?"

"And make sure you don't say anything disrespectful," Nancy whispered threateningly, dark eyes glinting. "We're not normal people, you know."

Cerion and Rhianna traded looks with a silent agreement: now it was time; this is what they've been waiting for.

Rhianna swept her arm around in a huge arch, creating a cloak of shadows, that she pulled over herself, making all but her eyes almost invisible in the moonlight. Air flew around her, making her "cloak" flare up like normal clothing would, and Rhianna chuckled with a dark humor.

Cerion held both hands up to her mouth, blew softly, and created a dazzling prism of light: behind her, in the distance, on the ocean-line, three orcas cut out of the ocean to arch beautifully back into the water. Storm-clouds gathered only above Cerion and Rhianna, threatening a new rain.

The pagans stared.

Rhianna was enjoying herself; a lot. "We've been watching you for quite some time, little pagans," she cooed in a dangerously low voice. Cerion stepped between her and the pagans for safety measures. Rhianna continued, "And we don't like how you've acted."

The pagans didn't say anything.

Cerion sighed, holding out her arm to let a raven land on her wrist. She brought it close stroking it's glistening feathers softly, saying, "You've spelled, and cursed. It'll lead to death soon, or worse. Beauty--" she glanced up at Bonnie "--leads to vainity. Power--" a look at Nancy "--leads to destruction. Curses--" she turned to Rochelle "--will come back at to you threefold. And magic itself--" she looked finally at Sarah "--is a tricky power. Treat it without respect and you too shall come off worse."

Nancy opened her mouth to snap something, but Sarah whispered, "Really? Do you mean that...that we're--"

"Don't listen to her," Bonnie drawled suddenly, tossing her hair back. "It doesn't matter. Why should they care? They're not the ones spelling, are they?"

Rhianna threatened to hurl a curse at them, but Cerion countered it with a flick of her free wrist. Not yet! she spoke to Rhianna, using the great gift of telepathy. You can't lose it just yet. They've not done anything yet...We've got to go see Learia.

Oh, that wiccan lady?

Yes, Rhi, our teacher!

Fine, fine, I got it, calm down, Ron.

Cerion looked back at the pagans, stormy blue-grey eyes flashing. "You need to be more careful. For all you know, there are thousands of us. Watching your every move. Who knows: you might even get hurt."

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