Summary: Sam goes missing during a mission and the consequences of her experience will change her life forever (and someone else's too).

Warnings: None yet.

Pairings: J/S (what can I say, I'm a Jack/Sam shipper, but I do write others too)

Season: Seven-ish

Spoilers: Wee bit here and there from the whole series.

A/N: Sorry for the delay. Thanks again for all the support. The missing notebook has been found. That only leaves 5 more to hunt down. The others however aren't part of this story. :o) Oh well, I need to clean anyway and while I'm hunting those notebooks maybe the muse will come up with more ideas. :o) BTW I realized that my page breaks aren't always showing up so I am now using sjsjsjsjsj to denote a split in the scene.

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Take The Long Way Home

Last time:

Stepping back to her, Jack leaned close to her belly and placed his hand on it. "Good night, little one. Let mommy get some sleep okay." As he stood, he and Sam shared a smile before she walked to her room and closed the door.

As Sam settled in bed she rubbed her belly, "I hope you listen to your daddy tonight." The baby seemed to settle as it appeared her hiccups stopped and Sam soon drifted back to sleep.

Chapter Ten

Jack smiled to himself. Daddy, he could definitely get use to that. Before getting back in bed he walked over to the closet and pulled out a suit for dinner tomorrow night. Now he just needed to take Sam to get a dress and have a little talk with Jacob. Then he needed to do a little shopping himself.


Jacob eyed Jack from the moment he walked into the kitchen. They'd not exchanged a single word the whole time Jack pulled out ingredients to make breakfast and got out the pans he needed. Sam was still asleep and Jacob had a feeling that Jack wanted to talk to him without her overhearing, but he seemed nervous. Oh he had an idea what Jack might want to talk to him about, but he wasn't going to bring it up. That was up to Jack. From the doorway he heard a yawn and turned to see Sam, stretching as she walked in to join them.

"Good morning."

"Morning," she replied while stifling another yawn.

"Good morning, Sam. How's our little mommy today?"

"Fine, dad." Looking between the two men she noticed how quiet Jack was as he made pancakes for them. "What's up?"

"Just making breakfast." Jack only glanced at her as he answered.

"I see." Reaching over, she turned a knob on the stove. "It would work much better if the stove was on." She grinned at his sheepish look, "Do I have time to change before we eat?" He nodded so she headed for the spare room.


After breakfast they all piled into the truck and made their way to the little strip mall. Giving Sam a hand out of the truck, Jack motioned down the walkway. "We're going to take a look down there. We'll meet you in the shop in a bit, if that's alright?"

"Sure, Have fun." As Sam walked into the clothing shop, she spotted the saleswoman she'd met on the previous trip.

"Welcome back. Are you looking for some more outfits today?"

"Actually, I'm looking for a dress." Following the saleswoman to the maternity section she added, "We're going out to dinner, and it needs to be something fancy. Though I'm not sure how fancy maternity dresses get without a hefty cost."

"I think I have something you'll like. This way please." The woman showed her to a small area with some beautiful evening dresses.

"They don't look like maternity clothes," Sam eyed them closely. They were gorgeous and not incredibly expensive, like she had feared. She always felt it was a little indulgent to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress. Well, other than a wedding dress that is. The look on Jack's face would be well worth the cost of the dress though.

The saleswoman pulled a number of them down and placed them in a dressing room. "When you try them on you'll notice that they're designed to stretch just enough to fit to your shape. It makes them wearable even after the baby is born."

Sam smiled as she stepped into the dressing room. As she tried the different styles she realized that she really liked the way they fit. Now she just had to pick which she liked the best for their 'date'. Just then there was a tap on the door. "Yes?'

"Hi, honey. How goes the dress hunt?"

"Pretty good, dad. I just have to pick which will look best. They all fit really well."

"I may not be the best at women's fashions, but I'd be glad to give you an opinion."

"Thank you." As she stepped out she saw him smile.

"Not bad." Jacob waited as she showed him each dress. "Wow, they're beautiful. What dress do you like the best, Sam?"

"I have it narrowed down to the black one, the blue one, and the two silver ones." As Sam stepped back into the dressing room she heard him chuckle.

"Maybe you should get them all." When he heard and unlady like snort he laughed. "You don't think Jack will take you to enough fancy places to wear them?"

After changing back into her own clothes she stepped out and gave him a scolding look. I think I'd go broke if I got them all. Don't forget I need to get baby supplies too. Cribs aren't cheap, dad." Sam grinned at her father and handed the dresses to the saleswoman. "I would like to get most of them, but for right now I'll take the black one."

"Trust me, Jack will like it. He should be here in a few minutes by the way."

"In that case I better get your dress into a hanging bag. Unless you want him to see." The saleswoman smiled when Sam quickly followed her to the register.

"I want it to be a secret until tonight." As she paid, Sam glanced at her dad. "So what did you two go look at?"

Jacob had given his word that he wouldn't even give her a hint. "This and that." He caught sight of her necklace and smiled, "Did Jack give you that?"

After taking her dress and receipt, Sam glanced at him, "Give me what?" As they walked toward the front of the shop he motioned toward her throat. "Oh, my necklace. Yes, he did. He also gave me a little outfit for the baby."


"Long before you got there yesterday."

"Oh, when did he get them?"

"A week ago, when I came shopping here. Why?" She eyed him as he glanced around to make sure no one was close enough to overhear.

"He didn't know yet when he got them, did he?"

Smiling softly, Sam shook her head. "Neither of us did, but..." She debated about what to tell him. He figured it out himself though.

"You both wished." Jacob could tell it every time he saw them together before they found out Jack was the baby's father. "It's a beautiful necklace. So, did he get you a baby boy outfit or a girl outfit?"

Looking to the door, she smiled as the man in question walked in. "It was for a girl." She held up the garment bag toward Jack, "I found one. And no, you can't see it until tonight."

"Well, you saved me from asking. Shall we?" Motioning to the truck outside he smiled at her.

Returning his smile, Sam walked out to the truck. As he gave her a hand up into the truck she caught the look that he and Jacob exchanged and it got her curiosity up. "What are you two up to?"

As they pulled out of the lot Jacob held up his hands in defense, "I'm not up to anything."

Jack wisely kept his mouth shut about that. "Do you two want to go back to my place or yours?"

"I need to pick up my duffel from your house, but I would like to get ready for dinner at mine." Glancing up at him she added, "If you don't mind."

Jack grinned, "No problem." He'd been trying to imagine her dress since they left the shops and he really liked the idea of getting to see it for the first time when he picked her up. Besides, he wanted this to be an honest to goodness date, so he should pick her up and arrive with flowers of course.

"Alright. So, dad, do you plan to hang out at my house this evening?" Sam was a little surprised when her father shook his head.

"Actually I was thinking of seeing what Teal'c and Daniel are up to, after I call Mark about our visit, of course." Jacob couldn't help but smile at the slightly nervous look on her face.

"I guess we should make sure they don't have plans already. you think we should give him any hints about why we're visiting?" Sam tried to hide the nerves in her voice without much success.

"I might just let him know there's something you want to tell him, but leave it at that."

A short drive later they had picked up Sam's duffel and Jack was dropping she and Jacob back at her house. He walked them to the door and Jacob grinned at him before taking Sam's duffel inside for her. As she turned toward Jack he smiled, "I'll pick you up at seven, okay?"

Giving him a big smile she replied, "Sounds good to me." When he turned to walk back to the truck there was a bounce to his step and she couldn't help but think that she wasn't the only one feeling a bit like a giddy teenager.

Okay, so we're up to "the date". I know it's a little short. Let me know what you think, good or bad either one. But please, if it's bad, put it in a nice way. :o)

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