Well, this is my new Evanescence songfic; the song this time is "Bring Me to Life", another one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy it!

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Bring Me To Life

Chapter One- Without a Soul

How can you see into my eyes like open doors?

Leading you down into my core

Where I've become so numb; without a soul,

My spirit sleeping somewhere cold,

Until you find it there and lead it back home.

"No, this wasn't supposed to happen; none of it was!" 14-year old Samantha "Sam" Manson cried. "Leave him alone, Vlad!" She ran over to him to attack, but was held back by one of her best friends, Tucker Foley.

"Sam, don't. You'll get yourself killed out there," he calmly stated. Though he was the same age as the rest of the group, he often acted like the eldest of them.

"But he has Danny under his control!" she shouted. Sam watched as her secret love looked at them with a blank expression, one showing no soul. She sat on the ground and wrapped her arms around her legs. "This wasn't supposed to happen," she whispered, tears falling from her amethyst eyes.

Flashback (2 hours ago)

"Danny, are you sure about this?" a worried Sam asked. A lock of black hair fell in her eyes, obstructing her view of Danny. At that moment, her combat boots felt heavy, but she really wasn't sure why. Sam wore her favorite outfit, a black tank top with a lilac circle in the middle, a black skirt with light green lines going vertically and horizontally, and purple leggings.

Raven-haired, ice blue-eyed Danny Fenton laughed. "Positive. I'm going to fight Vlad this time and beat him for good." He looked into Sam's eyes, and Sam wavered ever so slightly. It feels like he can see into me, like he can see into my core. Wearing his usual blue jeans and white shirt with a red circle and red around the edge of his sleeves and on the collar, Danny was still his typical self.

"But he invited you, dude. Don't you think that's a little suspicious?" Tucker asked. The techno-geek was messing around with something on his PDA again. His red beret fell over his thick-rimmed glasses. He wore a yellow shirt and green cargo pants, his usual ensemble.

"Not really," Danny responded. "Maybe he has a plan, maybe he doesn't. I'm not passing up a chance to kick Vlad's butt, though." He laughed lightly at this, but Sam and Tucker didn't join in.

"I don't know," Sam hesitated. "I really think we should turn back."

Danny sighed. "Sam, don't worry so much. You guys will be fine."

"It's not us I'm worried about, it's you I'm worried about," Sam said.

"Well, don't," Danny answered, appearing to be frustrated. "I can take him. End of discussion." He then turned back to the wheel of the Specter Speeder, heading to Vlad's Wisconsin Mansion. Sam and Tucker shared worried glances before turning back to the view outside the vehicle.

2 hours later, during the battle

"Come, Daniel, now is your chance to beat me," Vlad taunted. "Or are you going to pass it up and become my apprentice?"

"That'll never happen, Fruit loop," Danny retorted. He fired a green ecto-ray at Vlad Plasmius, the only other halfa like Danny. His alter ego was as Vlad Masters, billionaire. Right now, in ghost mode, he resembled a vampire. He had sickly green skin and piercing red eyes. His fangs gleamed whenever he smiled, and his red and white cape flapped behind him. He wore a white jumpsuit with black boots, belt, gloves, and around the collar. "And I can and I will beat you."

Plasmius smirked. "I'd love to see you try." He threw a pink ecto-ball at Danny and hit him in the stomach. Sam watched worriedly, biting her lip in a nervous habit.

"Do you think he can beat Plasmius?" Sam inquired.

Tucker remarked, "I think he can. Right now, Plasmius doesn't seem to be planning anything." They both ducked as Danny was whipped into the wall by Vlad.

"Is that the best you can do, Daniel?" Vlad jeered. Danny gave an angry glare before shooting off into the air and punching Vlad in the face. Danny wore, in his ghost mode, a black jumpsuit with white gloves, belt, boots, and the area around the collar. He also had a white DP symbol, standing for Danny Phantom, Amity Park's ghost hero. Danny's midnight black hair and ice blue eyes had now become snow white locks and lime green eyes.

"Hopefully, it'll stay that way," Tucker finished. Sam just silently nodded her head while still watching the fight. Vlad quickly threw an ecto-ray at Danny, but he threw up his shield and it deflected. Vlad seems too confident, Danny thought. At that moment, Sam and Tucker shared his exact thoughts.

Is it me, or is Vlad overly confident? Sam wondered.

Vlad's way too confident. Maybe he does have something planned, Tucker concluded.

"Well, Daniel, didn't you ever think that it was a bad idea to bring your friends?" Vlad quizzed. He gave them a smug look. They all wondered what Vlad meant by that. They all shared the exact same thought when he said that. That can't be good. Vlad started to charge ecto-energy in his hand, aiming for Sam and Tucker. "They could be casualties of the battle they were never in."

"Oh, no," Danny whispered. Vlad then fired an ecto-ball at Sam and Tucker, one big enough to injure them badly. Thinking quickly, Danny rushed in front of his friends and put up a shield. "That was too close," he muttered.

"No kidding, dude," Tucker commented. Sam and Danny both glared at him. "What?" he asked, raising his hands in self-defense.

"Tucker, shut up," Sam said. She then glanced up at Vlad to see him pick up a machine for a table behind him and point it at Danny. "Danny, watch out!" she yelled, but it was too late. Whatever the machine was, the beam of it hit Danny in the back. He cried out in pain and fell to the ground, the shield falling as well.

"Danny!" Sam and Tucker both exclaimed, falling to their knees to check on their fallen friend. He then moved his head slightly, stirring from the attack. "Danny, are you all right?" Tucker questioned. He rose slowly but didn't respond.

"Danny?" Sam implored. He looked down at them both, and they gasped as they saw Danny's eyes were completely blank, lifeless. Sam looked at Vlad angrily. "What have you done?!" she screamed.

Vlad laughed at them. "How do you like it, children? This new invention of mine has now stolen Danny's soul. He's lifeless, but he can still obey my every command since I am in control." He cackled once more.

"You monster!" Sam screeched. She watched as Danny floated up to Vlad in a slow manner, there but not there. "Danny," she whispered.

End flashback

Sam watched as Danny started to charge up an ecto-ball in his hand, prepared to fire at them. "Sam, run!" Tucker ordered while grabbing her and pulling her out of the way. "We need to head back to the Specter Speeder."

"But what about Danny?" Sam inquired. Tucker shook his head.

"It's too late. We're going to have to leave him behind. We'll get his parents' help."

"Danny," Sam breathed, tears springing to her eyes again. She gave one last longing look at him before following Tucker out of the lab to the Specter Speeder.


Come back, Sam! Danny wanted to shout, but found he couldn't. I feel so numb; I have no emotions it seems. Vlad really did take my soul. I suppose it's sleeping somewhere cold, but Sam will find it; she'll lead it back home to me. I know she will.

Well, how do you guys like it? I think it's sort of crappy, but I can't really think of anything else. Anyways, R&R please! L8r!