Hey, I'm writing a story! The story is inspired by

Simplyjoox382's story Loveless & it will probably use the same


Chapter 1

12yr. old Hinata Hyuuga is standing at the alter in a white silk wedding dress. Next to her is her cousin Neji in a tux. They had become somewhat friends after their fight at the chunnin exam but not good enough to get married. A tear that she's been holding in is silently going down her cheek now.

Itachi's pov.

I can't take this! Damn Hyuuga's and their damn traditions. Can't they see she doesn't want to be married?! Wait… the priest hasn't asked for objections to the marriage yet I still have time. Don't worry Hinata-hime I'll get you out of this.

Normal pov.

"If anyone has any objections as to why these two should not be wed in holy matrimony speak now or forever hold your piece." The priest said dully.

Itachi raised his hand knowing that someone was bound to recognize him. But did he care? No, he had to save his Hinata from this loveless marriage. "I object" with that, said the priest slammed his book shut & left. Itachi started to walk up towards Hinata while along with every one else was in shock but hers was more of, (Why would he do that out of the blue? Have I met him before?) while every one else's was more of (Is that itachi? Why is he here? What does he want with Hinata?) When Itachi reached Hinata he tilted her head up and kissed her slowly and gently, then left in a flash.

The anbu arrived a second later as the rest of the ninja there began to recover from the shock of Itachi even being here let alone speaking out and lastly kissing Hinata. While Hinata just stood there dazed ever.