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Chapter 3

Rochelle, Bonnie, and Sarah were thrown back at the force of the two wiccans' power.Bonnie and Rochelle hit the wall, cracking their heads against it with enough strength to knock them out. Sarah delved deep into her own magic, whispered a few incantations she'd randomly picked up from a sorcery book, and asked some vines to drow up around her arms and keep her rooted safely around the corner, where she could watch the fight and not be harmed.

Cerion's eyes glowed brighter, and the glow slowly enveloped the rest of her body. She raised her face to the hole in the "roof" of the alcove they were in, and screamed. Everything, everyone, even the air itself froze. The atmosphere thickened, the air Sarah choked into her lungs burned down her throat, painful and blistering. Her's was more of a cry than a scream, but it penetrated everyone's mind the same way a crying animal would. Shrill and desperate, it burned it's way into their minds and branded them. Sarah wanted to cry; it was so sad, and yet powerful at the same time...

Rhianna was the only one who wasn't affected by the girl's strange magic. She slowly was surrounded by her own black aura. Then she raised her fists above her head and purple lightling gathered in them, dancing and sparking angrily, ferociously. She threw them at the still-stunned Nancy, who shreiked and dove out of the way just in time to avoid the fate that was the side of the cave; being foricbly anhilated.

Cerion was still screaming; her mouth was open, as was her eyes, but it was a continuous sound, a resonating high-pitched trill that made Sarah's head spin, ears pound, brain buzz.

Rhianna snarled and gathered more lightning, this time more fiery looking than electric. She waited for the dust to settle and her aim to be perfect. From behind the large rock, Sarah's eyes were wide and desperate. She...really intends to destroy Nancy...I...should stop her, but...it's something about their powers...Their core...it's...kind of...pure. I can't explain it...but in contrast to Nancy's, their spirits are...benevolent. Sarah was immobilized in her little corner, the vines tightening around her; she didn't know it, but even if she wanted to move, Cerion and Rhianna's magic would hold her back.

When the dust finally did go, Nancy was crouched, shivering and whimpering, on the ground, staring up at the two girl's blazing with aura above her. She was bruised and bloody--a headwound, no doubt ::they always bleed the worst. e.g.- nosebleed::--and she was holding her arms, and hunched over her knees, head down, eyes looking up. They were filled with hatred, but also with a pleading invokation of mercy.

Wow...that...that didn't last long...Sarah thought, horrified, entranced and awed the same time. Cerion's high-pitched cry wavered, but only for a moment, and Sarah didn't think to wonder why.

Rhianna heard that slight tremor, and let her arms fall, the element in her hands fading away. "Get out of my sight," she snarled, her glow fading slightly, but still extremely percievable. "Before I end your miserable excistence once and for all."

Sarah could see she meant it.

With one last look of loathing, Nancy stumbled out of the cave and limped/stumbled away unsteadily, dissapearing into the dark. Cerion's scream finally ceased, and the spell was broken; Sarah still couldn't move.

"Rhi," Cerion said softly.

Rhianna immidiently refocused her attention to her friend. "Eh? What, Ron?"

"C-can I let it go, now?"

Rhianna's eyes widened a fraction of an inch, and she hastily cursed anyone she could think of in surprisingly fluent Arabic--Sarah would later learn that the two wiccans had spent there time in school ::Hahaha!! Like they did work!!:: learning Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Norweigen, French, and Greek--and then said quickly, "Yes, yes, for the love of everything holy, let it go before you kill yourself you idiot!"

And suddenly, the lamp they'd had burst back to life, the fire they'd made cackled merrily, all the warmth flowed back into the cave, and the air was suddenly breathable again, all in one second. Sarah gasped, lungs screaming when she didn't breathe in fresh oxygen fast enough.

Cerion dropped to her knees, then was about to fall forward, but she flung out her arms quickly and caught herself. She let her head hang, hair covering her expression, and muttered, "Hey...Rhi...I think...I'll...take a quick...nap."

Then the girl was fast asleep, curled up like a kitten beside Rhianna, sitting cross-legged on the ground, who kind of pet her. She looked up at where Sarah was staring at them. Rhianna shrugged, reached into the black bag that she always wore at her side ::she only took it off to fight; it's strap goes over her right shoulder, and hangs at her left hip; Cerion has one identical to it, only sky blue:: and withdrew marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars. She held a marshmallow in her palm, heated it to a perfect golden brown, stuck in on half a graham cracker, put a generous slab of chocolate over it, and sandwiched both between the other half of cracker. She popped it in her mouth, chewed thoughtfully, and grinned. "Perfect."

Sarah was still staring.

Rhianna offered her a marshmallow. "Want one?"

Hours later, when the Bonnie and Rochelle finally woke up, they were lying in a nest of huge leaves and grass ::courtesy of the ever-thoughtfull Cerion--those "nests" would've been comfy./\./\:: and looked around to find Sarah, Cerion and Rhianna eating smores around the fire, and laughing like old friends. ::Well, Rhianna was actually kind of scowling, but that's just how she is.::

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