Five Thoughts
SJ Smith

I own nothing. Just futzing around.

Marlex asked me to write "five thoughts Ed has upon the birth of his first child to Winry." Will you look at the fluff.

Rated: K.

Ed never expected her to be so tiny. Based on the size of Winry's stomach, he'd swear she was giving birth to twins and they'd be at least as tall as him when they came out. But no, just a little scrap of a girl, translucent hair and bright red skin and a squeaky wail that made his heart pound so hard that he had to drop onto the bed next to Winry, unable to remain standing.

"She needs a bath," Winry mumbled, her hand gently smoothing their daughter's head. Her weary eyes canted up at Ed. "Not too hot."

"I remember." Ridel and Satera and their baby came to mind at the warning. Ed did remember how proud he'd been of Winry then, helping Satera give birth to her son. It didn't even compare to now. So different, Ed couldn't help but think, when they're your wife and child.

He almost didn't want to pick her up. She looked so peaceful, resting against Winry's heart but Edward carefully scooped her up, cradling her against his chest. His daughter squirmed at the interruption of her first nap, fists waving, mouth opening to release a squawk of protest, and Ed broke out into a smile. "She's already taking after her Mommy." Hoisting her up to rub his nose against hers, he said, "You don't like mornings either, do you?"

Alphonse held his niece, his joy almost brimming out of his eyes. "She's beautiful, Brother," he whispered in awe, nuzzling the white gold fuzz covering the baby's head. Pinako insisted on a picture of her grandsons and great-granddaughter and Ed couldn't help but beam as the camera flashed. This type of alchemy, he'd always want to remember.

Ed handed their daughter over to Winry reluctantly and climbed into bed, arranging himself so Winry could rest against him. He leaned his chin on Winry's shoulder, watching in fascination as his daughter fed, the soft, sucking noises almost hypnotic. "If I never told you before," Ed said softly, sliding his arms around Winry, "thank you."

Winry looked at him, as much as she could from that angle, her cheek brushing his temple. "For what?"

There were so many answers to that simple question that Ed couldn't even begin to articulate them. He settled for, "Loving me," and kissed Winry softly under the hazy blue gaze of their daughter.