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"Kurenai, give me back my book please," Kakshi said trying to sweet talk her, "I waited months for that book to come out. I stood

outside the store for three days so I could get the first copy. So please give it back."

"No. Because you didn't come to work for three days I got all your missions." Kurenai said jumping out of Kakashi's way when he

dived for the book.

"But Kurenai I did what you asked. I polished the floors, cleaned the windows, scrubbed your toilet and every thing else you asked me

to do. You've kept it hostage since ten o'clock this morning. I haven't gotten past chapter three, so please give it back." He said trying to

back her into a corner.

"Like I said no, you didn't come to work for three days so you have to help me for three days to get it back." She said seeing his plan

and jumping on the couch then to the floor. (Things are going to be like this awhile, so let's go see Hinata)

With Kakashi & Hinata

"What were you looking for hime?"

"Oh I-I was l-looking for c-colors I could u-use in my r-room." The rest of the walk went by in silence till they got to the apartment. "Ja

ne, Hinata-hime." He then left as fast as Itachi had at the almost wedding.

"I'm back." Hinata said as she opened the door but before she walked in she saw Kakashi inside going for something in Kurenai's

hands. " K-k-kakashi, weren't y-you j-just o-outside?"

"No, why" He said trying to get Kurenai to let go of the book by yanking on it as hard as he could.

"B-but then w-who h-helped m-m…"Realization hit her and the next thing she saw was darkness.

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